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The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) joins the broader South African public in commemorating the National Women's Day on the 9th August 2014.
Over 20 000 of women made a conscious decision that they would not tolerate laws that were unjust and repressive in their nature, designed to divide the nation and further limit their freedom.
The South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) is the largest Local Government Trade Union in South Africa. Rani Laxmibai Of Jhansi was one of the greatest freedom fighters and leading nationalists of the country.
According to a myth, it’s stated that she gained martyrdom at the age of 23 years while fighting the British. Recently Kenya unveiled plans to promote its cultural diversity to attract more visitors, with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts announcing that it was preparing a plan which included the establishment of a cradle of humankind centre at Turkana in the north-west of Kenya. Africa Renewal website carried a report at the time which noted that “culture tourism requires aggressive promotion. It is perhaps not surprising that those countries in Africa which have focused on cultural tourism, to a greater or lesser degree, have enjoyed a bigger slice of the global tourism pie. South Africa’s cultural tourism includes attractions such as the Cradle of Humankind outside Johannesburg, historical battlefields from the Anglo-Zulu War and the Anglo-Boer War, mining towns like Pilgrim’s Rest, and liberation-focused attractions such as Robben Island, the Hector Pieterson Memorial and the Apartheid Museum. Egypt, Africa’s most popular tourist destination, is renowned as a unique experience with the majesty of the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and other Pharaonic antiquities creating a prized cultural experience. Not to be outdone, Tunisia’s ancient city of Dougga has been praised by Unesco as North Africa’s best-preserved Africo-Roman town.
According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) 2009 report entitled ‘The Impact of Culture on Tourism’, many countries around the world are “now actively developing their tangible and intangible cultural assets as a means of developing comparative [marketing] advantages in an increasingly competitive tourism marketplace, and to create local distinctiveness in the face of globalisation”. In the wake of a drop off in global tourist numbers following recent terrorist attacks, Kenya appears to be taking a two-pronged approach with its new cultural focus. The African Marketing Confederation (AMC) is a dynamic umbrella body for the foremost marketing bodies and national associations on the continent. Les reunions de famille ne sont pas toujours des reussites, mais quand il s’agit d’un duo entre deux virtuoses de la kora, le maitre malien Toumani Diabate, et son talentueux fils Sidiki, prince des tubes rap et star a Bamako, ca devient un rendez-vous exquis, tout en douceur. Entre l’elasticite des cordes et la virtuosite des doigts, il y a d’abord une discussion entre deux musiciens issus d’une meme tradition mandingue dont ils sont a la fois les gardiens et les passeurs. Un autre titre, Rachid Ouiguini, evoque «un scientifique algerien a qui il faut rendre hommage pour rappeler qu’au-dela de la crise du Nord et des djihadistes, les relations entre l’Algerie et le Mali sont profondes». Toumani, lui aussi a du faire ses classes en dehors de la cour familiale (notamment aupres de son pere spirituel Ali Farka Toure, d’un demi-siecle son aine). SAMWU further salutes the struggle stalwarts of 1956 who were courageous enough to march to the offices of the then South African Prime Minister J.S Striijdom to submit a petition with over 100 000 signatures against the unjust pass laws.
It has been 58 years since these courageous women though their actions made a historic mark in the fight against the Apartheid system in South Africa by taking to the streets to lay the foundations for a free and democratic country.
Further, she is also renowned as one of the dominant figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Historians have however raised questions over lots of facts related to the Queen of Jhansi.

