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In the following guide I will be removing  and replacing the keyboard on a Gateway MT6704 (Model MA7) laptop. If you have a different Gateway computer and my guide works for you, please mention the model in comments.
It appears the black part does not flip up ( like a hinge) but is pulled up vertically….but how is that done?
Something like it shown on the following picture, the only difference your connector is vertical.
I had a my power button break, and i’ve been wondering if there is supposed to be any metal underneath the button that is missing. I was advised that, since the USB keyboard worked, it probably wasn’t a motherboard problem, just a bad keyboard. SCSI drives: When the computer case is used in a tower configuration as shown in this graphic, the SCSI IDs 0 to 5 are arranged from left to right. SATA drives: When the computer case is used in a tower configuration as shown in this graphic, the drive IDs 0 to 5 are arranged from right to left. In order to charge it I have to adjust the AC adapter plug inside the power socket on the back of the laptop. Disconnect two antenna cables from the wireless card, simply unsnap them from the card using your fingers.
If you are replacing the keyboard, you simply remove one green screw in the step 1 and two green screws in the step 5 and then proceed to steps 7,8,9,10.
Start removing the hinge cover with a small flathead screwdriver and continue removing it with your fingers. Lift up the keyboard as it shown on the picture below and place it upside down on the palm rest. Unplug the speaker cable (left) and the Bluetooth card cable (right) from the system board.
Today I tried to install a generic copy of Windows XP Professional on this Gateway NX570X laptop and I got an error during the installation process.
After some research I found the problem, thanks to this site.You are getting this error message because the laptop is missing driver for the SATA hard drive.
I guess you don’t have to go through this procedure if you use the original recovery disc because the SATA driver is preloaded. Had a go and took it apart.I solderd the connector out and it looks like i buggerd the whole thing up. I’m not familiar with model #M320 but I can tell you that laptop disassembly procedure is very similar for most brands and models. The power jack however was totaly f*k*d so i solderd some pig tails onto the system board(as i have been unable to find a replacement) then added some nice 2 way connectors.
I have looked through this guide and from my memory I believe it will also work on a Gateway MT6452 notebook. The keyboard connector has two pieces – the white base and the brown (black) locking tab. After the locking tab is opened, the keyboard cable is released you you can pull it from the connector. I have the same Laptop Gateway NX570X, with different problem, but very close issue, (Power in the Motherboard). On the same Motherboard, in the opposite of the DC power jack, It seems that one of the Component has been BURNED. I stripped the connector off today, and like you, I pulled the plated thru hole out of the circuit board and the connection from the top to the bottom of the circuit board was broken, the same as you. Some of the circuit boards have multiple layers and I am concerned that pulling out the plated thru hole might have broken a connection on an inner layer. It looked like it was the usual DC connector problem but I noticed that the PSU light was flickering like there was short in the unit, Sure enough, when i opened the unit up, I found a decoupling capacitor was getting warm on the motherboard near the DC conector. Recently I posted a disassembly guide for MT6740, it explains hot to take apart the display panel. Thanks for the great site, was able to repair my gateway mx6447, the only difference was the cpu cooling attachment points, other than that everything was the same. I’ve used the universal AC adapters with multiple heads like you mention, and the compatible head on the Cables Unlimited model I had did fit very loosely, as you mention.
On the front panel, the blue LED light indicates when the computer is powered on, and the amber one is lit only when the battery is charging.
Thanks this was helpful however my mx6429, the lcd just turned all black for no reason, I tried reattaching the cable but no luck, any ideas what it could be? Great instructions – thank you so much for taking the time to publish this… you are a rock star!!! I am not sure if this is germane, however a few weeks before all this happened I installed Roxio. I am NOT the worlds best tinkerer and have limited tools, thus am reluctant to taking apart the laptop. I suspect it is the video card, but I am unsure if it can be replaced, fixed or if the entire mother board must be replaced. I cannot tell if the power jack in your laptop has to be replaced without looking at the laptop. In the post above I explain how to remove the motherboard in order to replace the power jack. I have this laptop and I was told by the laptop place where I took it that I need a new motherboard. I wanted to know how to open it simply to clean the lint off of my fans because the computer keeps overheating but the fan is still running and I wanted to at least try to see if cleaning would help before I plunk down 130$ to get it replaced. Im trying to upgrade ram in a gateway MX7118 there are only 2 small panel covers on the back the memory isnt located behind either of them.

