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In 2009, a study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal documented the effects of RF-EMW (radiofrequency electromagnetic waves) emitted from mobile phones on semen1. The relatively small sample size consisted of semen samples from nine infertile patients and twenty-three healthy donors. The samples exposed to mobile phone radiation showed a statistically significant reduction in sperm viability and motility.
Although the sample size in this American-based study was very small, the results confirmed what many scientists have hypothesised. The results obtained by Agarwal and colleagues have been supported in other similar studies. Men that frequently used mobile phones had a much lower concentration of luteinising hormone compared with those men who didn’t use these devices.
While more research is necessary, men should pay attention to these findings and try to use Bluetooth devices sparingly, or at the very least, keep them at a reasonable distance away from the testes.
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Having a fertile egg does not mean that the embryo will survive the storage period or the incubation process.
Over the years a range of techniques have been tried with varying degrees of success to improve the hatch performance of long stored eggs. Other research being carried out at the University of Alberta, Canada, by Dr Gaylene Fasenko’s team showed that giving eggs a single short period (6 hours) of incubation before the start of egg storage improved the hatch of 14 day stored eggs compared to untreated controls. Other researchers have confirmed that applying a short period of incubation, typically 6 – 9 hours, to eggs on the day that they are laid improved hatchability of eggs stored for extended periods.
At the Poultry Research Institute "Het Spelderholt", between 2000 - 2003 several experiments showed the benefits of pre-storage incubation technique. Unfortunately, the breeder farm nor the hatchery saw any returns on this quality investment and only the broiler farmer and slaughterhouse would benefit from it. Because of potential difficulty of applying pre-storage incubation to broiler eggs, Aviagen has carried out a series of trials looking at the possible benefits of the technique of applying one or more short periods of incubation during egg storage (given the acronym SPIDES) to see if it can improve the hatchability of long stored eggs (see paper).
In most of the experiments the SPIDES treated eggs were compared to untreated eggs that had been stored for the same length of time and also eggs that had been stored for 3 days only. And guess what, presented as the newest innovation of 2014, Petersime launched the RE-STORE Biostreamer! After ovulation, a viable egg is present in the uterus of the cow for approximately 10 hours. Sex-sorted semen is produced from ejaculates that are processed (stained and separated) to result in semen with sperm cells predominantly containing X (female) or Y (male) chromosomes. Improves parameters of sperm production and health such as quality, motility, viability and concentration.
Combines tribulus, damiana, withania and Korean ginseng – traditionally used in Ayurvedic, South American and traditional Chinese medicines to reduce fatigue, improve physical performance and as an aphrodisiac. Researchers from Ohio conducted this in vitro pilot study to evaluate key sperm parameters (viability and mobility) and assess any DNA damage as a result of exposure to RF-EMW.

Agarwal and colleagues divided the samples into two groups, one exposed to RF-EMW for one hour, and the other control sample unexposed.
The semen samples exposed to an 850 MHz frequency mobile phone in talk mode were placed 2.5 cm away from the electrical device.
In 2011, Gutschi and colleagues published findings on their research into the impact of mobile phone use on semen2. The "quality of fertilisation", the stage of development at oviposition and the environmental conditions inside and outside the egg are important factors. This stage is the optimum stage for storage, since the embryo has the highest chances to survive storage. Nick French explained the history of pre storage incubation of eggs to improve embryo viability.
Indeed, the practice has been implemented successfully in some commercial turkey and layer hatcheries. Eggs warmed at incubator temperature for 3-6 hrs at the day and stored for 2 weeks hatched better compared to the control group (stored for 1 week), see this paper .
The series of experiments have investigated the effect of applying the SPIDES treatment at different frequencies during storage, for different time periods and for different storage times. Following AI, the sperm cells are viable in the uterus for approximately 24 hours and within this period (first 10 hours) the sperm cells undergo chemical reactions to allow fertilization. Although the sex-sorting process results in high 'purity' (90 to 95% of all sperm cells in a straw of semen are of the desired sex), the production of sex-sorted semen is 'costly' because a large portion of the ejaculate is 'lost' in the process. Our research group is currently conducting a large experiment with lactating Jersey cows (n = 600) to determine the ideal time of AI with sex-sorted semen in relation to the onset of estrus, based on increased activity. Bulgarian tribulus is an Ayurvedic herb traditionally used as a male tonic and aphrodisiac. This short-range wireless technology enables the simple transfer of data between mobile phones, laptops, and an array of other electronic devices. Furthermore, there was also evidence of DNA damage with an increase in oxidative stress and a decline in antioxidant activity associated with the semen samples exposed to RF-EMW. During this study, 2110 semen samples from men attending a fertility clinic between 1993 and 2007 were assessed and mobile phone use recorded. How does a mother hen provide her eggs with the best conditions for the best possible start of incubation?
Some embryos however have far less cells and find themselves in a suboptimal stage of development to be able to survive storage. Extended egg storage results in a reduced hatchability, poor chick quality and reduced subsequent broiler performance. However, there are some practical difficulties incubating eggs on the day that they are laid. Other experiments in 2007 where an EMKA incubator was adjusted with extra heating and cooling capacity and installed at the commercial breeder farm of Leon Moonen, showed that not only hatchability was preserved in long stored eggs (10 days), but also broiler performance maintained at a similar high level as in the control group of eggs stored for only 3 days.
The eggs were held in the setter for the required time (between 2 – 6 hours) before being moved back into the egg store operating at 63°F (17°C).

Most of the experiments have used Ross 308 eggs, but trials with Ross 708 and various GP lines have all given similar results. Therefore, insemination of cows 4 to 16 hours after onset of estrus would represent insemination approximately 12 to 26 hours before ovulation. Insemination with sex-sorted semen 4 to 16 hours after onset of estrus (recommended for conventional semen) may limit the number of sperm cells available for fertilization when an egg is ready to be fertilized.
However, there is a mounting body of evidence that suggests this technology may be harming fertility, especially the sperm in men.
Whether storing a mobile phone further away from the testes will decrease sperm damage is yet to be determined.
There was a significant variation in sperm morphology between men that used mobile phones and those that didn’t.
The semen of mobile phone users showed pathological morphology in 68% of samples, compared with 58.1% of non-mobile phone users. During long egg storage a whole series of changes occur within the egg which results in the deterioration in hatchability. In all but one experiment (where there was no difference) the SPIDES treated eggs hatched significantly better than the untreated controls. The use of such systems presents opportunities to increase the percentage of the herd inseminated in estrus (heat) and reduce the use of reproductive hormones. Ovulation occurs approximately 28 to 30 hours after a cow starts to demonstrate signs of estrus (e.g.
Timing of insemination for dairy cows identified in estrus by a radiotelemetric estrus detection system. Ovulation timing and conception risk after automated activity monitoring in lactating dairy cows. Assessment of an accelerometer system for detection of estrus and treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone at the time of insemination in lactating dairy cows. Strategies to improve pregnancy per insemination using sex-sorted semen in dairy heifers detected in estrus.
Zinc, selenium and L-carnitine along with maritime pine bark and withania may provide support for healthy sperm and male physiology in healthy individuals.
Although this study was not as detailed or specific as that conducted by Agarwal and colleagues, it’s still clear that mobile phone use does have a significant impact on spermatozoa. In large herds, the use of such systems may also reduce labor necessary for heat detection (e.g. The technique to colour and count sperm holes is easy, and can be used to assess rooster performance.

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