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I'm using 13.04 as my host os and installed vmplayer and created a guest windows 7 machine. When I go to virtual machine settings to increase the disk space, the utilities button is greyed out.
I don't know if VMware Player command line tools provide the ability to increase the size of a VMDK image.
But if you have VirtualBox installed on the box, you can convert the VMDK to VDI, use VBoxManage to increase its size and convert it back to VMDK as a workaround.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged vmware or ask your own question. Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase? With the Crossbow expert feat, can you use a net attack and then a hand crossbow attack on your bonus action? Before doing any modifications, make sure that you are having backup of your virtual machine. Using command prompt, first thing you need to do is shut down the virtual machine and make sure that there are no snapshots. Customize the disk space in GB’s to how much you want the location of the virtual disk file as you required in the above command. That’s it after executing the command virtual disk size will be increased in VMWare and that increased space will appear as unallocated space in your guest OS. Open VMWare application, select virtual machine and click on Edit virtual machine settings. This will open virtual machine settings window and here go to hard disk category and click on Expand under Disk utilities section.
After click on Expand, it will open Expand Disk Capacity and here enter disk space in GB’s and click on Expand. Now log into your guest OS and use partition management tool to manage the unallocated space.

That’s it, it is that easy to increase the virtual disk size in VMWare either using command prompt or VMWare interface.
This tutorial shows easy to follow steps to boot into Advance Startup mode to access troubleshooting options like booting with external media and sources. Offline Browsing in Chrome helps you to browse the cached pages while you are not connected to the Internet. I had the same problem… did you discovered the reason why the log partition was full? Had a problem with a client who was backing up VM`s with Veeam, the issue was that it could ot backup one of the VMs because of the4 block size on the datastore. First we select the datastore in question ( make sure it is empty before hand by right clicking it and selecting browse ). We then right click the datastore in question and select delete to delete the vmware datastore. The refresh the vmware storage view to make sure the datastore has gone.Once refresh select Add Storage.
Once done you will see the summary screen, click finish then you will have re-sized your vmware datastore block size. Allen WhiteAllen is a Consultant for ITPS in the North East of England and holds the following accreditations. ITPS provides strategic IT consultancy, implementation, data centre provision and unified communications, as well as support services and workspace and disaster recovery. This is done for testing purpose and browsing a few site that only works with Internet Explorer. Being the idiot that I am, I only allocated 60GB and discovered I need more space for my windows 7. Boot (I recommend using Ubuntu Live or System Rescue CD) and grow the file system (note resize only change the capacity of the HDD not the file system) like resize2fs -p -F DEVICE for ext{3,4}. Here I am assuming that you have minimum knowledge of using regular partition management tools.
If you are having multiple vmdk files then use the file which doesn’t include -flat or -so in file name.

Safe mode lets you control the troubleshooting options and get more out of Windows Machine. If you require a consultation then please contact me via the contacts section or direct on 07931222991, add me on linkedin. Please be aware, all information is provided freely, any information used is done so at your risk and Techieshelp will not be held responsible for any issue that may occur. This will allow VMWare to assign the amount of disk space required to create the virtual machine. However, after some time I realized I’m running out of disk space under both CentOS and Vista. If you don’t allot enough disk space initially when setting up then you can run out space. Unfortunately, I needed to double 32GB space without creating a new D: drive under Windows Vista. Here is a simple procedure to increase your Virtual machine’s disk capacity by resizing vmware vmdk file.
Now C drive is running out of space, how can I extend C drive?In this situation, when you start your computer, you are always getting a warning of low disk space. Since you are going to resize you virtual disk, these snapshots going to create a problem for you.Backup your entire virtual machine. The add-on space will be displayed as unallocated and locate at the end of the virtual disk.As the "WARNING" message mentioned above, to expand the size of the partitions, you must use third-party utility. Right click on C drive and choose "Resize".In the pop-up window, drag the right handle rightwards to merge unallocated space. Even if I needed to a couple of more tricks for my case, basically this tutorial could have solved my issue very nicely.

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