There is only one memory slot available for memory upgrade in this model because 512MB of RAM integrated into the motherboard. In my case I’m taking apart a Gateway P-6825 but the guide should work for the entire P-series line. If it fits any other Gateway model, please mention the model number in comments after this post. Removing this cover will not allow you to replace the cooling fan, but you’ll be able to clean it. In order to remove the hard drive, slide the entire hard drive assembly in the direction shown by the yellow arrow.
When the hard drive assembly removed, you can remove four screws securing the hard drive to the caddy. Using a sharp object remove the rubber cover located on the right side of the hard drive bay.
I don’t know if in your laptop the graphics card is a discrete module, but in my case the graphics card integrated into the motherboard.
There is not much you can do with the integrated graphics card (cannot be removed, replaced, upgraded). It’s not necessary to disassemble the entire laptop in order to clean the cooling fan.
Just remove the heatsink (shown in the 3rd picture) and blow off the fan with compressed air. Hi,, this is my exact laptop…What would be the fastest processor I could swap into this? I have a P-6860FX and every six months I need to clean out both vents because of excessive lint and dust build up. Also, could you please tell me what kind of tools you would recommend to disassemble this laptop? You can try replacing just the screen and if it’s doesn’t work or the image looks weird, you’ll have to transfer the video cable too. I have almost the same notebook I opened it took everything off,but now IDK where the 2 screen cables are connected on the bottom of the notebook can you send a pic or something? If you are not sure what type of hard drive interface (PATA or SATA) your laptop is compatible with CLICK HERE , consult your user manual or look up the information on your laptop manufacturer's website.
If you are not sure what type of hard drive interface (PATA or SATA) your laptop is compatible with CLICK HERE , consult your user manual or look up the information on your laptop manufacturer's website. Maximum Battery Run Time: 10 Hour - The Mac is designed to provide the best computer experience you can have. I have recently purchased a new Fujitsu Hard Drive but cannot access the BIOS to configure the new drive. There three other screws in the bottom that have to come out, but otherwise, it’s the same. I’m hoping to find a tutorial for replacing the keyboard although I suspect I just reverse the steps. Have a gateway ml-6720 laptop and followed the instructions without issue up to the point of removing the ribbon cable from the connector.
Use your fingernails instead, it this case you’ll get a better feel of the connector. The server supports up to six SATA or SCSI (depending on the option selected) 1-inch high, 3.5-inch hot-swap hard drives. In a rack mount configuration, the SCSI IDs 0 to 5 are arranged from the top to the bottom.
In a rack mount configuration, the drive IDs 0 to 5 are arranged from the bottom to the top. Apparently, there is a problem with the power socket (DC jack) and it has to be replaced or resoldered.
In order to disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard, you’ll have to slide it assembly to the left, lift up and remove.
You have to load the SATA driver by pressing F6 right at the beginning of the installation process. Right at the beginning it will ask if you want to load additional SATA driver and you can do so by pressing F6. I had to pop up the keyboard carefuly as not to break it an the hidden screw was under the left bottom corner of it.
Instead of Having to take 3 hours to take apart a Laptop it took me 15 minutes with this guide for this particular Laptop, The laptop i took apart was NX570S So it works perfectly for my model laptop too. The PSU light stays on intermittently & the system powers up but shuts down after a few minutes.
If you DO remove them completely, pay attention to the little holes – they sit on the pins then fold down to lock the cable in place.
I see in the picture under step13, near the lower-right corner there’s a circular opening with a round green-plastic-covered object with a wire connected to a plug.
I found that the universal models had a longer usage life (6-14 months) than most non-Gateway replacement AC adapters, which tend to heat up so much their plastic cases warp and they die within a couple of months — or in one case less than a month!
The amber light should be on when the laptop is off if it’s plugged in and the battery is charging. Try reconnecting the wireless card, maybe it’s not making good contact with the slot.
Could you please send me some pictures of this motherboard detailing the power jack and power button on both sides? The video chip is integrated into the motherboard and you cannot remove it and replace with a better one. I just re-soldered the + pin without removing the DC socket and that seems to have done the job.

