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We are all about adventure here at Zion Adventure Company, and what could be more adventurous than finding your own food? If the cones are open or partially open, you probably can see the nuts and remove them from the center.
Now when the work’s all done or you need motivation to pick more, think of all the fantastic foods you can make with pine nuts… add them to pesto, salads, hummus, and even cinnamon rolls and other baked goods…mmm. Sarah Stratton is one of the fine guides and outfitters you will meet at Zion Adventure Company.
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Hello thank you for this awesome article on pine nuts and we are glad to share our photos with sites that have photo credits. If you know me, I love to complement strenuous Zion activities like mountain biking, canyoneering, and rock climbing with good eating and cooking.
Well, it definitely takes time and work, but I think it’s a very fun way to explore the forest.

It’s true, most pine nuts sold to stores and restaurants are actually Chinese and Siberian species that grow much smaller nuts. When Sarah isn’t helping people have adventures in Zion, you can find her cooking scrumptious food or playing in the Park. The Zion region is home to the world’s only single-needled pine, pinus monophylla, or simply the Single-leaf Pinyon. Picking your own nuts not only assures the absence of processing chemicals, and but think of how much less they’ve travelled! Almost all plants on earth produce seeds, and these plants are divided into two categories: gymnosperms and angiosperms.
Pollination and water conditions determine whether the seed germinates into a tasty nut or shrivels into rotten or inedible nuts.
Well, you can always support our local pickers by ordering from Penny’s Pine Nuts or Wholesale Pinenuts. Angiosperms comprise, by far, the biggest of the two groups.Pollination in conifers is always dependant on wind.

The easiest way to collect nuts is to find a tree with many mature cones, and place a sheet at its base. George office. If you are collecting on private lands, please have permission from the land owner. Also, be aware that on most Indian Reservations, the rights for collecting are to tribe members only. As always, observe Leave No Trace principles of picking up trash, staying on roads, and watching out for cryptobiotic soils. Gymnosperms evolved before flowering plants, and conifers (all plants in Pinaceae are conifers) are gymnosperms. In most conifers, the cones are woody structures, but by no means do they all look like the classic pinecone. Most species of conifer are monoecious: they have both male and female cones on the same tree.

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