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Of course, WB is going to ask for the W on this because the film is tracking to make more than $140 million domesticallyA (numbers currently have it at $133 million). Want more stories like this in your inbox?Sign up for our weekly email and find out what everyone is talking about. Tony Soprano gives both Silvio & Paulie a bump up the ladder thanks to the arrival of Furio. During the first restaurant scene we hear the song Big Girls Don’t Cry playing at Nuovo Vesuvio. In an amusing scene, Tony finds Richie Aprile at his mother’s house where Janice Soprano is staying. A great sub-plot that plays through this episode is Tony Soprano turning to Hesh Rabkin for advice on his recent outbursts.
Later, a few ducks make a cameo appearance, and Tony Soprano defends them from his comare Irina who tries to feed them cheese doodles. Johnny Sack makes a brief appearance in an awkward restaurant scene featuring Paulie, Furio & Big Pussy. Soon thereafter, Tony Soprano has Furio carrying out a job that Christopher Moltisanti couldn’t finish. While Furio is bringing down his…fury in the brothel, Tony waits in his car and at this moment Dr.
The episode ends as Christopher awakes in the middle of the night and throws away the movie scripts that he’s written. I’d like to give a nod to Terence Winter who wrote this episode (this being the first episode of The Sopranos that he ever wrote).
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Thanks for this great recipe–I did not know until 5 minutes ago that I *need* this in my life. I keep it for a day or two, but as you mentioned the zucchini does make it a bit more water-y.
You'll find gluten-free food, fun and travel here, from original recipes to travel and dining recommendations along with tips on simply having fun. I’ve been here before, with an unbeaten team in December, but this 2015 Panthers squad is different from the 2009 Saints—younger, more unified on the field, but still learning how to handle success. A 10-year NFL veteran, Roman Harper signed with the Panthers as a free agent in 2014 after eight seasons with the Saints.
As a team, the 2009 Saints embodied the party culture of New Orleans, and we embraced our role as celebrities of a small market.
We had a quarterback in New Orleans who, like Cam Newton, was on the cusp of being considered in the top tier of passers.
In New Orleans, we gave up more yards than just about every NFL team, but we created the most turnovers. We have a bunch of really good football players, but most of them realize they wouldn’t be as good if they weren’t on this team.
In New Orleans we had Jeremy Shockey, with the big hair and big tattoos, and Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush.
Here there’s an understanding that we have a bunch of really good football players, but most if not all of them realize they wouldn’t be as good as they are if they weren’t on this team.
We had a coach in New Orleans who breathed fire into the team, who was able to motivate each individual in his own unique way and who was a celebrity in his own right. When I think of the things that have changed the most since 2009, the way fans consume the game today leads the list.
I think about all the things we did in New Orleans that wouldn’t fly in today’s world; rookies dancing shirtless in the club, players including myself partying during Super Bowl week and showing up late to team picture day. All of the scrutiny surrounding players and teams requires a new kind of coach— someone who can insulate the team and motivate with a consistent message. As you get older, and you start to figure out how to last in this league, you develop more of an appreciation for steady coaches who never overreact. Kuechly’s second interception against the Cowboys was a result of the freedom he’s given in Carolina’s defensive scheme.
During the Dallas game, Luke checked us completely out of a blitz at the very last moment, a scenario we hadn’t even practiced.
When the 2009 Saints team eventually lost, in Week 15 against a Cowboys team that had to win out to make the playoffs, it was a wakeup call. People have asked me if I believe this team could use a loss like that, with most of our key contributors being well under the age of 30, with little playoff experience and a ton of confidence. When Kelvin Benjamin suffered a season-ending injury in training camp, I’ll admit to a moment of panic. I can’t tell you that I came out of the preseason thinking this team was going to be undefeated in December, but even after the Benjamin injury, I told people this is the most talented Panthers team I’ve seen in 10 seasons in the NFL.
The most important thing we have to do is learn to handle our success and understand that our main goal is to get to Santa Clara in February. Drew Brees knew that, which is why he pulled the team together on Tuesday afternoon of Super Bowl week, after we’d shown up late for picture day.
These days, when I think back to 2009, I remember a rookie safety I’ve remained friends with to this day, Malcolm Jenkins.
As young as we Carolina Panthers are, we’ve got to understand that none of this can be taken for granted.
