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Due to her wide popularity as an ESPN reporter, The New York Post called Erin Andrews “the Sideline Siren”. Erin graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunications in year 2000.
Right after graduation, Andrews put her degree to use by working as a freelance reporter for the Fox Sports Florida South for a year.
In 2004, Eric made the big leap to ESPN, where she became known for sideline reporting college basketball and football games.
The cheerful vixen then fought back by announcing through her lawyers that the video was indeed her and taken without her knowledge. By 2010, Erin was ready to bounce back into the spotlight with her entrance as a contestant in the widely acclaimed “Dancing with the Stars”.
Erin also became a spokesperson for several charitable organizations such as Kraft Foods Huddle to Fight Hunger Campaign and Music Builds: CMT Disaster Relief Concert. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This savvy sideline reporter is not only easy on the eyes but her talent in broadcasting has proved to gain her a multitude of fans.

She was even a member of the basketball dance team named the Dazzlers throughout her stay in college.
A year of experience in the broadcasting business then allowed her to grab a job for the Sunshine Network as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter. However, it was not only because of her great skills in reporting that made her famous to many fans of the games. In July 2009, Erin was all over the news because of an illicit “peephole” video of her in her hotel room dressing up and practically naked. Erin then showed the world her incredible ballroom dancing skills by being paired up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. However, her move then put her into the news once again as many suggested that her Reebok deal would only compromise her journalistic integrity.
Today, Erin continues to support various organizations every now and then whenever she gets the chance. In fact, many of the ESPN viewers actually watch out more for Erin’s part in the game than for the game itself. Little did Erin and her family know that she was the one who was going to inherit her broadcasting skills from her father.

Soon after, Erin then became a reporter and studio host for Turner Sports from 2002 to 2004. Erin’s good looks, blonde hair and irresistible smile made her extremely popular to young male viewers.
The video then spread all over the Internet putting Erin in the kind of spotlight she never imagined she would be in. Michael David Barret, a 48-year old insurance executive was arrested, pled guilty and was given a prison sentence of 27 months. Andrews made it into the finals night but came in third place following singer Nicole Scherzinger and ice skater Evan Lysacek.
Indeed, Erin Andrews is not only gifted with sports casting talents but also with a good heart.

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