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Today we would like to invite you to celebrate the 4th of July with us and at the same time learn some new words! We put together a simple video story so that you can learn some Spanish vocabulary in connection to this important holiday in the United States. 3) Watch the video again and pay attention to the words so that you can noticed how they are used in the context of each sentence. Mini Quiz: Spanish Winter WordsBuild your Spanish vocabulary by adding just a few words at a time. To rent Barney: Beach Party just jointhe Cinema Paradiso DVD rental and Blu-ray Rental service today and get a Free DVD rental trial.
Cinema Paradiso and all other Cinema Paradiso product and service names are trademarks of Pace-e-Solutions Limited or its affiliates. Six months ago I posted my thoughts on the popular language learning sites Livemocha, Busuu, LingQ and Hello-Hello.
Previously, I did not review Mango Languages because they only offer one demo lesson, and I didn’t feel as if that was enough to really see how the website works. Mango offers 9 foreign languages and 3 ESL courses for individual subscribers (and even more for library patrons – 21 foreign languages and 15 ESL courses) and each of the 100 lessons is based on phrases and dialogs rather than individual words. I was initially impressed by LangMaster not only because their online lessons are completely free, but also because of the number of exercises and audio files available. There are plenty of opportunities for improving reading, writing, and listening skills and increasing your vocabulary. A few of the disadvantages to LangMaster are that it is only available in the four main foreign languages and the audio is only streaming so you can’t download it. LinguaTV is a German company that offers videos with subtitles in 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. LinguaTV also has a community website called Lingorilla (in beta) where you can watch the first 9 videos in their Neu in Berlin German series, with transcripts and quizzes. Currently, there are four languages available: Spanish, French, German and English as a Second Language.
This entry was posted in Learning French, Learning Other Languages and tagged LangMaster, language learning, LinguaTV, Mango Languages, review, Yabla on November 27, 2010 by Dr. It looks like you may have reviewed an older version of Mango Languages from the screenshots above.

I also really like the ability to re-listen to an individual word or the whole phrase, along with visual guides on stress and pronunciation when you scroll over a word. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and English with authentic videos by Yabla that include subtitles and translations. Learn to read languages with interlinear bilingual books that include the original language and an English translation below in a smaller font.
To rent Rab C Nesbitt: Series 1 just jointhe Cinema Paradiso DVD rental and Blu-ray Rental service today and get a Free DVD rental trial. So grab your towel and put on your sunscreen, Barney has planned a day filled with fun in the sun at the beach!
Now I would like to review four other language learning websites that I have used recently. Mango for Libraries, however, allows me to use all of Mango’s features for free by logging in with my American library card number. I like that you have the option of turning off the narrator since a lot of language programs rely too much on instructions in English. The lessons are completely in the target language so you may need to keep a dictionary open in another browser.
If you like flashcards, there’s no built-in system to review vocabulary, but you could easily create your own Anki decks while working. The videos are scripted and rehearsed so they are not quite authentic language, but they are helpful for learning basic vocabulary and phrases for everyday situations.
They also have a section on learning languages with music videos but it’s not yet complete.
The videos come from a variety of sources, whether they are news reports, interviews, or just random scenes filmed in the country to illustrate authentic use of the language. The textbooks were designed to be used in the classroom however, and not as self-study materials. I think along with speaking it (I just commented on the latest post on speaking a language), Brainscape has been great to get me comfortable using Spanish, speaking it, reading it, etc. From sail-boating to kite-flying, you'll get plenty of sand between your toes as you enjoy a day of sun, surf and surprises with all your favourite friends. There are also keyboard shortcuts for advancing through the lessons, and you can choose the Main Lesson or shorter Vocabulary and Phrasebook Reviews.

The free online lessons are available in German, French, English, Italian and Spanish while the software also includes Russian.
In spite of these few faults, it is the most complete language program available online for free so I recommend it. The material is designed for beginners (A1-A2 level) and you can turn off the subtitles if you prefer.
Among their two websites and Youtube channel, quite a few videos are available for free so you can check them out before deciding to pay for a monthly subscription, in the range of 1-10€ depending on the language and course. Subtitles and translations appear under the video, which you can turn off if you’d like, and clicking on a word will search for its definition in the dictionary pane to the right. All of the languages have hundreds of videos available, and the French site does have some Quebecois videos as well. The advantage of Yabla, even though it is not free, is that transcripts and translations are available for everyone so it is ideal for self-study. The recordings are obviously scripted and rehearsed so there is no real authentic language. Grammar reviews and transcripts can also be downloaded as PDFs for each video, but translations are not provided. I am a big supporter of using video and subtitles for teaching and learning languages, but these videos are somewhat limited in that they are not spontaneous, authentic speech. Boyd, who'll be on hand to help plan a very special beach party with plenty of treats and authentic hula lessons. I am more interested in the actual language provided by the website and its pedagogical implementations rather than ways to get in touch with others. Nevertheless, I have used it as a refresher for pronunciation and vocabulary but I most likely would not have used it if I didn’t have free access through my library. The quiz section has a variety of exercises including comprehension questions, crossword puzzles, dictations, fill in the blank, etc. Interacting with native speakers is obviously the best way to learn, but you don’t necessarily need a language community website to find native speakers.

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