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One nice thing about New Year’s resolutions is that we have an opportunity to choose the changes we make. While there is a seemingly never-ending list of things that could affect the way we do business here at Outrigger, let’s look for a minute at a few trends and external forces and consider whether or not they will take hold and require our attention. In recent years, Outrigger and some of the other major hotel operators in Waikiki have made significant renovations and kept our properties in top shape. I don’t know who started the trend of adding on fees for services that many customers might consider basic. BMW’s M Performance lineup is growing, most recently with the addition of the X4 M40i, which targets the Audi SQ5 and the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLC450 AMG.
Being an M Performance model, the X4 M40i has been tweaked by the company’s M GmbH performance gurus. There are, however, several major Waikiki projects that have been waiting for a start date. In recent years we have seen the level of amenities increase significantly, from high-quality equipment in the fitness centers, to luxury bedding and designer brand shampoos and lotions. Hawai‘i has been extremely fortunate in recent years to escape relatively unharmed from the violence, natural disasters and financial turmoil that have harmed many other leisure destinations. From China – We’re Missing the Boat!Thoughts From the Chairman Emeritus: Congratulations on a Great Year but Watch Out For Trouble Ahead2012: What A Year!

And there’s a good possibility the 40i will serve as a segment benchmark when it appears in early 2016. New Year’s resolutions are a tradition, and a great chance to make improvements in our lives.
More often, things just change, and we must quickly adapt or be left behind like the dinosaurs. Now that the economy has improved, we can expect these redevelopments to get under way, and this will impact us all. Life is more complicated than ever and just about every facet of the digital world affects our business, from online connectivity in hotel rooms to the latest mobile booking applications.
Last year we even saw Taiwan accepted into the United States Visa Waiver Program – a nice boost for our visitor industry. Waikiki hotel inventory will almost certainly shrink this year and construction zones will alter traffic patterns in some key areas.
Thankfully the shag carpet is long gone, and today large bathrooms with huge counters that allow guests to lay out all their toiletries are the rule.
Maybe in 2013 we will see resolution of some of the more basic questions: How much free Internet service is a hotel expected to provide?
Or are we following a “green” trend with multi-serve size soaps and shampoos, and the elimination of bottled water?

This year we could see some rationality return, with basic prices including all the services customers expect. More mixed-use hotels – with hotel rooms, timeshare and condominium rooms in the same building?
Or, it could get worse with safe fees, room service fees, in-room coffee fees, housekeeping fees and fitness center fees. The mobile security command post supports the tasks of our security guards when conditions so require. This small mobile van is equipped with a lone worker protection system, a toilet, a water supply point and air conditioning.
The day after the service, and at the customer's request, a PDF document indicating the checks performed by the security guard outside the buildings can be provided, wherever possible. Dedicated to a temporary security zone, indoors or outdoors, this central alarm enhances the security level of your sites through the transmission will real-time alarms. As well as support and technical maintenance, installation is performed by Securitas technicians.

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