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If your mail server and the recipient’s server supports a larger size of message attachments, you can increase this limit in Outlook. After the changes are made, you can attach larger files to your letters in Outlook (in our example, we have attached a 58 MB PST file). If your mail server or the recipient mail server do not support letters of a larger size, when trying to send a large email message, you will get an NDR (Non delivery report) with the information that the maximum attachment size has been exceeded. Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 2003, 2008, R2, XP and Exchange 2007 2010 processes and tips.  Includes Group Policy, Active Directory, Windows SharePoint Services, Outlook Shared Calendars, RAID5, McAfee and much more.
It doesn’t matter if a single large file or several small ones are attached — the total attachment size would not exceed 20 MB.

Outlook will give you an error when inserting large attachments in your email and will not allow you to add the attachment. For example if your email server allows 30MB attachment sizes, Outlook 2010 will still not allow you to send more than 20MB. Although Outlook does not provide an interface to set the maximum size limit, you can easily change this using registry changes. Before you make any changes to registry, please take a back up of the registry.Open the run command (Win +R) and type regedit and press enter. The value needs to be specified in KB, for example if you want to increase to 50MB, then type 51200.

If you type in 0, then there is no limit to the maximum attachment size.Click OK and close the registry editor.
Please note, even though you can attach any size using this hack, the actual attachment size depends on your email service provider limit.

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