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Changing the font size on your Android smartphone is nothing new, but having a device as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.7-inch screen makes this option all the more worthwhile. As you can see above the default font size comes in set as small, which is a fairly balanced size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but you’ll be able to make it super tiny or outright huge if you need.
Increasing the font size can be done two different ways with the Galaxy Note 3 and most Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and both are in the same setting menu on the device. Then for those with impaired vision Samsung also has the same option and more in the Accessibility menu. Are you having trouble in viewing the text messages, email, or notifications on your Android Smartphone? Android is a Linux based operating system that has been primarily designed for touch-screen mobile phones and tablet computers. The standard text size in Android Smartphones is often too small to comfortably read even if you do not have an eyesight issue.
There may be the opposite case as well, that is the font size is too large and you want to decrease the text size.
To change the font settings of your Android Smartphone, launch the Settings application, then go to Display and hit Font Size.
There are many SMS management apps available for Android but when it comes to the best two to choose from, it’s always a fight between Handcent and Go SMS Pro.
Many of my friends have asked me which of the above two apps I prefer and this article is an attempt to answer them. The apps are freely available on Google Play Store and none of them show ads to generate any revenue. Both Handcent and Go SMS support theme makeovers and can be downloaded from the Play Store. Go SMS users can use all these features even without making an account and it really makes sense.
Go SMS users can use their data service or connect to Wi-Fi to send text and images over the internet without any extra charge. Handcent also recently launched a similar service name Handcent talk but I had a tough time figuring out how to add contacts in that and send a new message. We have already seen how the apps compare when it comes to size on card and Handcent is the clear winner taking half the size required for Go SMS.

After seeing the above aspects all I would recommend is that if you have a fancy Android you must go for Go SMS Pro. Already using Go SMS never tried Handcent curious about it though for recommending to others, Go SMS does allow for many preference changes per Contact style Color notification Settings and tones. Late last week, Google CEO Larry Page revealed that over 1.5 million Android devices are activated each and every day. For many the Note 3 is the perfect device simply because the larger screen is easier on their aging eyes, just like my parents who both have the Note 2, and you’ll be happy to know you can make it even better by increasing the font size. Below is a simple few pictures and instructions on how you can do this on most Android devices, and all Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Changing the font on your Android smartphone has always been easy, and with Samsung there’s two different ways, both which are extremely simple and detailed below. You’ll want to start by tapping the menu button on your device (left of the home button) and selecting system settings. Being a setting completely based on personal needs, there’s no opinion that matters here. Want to increase the font size just a bit to make it easier to read the text on your Android Smartphone? One of the greatest things about the Android Smartphones is that you can alter its features whenever and wherever you want, and be assured that most of the time you can do this without a Wifi connection as well. But if you have an eyesight issue, you might always need your eyeglasses to read text messages, email, or notifications if using an Android smartphone with its standard settings. Whatever the case is, the Android operating system allows you to scale the text font size based on your preference. Four font size settings (Small, Normal, Large, and Huge) will be available, select the one of your own preference and enjoy with your smartphone. If I were to talk about all the features packed in Go SMS, it would take me a couple of articles to compile them. If I want to blacklist my contacts locally, why would I need an online account unless it syncs my setting to the cloud, which it doesn’t. When it comes to performance, I am afraid that if you have a low configuration device, you might encounter some lags in Go SMS. There’s some really poor English and funky grammar in some of the system menus, but no ads.

Then don’t worry, you can easily alter the standard settings of your Android phone to make the font size look bigger. So we will see how both the apps compare in different aspects and which one should you go for. This would not matter if your Android is running on a high-end device with large blocks of memory to spare, but for the devices which are running on low internal memory, it might be a matter of concern. Both Go SMS and Handcent have features like scheduling, blacklisting, privacy box but in the latter you cannot use any of these features unless you sign up for an account. However, if you want a decent SMS application on your entry level Android phone to fill the gaps of stock app, you will have to settle down for the next best and that’s Handcent. Here you’ll be able to increase the font like above, but also enable gesture to magnify text when needed, not to mention set colors to negative for the visually impaired.
I liked using the color notifications but Handcent lets you do this as well, for all contacts which is what I did anyhow. This represents a 100% increase in under a year, which is an amazing number no matter which way you look at it. Tapping Font as you see in the image above will bring you to a new menu with Font Style, as well as Font Size. Just head into settings and change the font under the device tab, and you’ll have larger font for easy reading in no time. One thing I like about Handcent though is that it lets you customize each SMS thread individually.
So if you would like to increase the font size and change conversation bubble color for a single contact, it can be taken care of. BTW having your sms service packaged with your find my phone service seems like an easy thing to disable to a would-be thief.

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