It’s like our defensive backs coach Steve Wilks says, “Don’t keep your dreams in your eyes… because they may drop as tears. An Ass was being driven along a road leading down the mountain side, when he suddenly took it into his silly head to choose his own path.
They who will not listen to reason but stubbornly go their own way against the friendly advice of those who are wiser than they, are on the road to misfortune.
Some days later, while stalking his prey in the forest, the Lion was caught in the toils of a hunter's net. One day as he sat watching the Sheep and the quiet forest, and thinking what he would do should he see a Wolf, he thought of a plan to amuse himself. His Master had told him to call for help should a Wolf attack the flock, and the Villagers would drive it away. As he expected, the Villagers who heard the cry dropped their work and ran in great excitement to the pasture.
Then one evening as the sun was setting behind the forest and the shadows were creeping out over the pasture, a Wolf really did spring from the underbrush and fall upon the Sheep.
A Gnat flew over the meadow with much buzzing for so small a creature and settled on the tip of one of the horns of a Bull.
Two Travellers, walking in the noonday sun, sought the shade of a widespreading tree to rest.
A Stork of a very simple and trusting nature had been asked by a gay party of Cranes to visit a field that had been newly planted.
The Sheep in the pasture were much astonished and amused at the Pig's behavior, and followed the Shepherd and his charge to the pasture gate. Two men were traveling in company along the road when one of them picked up a well-filled purse. We cannot expect any one to share our misfortunes unless we are willing to share our good fortune also.
One day as the Lion walked proudly down a forest aisle, and the animals respectfully made way for him, an Ass brayed a scornful remark as he passed. Jupiter saw what simple and foolish creatures they were, but to keep them quiet and make them think they had a king he threw down a huge log, which fell into the water with a great splash. Now there was a certain old Owl who had become very cross and hard to please as she grew older, especially if anything disturbed her daily slumbers.
But the Grasshopper answered saucily that he had as much right to his place in the sun as the Owl had to her place in the old oak.

The wise old Owl knew quite well that it would do no good to argue with the Grasshopper, nor with anybody else for that matter. Just then an immense shadow blotted him out entirely, and the next instant a Lion struck him down with a single blow.
But just then the royal Cat spied him, and the next instant, the Rat knew he was not quite so important as an Elephant. The stones were flying thick and fast and the Boys were enjoying themselves very much; but the poor Frogs in the pond were trembling with fear.
At last one of the Frogs, the oldest and bravest, put his head out of the water, and said, "Oh, please, dear children, stop your cruel play!
In a spell of dry weather, when the Birds could find very little to drink, a thirsty Crow found a pitcher with a little water in it. Bring in the guys who cut the trailer, Trailer Park, to cut the entire film to make it all those things! The writing on this show never lets me down. Christopher came to collect money due to Tony Soprano and he leaves with nothing.
On the other end of that spectrum, Furio Giunta arrives on the scene in New Jersey and he’s one hell of a soldier.
This bump leaves Big Pussy behind and is further proof that Tony still doesn’t trust Pussy since his disappearance. Tony has been out of therapy for so long that he’s starting to long to find someone to open up and talk to.
Seems that Tony & Irina fight quite often when they are trying to share some alone time. Jennifer Melfi worrying about her abandonment of Tony Soprano in a therapy session with Dr. While watching this scene I can’t help but remember the previous episode when Furio jumped on Don Vittorio when firecrackers went off in the streets of Italy. He came on as a producer for The Sopranos at the start of season 2 and would remain a producer & writer up until the end. Should you make a purchase, you will get the same great price, and I may make a small commission. I just grabbed a couple zucchini from the crisper drawer, gave them a spin in The Noodler and was ready to make this salad in less time than boiling pasta.  So it’s a time-saver, budget-friendly in season AND is a healthy upgrade to regular pasta! He is a two-time Pro Bowl selection and was New Orleans’ Ed Block Courage Award winner in 2007. At 32, I’m no beacon of wisdom in the NFL, though our team is so young and my hair is so gray my young defensive backs are calling me Uncle Rome in the locker room.
But Drew Brees was putting up gaudy passing numbers, and Newton is doing things that, while no less gaudy, are far from traditional. In Carolina we play for a quiet, confident man who can relate to anyone in the building and understands a locker room like no one else. They rupture and rebuild and mold to the times, on the field and off the field, which is why it’s so hard to compare teams that operated only six years apart. Today regular people can be newsmakers with a cameraphone, or agitators with a Twitter account.
