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Step 3: Finished resizing, get the following layout, click "Apply" on toolbar to operate all procedures. AOMEI Partition Assistant, as a partition manager, which specializes in accomplishing all operations in disk partition management.
In fact, it's not easy and safe for most individual users to resize partition, because improper partition resizing operation may cause data loss and endanger the whole system.
1.Enlarge a small partition or shrink a large partition in Windows which does not contain a€?Extend Volumea€? and a€?Shrink Volumea€?. Windows 2000 Server - known as Windows NT 5.0 Server - is the server edition of Windows 2000 for small size companies. To resolve the issue 'resize Windows 2000 Server', you simply need to resize an existing Windows Server volume so as to reasonably make use of the disk space. A partition constitutes of many clusters and each file could take up several discontinuous clusters, resulting in different storage locations of diverse files, especially for Server operating systems such as Windows Server 2000.
Note: The Demo Edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server is designed for users experience, which offers the same features with the full version. Step 2: At this window, you should drag the right arrow rightwards or directly enter the value to occupy to set the new size of Server partition. However, if no unallocated space is available, then you can turn to "Extend Partition" for help. Step 2: At this window, you should drop down the window to select a partition to take free space from and drag the button to decide how much free space to take.
Step 2: At this window, you should drag the right arrow leftwards or directly enter the value to shrink to set the new size of Server partition. How to Shrink Volume in Windows 10 without Data Loss?Share this:There are some common situations met by Windows 10 users, such as there are not enough partitions for you to keep your data separately, or day after day, you realize one partition is in low disk space while another partition has enough free space that you hardly use. Windows 7 has been launched for a few months; many people have upgraded their Windows from earlier version or installed Windows 7 operating system.
If you are using Windows 7, sometimes you may find that the system partition become low disk space or the free space is insufficient. Many people might prefer to resize Windows 7 partition by using the Win7 built-in-Disk Management. Partition Assistant is a comprehensive disk partition manager software, which is being widely used in various field for IT administrators and personal users. You can learn more detailed knowledge from the article "How to use the Partition Assistant to resize a partition?".
The new window gives you two choices, please select "Delete partition" or "Delete partition and wipe all data" according to your needs.2.
It is easy and reliable to resize, create, delete, format partition and more advanced partition operations. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant as administrator privilege and you will see the main window. Therefore, you need to choose reliable and professional partition software to do this for your computer running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008. After successful installation, please launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface.

In no particular order, the most important of these are: Reliability, Security, Storage Efficiency, Breaking Size Barriers, Long File Names and Networking. Windows Server 2000 supports 4 processors at most and supported internal memory vary from minimum 128MB to maximal 4GB. To put it simple, imagine you want to install a second operating system but there is no empty partition, then you will need to release some free space from the hard drive to create a new one. To extend Windows Server 2000 partition without unallocated space, you should select the desired partition, then click "Extend Partition" to enter next interface. With MiniTool Partition Wizard Server, you don't need to worry too much about the operations, because it offers the most easily, straightforward and reliable solutions. No matter which situation happens to you, shrinking volume may be your necessary method to solve such problems.How to Shrink Volume in Windows 10?For PC users, it is well acknowledge that Disk Management in Windows 10 can help you shrink volume without any data loss.
Of course, new Windows 7 is wonderful that there are new features and more advantages compared to old Windows, however, there is still a typical problem that botherd Windows 7 users. A basic installation requirement of the disk space is 16GB at least in Windows 7 and you may also install many other applications to lead the result of the disk space lower. In some occasions, Windows 7 cannot allow you to extend or resize partition because the menu "Extend Volume" option is grayed out unavailable. Its shining point is that it not only can create, delete and format partition quickly, but also resize, extend and shrink partition with all data protected in cases.
If your disk space was all allocated, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition is the only solution to solve your difficulties.1.
As we know, resize partition can not be supported by earlier Disk Management snap-in in Windows XP, 2000, 2003. Another situation, as Server deals with huge amount of data, thus partitioning Windows Server should be done in advance.
What's more, extend partition wizardA helps increase system partition size without rebooting in order to minimize server downtime. However, we strongly recommend users to download the Demo Edition to have an experience at first, then decide whether to have one.
Therefore, third-party partition manager software is necessary choice to resize Windows 7 partition at this moment.
That is to say resize Windows 7 partition is only one of the most advanced features, more features you can refer to the Partition Assistant Features page. Take a careful consideration before starting your formatting because all data on the partition could be cleared. Put all your cryptographic data to one partition, you just need to encrypt this partition rather than all partitions, to do so could not decrease the efficiency to visit other partitions. Luckily, AOMEI Partition Assistant has the functions which the Windows "Disk Manager" doesn't have. In order to maximize the performance of NTFS partition when it runs out of space, the most helpful way is to resize NTFS partition without losing data. What's more, it has set an integrated standard between operating system and WEB, application, network and communication.
You may bethink of backup important files, deleting all partition, recreate a bigger partition and restore previous backed up data.

Now you may find that a Server partitions is running out of space and needs to be expanded urgently, while another partition seems enjoying too much space.
And then choose the partition you plan to shrink and select Shrink Volume.Although this built-in tool is sounds nice, it also has its own limitations. For an office worker, for storing our files with classification, this is even more important to create more partitions. The first concern of most users who want to resize NTFS partition might be easy operation or data security, or both. For example, you can only shrink half size a partition, which means if there is 50 GB in your partition, the maximum size you can shrink is 25GB. As a result of fact, it is best practice to directly resize Windows 7 partition through third-party partition software like Partition Assistant to solve the problem faultlessly. They will make us work more fluently and easily.When you wish to dual boot or multiple boot, such as bual boot Windows XP and Windows 7, how could achieve it?
This article will provide you a solution to resize NTFS partition without any data loss.Upon recommendations from many computer users, the best way to resize NTFS partition is to use the reliable third-party NTFS partition resizing software - EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition. This will bring some trouble.Fortunately, there is third-party software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which is specialized in partition management. Well, it is essential to create partitions.Summary on Partition a Hard DriveIn view of the foregoing, partition a hard drive is necessary for computer users, if you are special with computer operation, create, delete and format with Windows built-in Disk Management Snap-in.
If it can't fulfill your request, let AOMEI Partition Assistant (PA) Pro - a kind of integrated Windows partition manager software to help you solve all the troubles. This means that it not only allows you to resize NTFS partition, but also to resize FAT partition. In such circumstance, if one partition has something wrong, the other will not be affected. If you need, you also could create more partitions to store your data and files with classification. Commonly, you must partition a hard disk to store data when you purchased a new hard drive.How to Partition a Hard Drive?The most of common operation to partition a hard drive includes create, delete, format and adjust partition size. Often, the users who have a knowledge of computer, they would partition a hard drive in computer built-in function - disk management.
Then you can add the unallocated space into the partition you need to extend or create a new partition depending on your own requirement. But to most of users who don’t use disk management and their computer have been used for so long.
If something went wrong, all data and files in partition would be lost.To attain these objectives, here will be introduced a featured software - AOMEI Partition Assistant (PA) Pro, the outstanding Windows partition manager.

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