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If there are commands to be ran, will those need to be ran in the Terminal of the GUEST HOST in virtualbox, or in the GNOME Terminal on the Computer? Choose 'Create new disk' and Set the name, File Size and everything else to suit your needs.
The disk you just created will be treated as an additional mount, so you will have to configure the space accordingly.
Then boot the VM and select the option 'Live CD' and then absorb the unallocated space into an existing partition.
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For the hard disk, if you chose 'Dynamically Allocated' it should automatically increase its size up to the fixed size you gave it when you first set up the VM. The guest OS has to be off (not in a saved state) in order to have the memory options enabled.
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Now I've increased the disk space from 10 to 20 GB as described on the VirtualBox forum (first step). So somehow the Ubuntu guest system haven't got the updated information about the disk space.

Once completed, you can continue to install the extension pack installer.Virtual Machine Setup7.
VirtualBox will automatically provide the recommended value (green vs red mark line) but you still can increase or decrease the memory size value accordingly. Define whether you choose Dynamically allocated (drive file will grow as it is used) or Fixed size (maximum size created with no grow) options.

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