I remember last season, when nobody believed in us and we’d lost six straight games, Ron would stand in front of the team and say, “Guys, I believe in you. Our defensive coordinator, Sean McDermott, likes to say he’s just trying to put us in position to hunt. It was a Thursday night, and we had squeaked by with a couple of narrow wins over teams we should’ve blown out. The credit goes to Dave Gettleman for assembling a roster with just the right amount of young guys coming into their own and a sprinkling of veteran leadership.
He told us he loved us because he had full confidence we would spend the rest of that week doing the things that brought us to Miami and made us the best team in the NFL. After winning the Thorpe Award in his final season at Ohio State, the Saints made him the first DB off the board in the 2009 draft. You’ve got to enjoy it and do all the little things you’ve always done, but do them better. He could see his stall at the foot of the mountain, and to him the quickest way down seemed to be over the edge of the nearest cliff.
Though the task they had to do was very light compared with that of the Oxen, they creaked and groaned at every turn.
A timid little Mouse came upon him unexpectedly, and in her fright and haste to get away, ran across the Lion's nose.
So now, though he had not seen anything that even looked like a Wolf, he ran toward the village shouting at the top of his voice, "Wolf!
But when they got there they found the Boy doubled up with laughter at the trick he had played on them. Wolf!" But though the Villagers heard the cry, they did not run to help him as they had before. But the party ended dismally with all the birds entangled in the meshes of the Farmer's net. He very quickly captured the porker, which squealed at the top of its voice the moment the Shepherd laid his hands on it. They had so much freedom that it had spoiled them, and they did nothing but sit around croaking in a bored manner and wishing for a government that could entertain them with the pomp and display of royalty, and rule them in a way to make them know they were being ruled.
The Frogs hid themselves among the reeds and grasses, thinking the new king to be some fearful giant.
Then after sundown, when the rosy light fades from the sky and the shadows rise slowly through the wood, out she comes ruffling and blinking from the old hollow tree.
One warm summer afternoon as she dozed away in her den in the old oak tree, a Grasshopper nearby began a joyous but very raspy song. Besides, her eyes were not sharp enough by day to permit her to punish the Grasshopper as he deserved. Up he jumped to the Owl's den, but as soon as he was near enough so the old Owl could see him clearly, she pounced upon him and ate him up. As he ran, the setting sun cast his shadow far out on the ground, and it looked as if the wolf were a hundred times bigger than he really was.
When the wind blew, the great Oak stood proudly upright with its hundred arms uplifted to the sky.
The Boys amused themselves by throwing stones into the pond so as to make them skip on top of the water.
But the pitcher was high and had a narrow neck, and no matter how he tried, the Crow could not reach the water. It’s entertaining in the way mindless moving pictures going kablooey usually are, but it sucks. Later in the episode, Tony will have Furio do the same job that Christopher started (or tried to start). The eggs could be foreshadowing the death of Richie Aprile that will take place in the same house later in the season.
Unlike Tony, Carmela puts most of the blame on the attempt on Tony’s life from season 1 on Junior Soprano.
The only other episode where Renata is shown, besides this one, is in Episode 81: Chasing It. After bringing himself to tears in an acting scene in front of the whole class, Christopher runs out of the class.
Terence would also finally a direct an episode in the final season (one that he co-wrote with David Chase), Episode 82: Walk Like A Man. I don’t really adjust them so most of them are quite dark because of the way the show was lit.
Back in 2009, after our 11th consecutive win, a fellow defensive veteran and I had our fair share of drinks on Sunday night to celebrate.

Here in Charlotte you’re more likely to see guys getting treatment and dancing around the locker room on an off day than you are to see them popping bottles.
I don’t remember Drew doing a front flip over a defender to get into the end zone, or running QB power on third-and-10 for a first down. No one cares about statistics when you’ve got guys like Jared Allen, a legendary sack artist, playing run-first. The platform for players created by Twitter and Instagram makes it possible for Cam Newton to take a months-old hip-hop dance move and turn it into a national craze shared by millions and broadcast into the homes of people who would have never otherwise heard of Migos or trap music.
One bad night can change the perception of you team’s culture, which in turn actually changes your team’s culture. You can do things no other teams can do if you focus on the little things.” Next thing you know we were one of the best teams in the NFL down the stretch, laying the groundwork for the team you see today.
