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Sagi is the guy that actors, bodybuilders and professional models call when they need a body transformation and they pay thousands of dollars to get it done.
Lucky for you it is all packed up into dvds so you can do it at home at a killer low price!People are calling this the a€?New Schoola€? of bodybuilding. J Some of you are probably too young to remember it, ita€™s a class 1977 movie document Arnolda€™s journey to the 1975 Mr.
Universe Contest.I bring this up because it was all about doing lots of repetitive sets one body part at a time with big weight. This is still valid today but with a whole new twist and focus that takes less time, way more effective and gets the same results. Welcome to Body Beast a€“ Dynamic Set Training secret!What Is Body Beast and Should I Buy It?Body Beast is Beachbody’s answer to all the people (mostly guys) out there who have been asking for a true at-home bodybuilding system.
Obviously the guy knows his stuff and is qualified to help anyone get fit, put on more muscle mass, and improve his or her health.
His enthusiasm and expertise are definitely 2 of the biggest benefits of this program!When the professionals are stuck or want it done, they call him. You get all that in this program and you get it all done in the comfort of your living room!How Does Body Beast Work ?
Sagi, decided to use single sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive, forced, drop, Tempo Sets and many more to exhaust the muscles, engaging more active muscle fibers that boost natural testosterone levels more than ever before in an home strength training workout.
Pick your weights carefully this on is going to burn!15 Reps Light weight12 medium weight8 Heavy weight90 Seconds of RestForced Set1st set 4 regular reps with heavy weight, on the 5th rep hold the weights down for 10 seconds, then do this another 5 times for a total of 10 reps.
It utilizes several powerful techniques used by amateur and professional bodybuilders for decades. It also incorporates some innovative tactics developed by Sagi Kalev.Progressive overload, involving steadily increasing the amount of weight you lift day by day and week by week, is a foundation of the program.

Because rest periods are kept short in Body Beast you’ll be getting close to the a€?muscle failurea€? point in the last set or two, which is ideal. Body Beast Block 1 is where the party starts!Sagi divided the program into what he calls blocks.
Each block has a focus to build muscle, bulk up and the go into beast most to tone and lean up the muscle.Block 1 is the beginning of your body transformation.
This means you will not be doing the exact same workout each day of the week which keeps it interesting. With these workouts you really cannot play catch up and do 2 workouts in one day.How Hard Are The Workouts?The workouts are not slow or fast paced but right in theA  middle. It goes back to the roots but it really twists in some new methodology of lifting where you can still get awesome results inA  under 50 minutes.
You do not need to spend 2 hours at this in the gym to get results.I would rate the workouts as semi intense, meaning anyone can do it, but it could be challenging if you have not been working out for a while. That first week will be sore for you but you adapt quick and start rocking it the 2nd and 3rd week.I promise you though, that you will leave the workout dripping in sweat. I personally wore my heart rate monitor for a couple of the workouts and I had my heart rate up into the 150 range which was just like doing a t25 workout or p90x3 workout all! So much so that you may be more than a little shocked by the amount of time and effort you must spend preparing meals.In the Book of the Beast manual you will walk through how to determine what calorie group you land it to get your daily calorie consumption. Based on that you will add or deduct calories to get lean and bulk up.From there you will know how many portions of protein, starches, legumes, Veggies Fruits and fats to eat each day.
The book has a food list that matches up what food item represents each portion.I ended up in the 2600 range.
Once you get the meals down you like I would stick with eating those frequently to make it easier on yourself.

It makes it really easy to put together meals to bring into work.I do have personal body beast meal tracking sheets that you can use. Save up for a few weeks or months and, most importantly, keep an eye on your city or town’s local classified ads. There are almost always cheap dumbbells and weights for sale by people who are moving out or simply no longer need them!In regards to how heavy of dumbbells you will need it will vary. I found myself using 10-35lb dumbbells for almost all of the exercises except the bench portion.
But the typical person will definitely build more muscle mass and lose body fat during the course of this program. If you’re looking for a good way to add mass, gain strength, and get bigger quickly, this is one of the best options currently on the market. So you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain… like 20+ pounds of rock solid muscle!Which Kit Do I BuyThere are three kits to choose from based on your pocket book and goals. Along with it you will be given instructions with his extensive nutritional plan that has recipes and supplements instructions to shed fat and pack on the muscle. Just make sure you follow the workout calendar that is included and give it your all!The other two kits has everything that the base kit plus extra workouts and supplements for you to really kick this routine into high gear. So, you will want the Deluxe or Ultimate kit if you are not already taking these supplements. I love lifting with real weights, they all are under an hour and my strength gains have been incredible with it.

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