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Step 4: Plant Your PineappleOnce you have decided where to plant your pineapple, dig a hole in the dirt. Go to wherever you like buying fruit from, whether it be a supermarket, farmers market, or from a guy selling fruit on the side of the road. Now, the downside to growing your own pineapples is that after all that effort, the plant’s pretty much just going to give you one new pineapple.
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If you are growing your pineapple in the ground, you can basically forget about it for a while. They taste better that way, rather than the store bought pineapples that get ripe on the shelves. Once the plant has produced plenty of leaves and looks like it’s about ready to fruit, there’s a weird trick you can do to move things along. So it’s worth doing as a crazy horticultural stunt, but you’re not getting get an entire summer’s worth of pineapples for your pina coladas unless you go to the grocery store.
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If the authors of Growing Tasty Tropical Plants are to be believed, you can start one in a pot by simply taking the green top of a pineapple you buy at the grocery store and planting it so that the base is covered by about an inch of soil. In the far South along the Florida border, you cold manage if they are covered with plastic in the winter. Either that or it is a plant, I can't remember its name but I have so many of them in my garden, it starts with B. The pineapple directions said, when the pineapple plant is at least 2 ft tall, and if you put an apple with it, and enclose it in plastic, the gas created by the apple can cause the growth of the fruit.
Starting from seed allows me to plant more in smaller pots for now seeing as it's winter here in Michigan.

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