This combines a geographic experience and unique ecological differentiators with compelling human history – thus helping to build positive country brand associations. The strategy also encompassed investing in the country’s 42 ethnic cultures to create more tourism-related opportunities.
Our tourism sector has previously focused on marketing the coastal beaches and safaris, but now we want to use our cultural heritage to market Kenya domestically and internationally,” Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario told Kenya’s The Star newspaper, adding that the centre would be ready in five years. Two years ago a report by New York University, the World Bank and the Africa Travel Association highlighted the potential of cultural tourism, which it stressed was underdeveloped and underutilised. Like food festivals in Mexico and music and cultural festivals in Jamaica and Trinidad, African festivals can draw visitors.
According to the World Tourism Organisation, some 63,6-million international tourists arrived in Africa in 2012, compared to 17,4-million visitors in 1990. Tourism Minister, Amel Karboul, told USA Today newspaper this month that the country estimated some seven million tourists would visit this year.
The report stressed that a “strong link between tourism and culture can be fostered to help places become more attractive to tourists, as well as increasing their competitiveness as locations to live, visit, work and invest in”. With plans to house globally significant archeological finds in the new centre (Turkana already houses the oldest and most comprehensive human and plant fossils related to early settlements) the ministry is equally focused on making the hub a focus for local tourism.
Key to achieving success will be improved infrastructure and access to sites which have been gazetted, but which Kenyans find hard to access. Its aim is to enhance the profession of marketing in Africa and contribute to the knowledge and development of the members.
Sidiki et Toumani ont la particularite de pouvoir jouer simultanement les basses et les melodies a la kora, mais chacun a son vocabulaire et son vecu.
Meme si les Diabate sont des habitues des studios maliens, leur rencontre a ete enregistree a Londres, sur un terrain neutre qui leur a offert une liberte d’interpretation pour entamer une conversation planante, a la fois classique et moderne.
Il aurait voulu jouer plus avec son pere, feu Sidiki Diabate (1922-1996), sacre roi de la kora en 1977 au Festpac de Lagos.
South Africa remains indebted to the likes of Lillian Ngoyi, Hellen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophie Williams and others who formed part of the march. It is however a shame that in the midst of the very freedom which they fought for, their rights are violated daily behind closed doors. He further explains that if she was born in 1835, then she would have been only 7 years of age at the time of her marriage.
The top six African countries for international tourist receipts in 2012 were: South Africa (US$9,994-billion), followed by Egypt (US$9,940-billion), Morocco (US$6,711-billion), Tunisia (US$2,183-billion), Tanzania (US$1,564-billion) and Mauritius (US$1,477-billion). J’avais tres peur d’enregistrer avec une telle legende», confie le Prince de la kora, deja virtuose de cette harpe a 21 cordes, a 24 ans. Pourtant cette legende qui a joue avec Ali Farka Toure, Taj Mahal, Bjork ou Damon Albarn et gagne deux Grammy Awards, etait avant tout un pere inquiet pour son fils. Nos vies sont tres bousculees au Mali, entre la famille, le travail et les tournees que mon pere doit preparer, on a rarement le temps de s’asseoir pour faire des choses ensemble. Et j’ai aussi beaucoup suivi ma mere, Nama Koita, qui faisait partie du Ballet National du Mali», explique Toumani, apres une chaude repetition a Bamako, avec son fils et le Symmetric Orchestra, un orchestre transnational qu’il a monte pour faire un pont entre la musique mandingue et occidentale.  «Nous fetons la sortie de cet album avec deux concerts a L’Institut Francais, on va meme y inclure des beats et faire quelques experiences sonores, differentes de l’album !», jubile Sidiki.

Women constitutes 52% of the country's population, however their representatively in management structures does not reflect this. Les Diabate reprennent donc le chemin de la scene bamakoise qu’ils ont tenu pendant tant d’annees au Diplomate et ailleurs. «Doucement, la vie musicale reprend.
It has become public knowledge that most women are paid far less than their male counterparts who are doing the same job, under the same working conditions. C’est presque comme avant sauf que la situation financiere des Maliens est tres dure, leur proposer une musique nouvelle, ca ne peut que faire du bien», espere Toumani.
According to the Businesswomen's Association of South Africa, only 4% of CEOs are women, 6% chairpersons and 18% directors. C’est difficile a expliquer precisement, mais ca influence mon jeu de kora, car je suis un melange de generations».
Pas facile la vie de griots au Mali, qui exige une transmission familiale de generation en generation, mais ne laisse pas souvent le temps aux peres occupes par leur fonction de passer le flambeau aux fils. Feu Sidiki, (grand-pere), avait ete l’un des porte-voix du mouvement Kaira, ne 14 ans avant l’independance face aux menaces sur la tradition imposees par la colonisation et les musiques importees. As a result, women in an attempt to feed their families subjected to precarious work with no social benefits and protection.
Sur ce disque acoustique, baptise simplement Toumani et Sidiki, les Diabate plongent a quatre mains dans un imaginaire malien ou il est d’ailleurs aussi question d’actualite. Depuis, les Diabate ont tue les peurs du pere : «On fait une musique du passe qui rencontre le present pour construire l’avenir» promet Toumani.
This is among some of the reasons why SAMWU has and continues to reject privatisation of state institutions and municipal services especially in local government. Dans la famille Diabate, on est griot depuis 72 generations, mais au-dela de la tradition orale, Sidiki a aussi etudie a l’Institut National des Arts, et il a appris a ecrire la musique au Conservatoire Balla Fasseke Kouyate, ou il est eleve en…section batterie. The privatization of these services has resulted in the emergence of a class of Tenderpreneurs at the expense of workers, mostly women who are being paid slave wages.
Aujourd’hui en Occident, un papier est plus important que la vie humaine», s’indigne Toumani, qui rend aussi hommage a une figure du nouveau quartier ACI 2000 de Bamako, M.
Diaby, qui comme tant d’autres Maliens «envoie de l’argent au village pour construire des puits et des ecoles».
As such we welcome the decision by the President to put in a place a stand-alone Department of Women within the Presidency. The country has one of the highest incidences of women abuse, daily women are humiliated, harassed, murdered, physically and sexually assaulted. The issue of gender based violence is one that needs the attention of all South Africans to come together and say enough is enough.

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