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There were several in that list which I thought were exceptionally good and I noted that right next to the link.
Check out my book on Amazon about how to learn Spanish from movies, TV shows, music, and more!
Yabla – Video site specifically for Spanish learners featuring TV shows, movies, and more! While TV has its educational limitations, any type of exposure to a target language is helpful for building speaking and comprehension skills. Many ways have been derived to catch up with TV series, Movies Video streams online; Hulu and BBC iPlayer being the popular one.
So, Here I share a website which lets you watch popular TV series, Television shows, Movies online via Video streaming. Also, the Homepage sports banners of Movies and Sitcoms which are in English itself so, watching experience isn’t really affected. Youku and Tudou are two major video sites in Mainland China (they signed agreement to merge to one recently). In my opinion, Cuevana is far more sophisticated and offer awesome video quality of streaming. Above solutions are for watching shows online but if you prefer them downloading then Vidmasta can Search and Download TV Series for you. Note: In case you have problem browsing site in Foreign language, It is recommended to use Google Chrome. I would like you to use Google Chrome as browser which lets you to view sites in English by translating webpages automatically. I HAVE A NEW BLOG ABOUT THAT!Some Major Insight About Language-Learning from My Two Weeks in SpainUpdate #1: A Tour of My Apartment.
But I was surprised by your post… I had no idea so many site offered streaming video like that.
Studies confirm that learners that use new language skills to interact with others in meaningful or practical situations build and retain those skills much more than people that concentrate on passive study methods.
According to Nielsen ratings from last November, Univision had an average prime time audience of about 3.7 million people and Telemundo had nearly half that number. These soap opera series can entertain romantic learners with many of the universal, often predictable plot twists that any soap fan from around the world will easily recognize. Users can log onto Uvideos through facebook or twitter to watch a wide variety of videos including news pieces and episodes of the networka€™s telenovelas.
Most native English speaking Americans that would like to learn or improve their Spanish are going to watch their favorite TV shows in English anyway, in which case exploring Spanish language programming and finding a new favorite show there may be an educational alternative.

The concept of watching stream videos on Cuevana is similar to ilivid which lets you watch movie while downloading.
For any Movie selected, you will be given multiple sources like Megaupload, Hotfile and many more mirrors. Site interface is again Chinese but as I said above, you can always search what you want using the search bar on site and then click on the video thumb of specific episode to be played. Also, the Episodes of any Series are arranged according to Seasons which makes watching easy. It has inbuilt Google Translation ability to present webpages in English on demand or automatically. Full Spanish immersion through a study abroad course, such as those offered by don Quijote, is the best way to learn Spanish.
These networks televise a wide variety of shows that include news programs and sports broadcasts. Predictability and reoccurring themes of romance help viewers follow along and keep viewing exciting, even if they dona€™t understand all the words.
Just select anyone > You may have to wait (like you do while downloading) and video will start in seconds.
Then it’s time to change tack.How about watching some quality TV in Spanish and letting the language wash over you? Television provides limited educational value, and passive study time may be better spent reading a novel in Spanish. Watching the news on these channels is a great way to practice the language and stay on top of current events. Passion here is high, drama gets intense and suspenseful cliff-hanging endings will likely inspire anxious Spanish language students to continue tuning in for more small screen action, and more valuable language acquisition.
One glance however at the programming from Americaa€™s biggest Spanish language TV networks, and learners may find it difficult, if not impossible, to resist taking a peek at some of the shows from the seemingly endless list of exciting titles on offer. Sports fans can pick up valuable sport vocabulary while enjoying their favorite sporting events.
We’ve chose five top programmes, from five different categories for you to watch: News, Soap Operas, Documentaries, Internet Series and Drama.
Abismo de PasiA?n, Amor BravA­o and Besos Ardientes are just a few of the intriguing series they air.

Court room judge shows such as Caso Cerrado and dating shows such as 12 Corazones, both offer learners candid and often colloquial varieties of Spanish, as content is largely unscripted.
A possibility is to start watching shows with English subtitles, then as your confidence builds, switch to Spanish subtitles, and finally turn off the subtitles altogether. Remind you of any other, big, American series…?Well, if relaxing with a juicy soap opera is your thing, then Cuatro Amigas is definitely for you. You’ll certainly learn lots of excellent Spanish vocabulary to do with dating, gossip and men! You can watch all the Cuatro Amigas episodes (as well as lots of other soaps, comedy, films, documentaries and more) on Yabla Spanish for a small subscription fee starting from $9.99 per month.
And that’s exactly what this edgy, black online comedy-drama based in Sevilla is all about.
This series may not be suitable for the youngest audiences as the series features amateur actors playing characters trapped in “bad” everyday situations, like drug taking and crime, in the Los Bandilleros neighbourhood in Seville. Each of the show’s episodes starts with a title sequence parodying big prime time TV shows like The Sopranos, The X Files and Dexter.In its humble beginnings, the show began online in November of 2008, and although a major Spanish television network tried to buy it, the producers and Director, David Sainz, declined due to the low price offered.
The show later received a Nokia Qualid sponsorship award in 2009 and although Malvivendo is now broadcast on the TNT channel in Spain, it continues to show online for free. Julio gets a job at the Grand Hotel as a waiter – but the real reason behind his employment is for him to find out about his sister’s disappearance.
The hotel seems to be a perfectly lovely, quiet place in the Spanish countryside, but high drama ensues as Julio fall in love with the owner’s daughter. She is the only person who can help him to investigate his sister’s strange disappearance, but Julio’s affair with her is highly dangerous…You can find out more about the series on the official website, although viewers from abroad cannot access the online episodes. But the series is well worth investing in, if you enjoy period drama and want to learn the language watching one of the most highly acclaimed Spanish series of the year.Well, we hope you enjoyed our selection of Spanish TV and online programmes, series and films! Find out more about Spanish immersion courses, including intensive courses, gap year courses and the best cheap Spanish courses in Spain – or visit our blog for more information and Spanish language resources. Spain’s Top 5 Party Cities Top 5 Best Spanish Language Schools in Spain Top 5 – Best Spanish TV Programmes to Watch Online to Learn Spanish How quickly can I realistically become fluent in Spanish?

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