Anywhere to buy (economically, of course, otherwise with today’s laptop price it doesn’t make sense to spend more than 50 bucks on this 3 years old laptop) used motherboard? If the laptop switches from AC power to battery power when you wiggle the adapter plug inside the connector, most likely the power connector has to be resoldered or replaced. I removed the mainboard and examined the DC power connector and found it intact and secure.
I was looking for information on a Gateway MX6650 and it was nearly an identical procedure.
My laptop has been gathering dust for a long time now (over a year) I followed your directions and was able to get it back up and running.
As with Ranju, I found the link through the superusers website, and the step-by-step instructions with pictures proved very helpful. I was able to clear out the dust (on both fans) and my system started operating normally again.
The specs all seem to be the same except for the 7805u has a WXGA+ (1440?900) resolution and the 7811 has a WUXGA (1920?1200) resolution. Though my question is if the part that binds the lower and upper parts of the hinge is (are rather, both are broken) broken can I make some sort of cheap fix , and how do I do that ?
Sorry, I’m looking for drivers to run my SD card reader, I search the Gateway support, but did not find them or rather did not know which to download, can you help me please? I couldn’t tell if the ribbon cable was already unplugged or not but there were spots on the cable that seemed rubbed off, so I ordered a replacement.
I need to repair this computer for a friend and have searched the internet for days literally to find a guide and this is the first one I’ve found.
One side of the connector stay attached to the base and the other side goes up at a 90 degree angle. I have a MX6027 and the connector actually appears to be soldered to the board though I realize that this is quite unlikely. I’m gambling slightly that the component was non-essential and, from the operation of the unit, hat seems to be the case. On the front panel when it is charging should both the blue & amber lights be lit up (when the unit is off)?
If the blue light is also on when the laptop is shut down, I’m not sure what could be causing that. The MX7122 I got second-hand had nothing wrong with it* except needing a new battery, but the problems the previous owner described having with it sound like yours. I recommend AVG, Spybot, Malwarebytes and Kaspersky’s online scan (yes, run all four) which are all free. I do wish I had read the reply that told how the keyboard cable clamp works before I started, luckily I didn’t break anything before I worked it out for myself.
I am thinking that maybe my problem is the connection to the motherboard- is there any way to check before I tackle this. No matter what type of disk and what type of info is on the disk, it is not reading the disk. I was unable to remove my DC-jack because it had 5 pins and I couldn’t keep more than one heated at the same time, so I removed as much solder as possible, cleaned up, and resoldered nice and neat in place and it works like a charm. I took my Gateway apart to fix the power jack and then put it together again following your instructions.
Each back should be labelled to reference the position they came from (Location on the laptop, the number of screws as well as the sequential order in which they came off the machine.
I was trying to get to the graphics card to clean the fan and the vents in case there’s dust accumulated there but overheating on the 6860FX seems to be a common issue as I find that other people have complained about it as well. Unfortunately my issue was dust blocking my fans on my P-7805u and this guide stopped short of what I needed get to them to clean them.
It just stayed black like it wasn’t getting power, eventhought I could hear the computer booting up. There is a strip across the top back of the lcd that may be the problem but I was not comfortable trying to change that out without some guidance.
Be sure to test the keyboard and mousepad are working before you put the cover on (where the power switch is) as it will save you MUCH trouble. Even if it only lasts 5 or 6 months like some people have said, it’s worth it for now!
Thinking I might have broken the inverter or video cable during installation, I re-installed my old screen and it still got power. I definitely recommend getting a Gateway brand adapter cable, as the difference in quality (especially usage life) really is worth the extra cost.
What finally did the trick for me is I cut the metal sleeve in half so I was able to work on pulling out two pins at a time instead of all 6.
So whether you?re accessing a Wi-Fi network or organizing your photos by faces or video chatting with friends, it?s all amazingly simple. When you do that, one side of the tab goes up at a 90 degree angle, but the other side must stay attached to the connector base. Consider sticking something to either side of the switch so it can’t move to a different voltage on her.
You might also consider using some electrical tape to keep the end of the cord in place at the back of the laptop. I hopefully don’t need to remind you to keep the magnet itself far away from the computer.

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