McDermott, like Gregg Williams in New Orleans, handed the defense to a young linebacker who does nothing but hunt, and it’s paying dividends.
But Luke got everybody into a different coverage and communicated with the defensive line to rush Tony Romo with four men just before the ball was snapped. We were nervous because we thought we had a strong team—the best in Carolina since the franchise began—but we hadn’t seen any of the wide receivers who are active now make the big plays Benjamin was capable of as a rookie. Cam is getting a better relationship throwing the ball to these guys, building trust that any one of them is going to go up and get it. If you don’t miss big in the draft and you sprinkle in the right free-agent pieces (ahem), you have a Super Bowl team. The Panthers you saw beat the Seahawks in October are not the same Panthers you saw drop the Cowboys in November. He’d only lost a handful of games in his college career before joining a team that went 13-3 and won the Super Bowl. When everyone tries to pull and tug at us, and the opponent is just as hungry as we are, we’ve got to lean on what got us here and what made us who we are. Just as he was about to leap over, his master caught him by the tail and tried to pull him back, but the stubborn Ass would not yield and pulled with all his might.
The poor Oxen, pulling with all their might to draw the wagon through the deep mud, had their ears filled with the loud complaining of the Wheels.
But before he left he begged the Bull's pardon for having used his horn for a resting place. Out popped the old Owl's head from the opening in the tree that served her both for door and for window. The wind redoubled in fury, and all at once the great tree fell, torn up by the roots, and lay among the pitying Reeds. With each pebble the water rose a little higher until at last it was near enough so he could drink. Two versions of the film, Ayer’s and the new cut, were shown to test audiences in NorCal. This marks the 3rd time that Tony has lost his temper with someone this episode (first with Janice & later with Richie Aprile).
Her dream from Toodle-Fucking-Oo about Tony crashing because of her abandonment haunts her. Tony is not by any means a patient man and he really didn’t see any difference in himself by the time that the therapy sessions ended in season 1.
I question whether Adriana was right or not about the emotions of Christopher losing his father at a young age that were bothering him when acting. Coincidence: that episode and this one are both named after song titles by the Four Seasons.
As a veteran of the 2009 New Orleans Saints, a team that started 13-0 and won a Super Bowl that season, I get asked about success, and winning, and what an undefeated team looks like.
After our 11th win in Carolina, I celebrated by playing two-man spades with defensive back Kurt Coleman. We came closer as teammates in New Orleans while off the field, and here in Charlotte we become closer on the field and in the locker room. People we never would have had any consciousness of 10 years ago end up in your Twitter mentions with hopes that we pay attention. Luke Keuchly, like Jonathan Vilma, has the authority to change any call on defense now, and it’s one of the biggest reasons we’re 11-0.
Then Luke saw the beginnings of a dig route by the slot receiver and recognized that Jason Witten was likely coming over the top, trying to work the gap between me and the linebackers. Then Romo showed up and willed the Cowboys to victory, after I missed an interception that would’ve changed the complexion of the game. All the injury to Kelvin did was make Cam better, because he learned to survey the field and make all the right reads. Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt used to say successful football teams had three levels of trust: coach to coach, player to player and player to coach. Running to one of the great ropes that bound him, she gnawed it until it parted, and soon the Lion was free. But in spite of its squeals and struggles to escape, the Shepherd tucked his prize under his arm and started off to the butcher's in the market place. In a short time the younger Frogs were using him for a diving platform, while the older Frogs made him a meeting place, where they complained loudly to Jupiter about the government. In mournful croaks they begged Jupiter to take away the cruel tyrant before they should all be destroyed. Rat walked alonga€”he kept mostly to the ditcha€”he noticed a great commotion up the road, and soon a grand procession came in view. The studio, in this case Warner Bros., wanted it to succeed so badly with as quick a turnaround time as possible that they gave director David Ayer only six weeks to write the script.
Richie is the first in a line of men who annoy the hell out of Tony Soprano that Janice will choose to date.
There are a couple moments where Tony wants to vent and in return, Hesh starts telling a story. Melfi obviously has a soft side for Tony Soprano, no matter how strongly she disagrees with his morals and his way of life. There was a moment, two weeks ago against the Cowboys, that made me fall in love with football all over again. Luke just slid into the window, and Romo threw it right to him for his first of two interceptions in the game.
I could barely finish a book report on Animal Farm in six weeks and they wanted this dude to write a summer blockbuster in that time AND make it the best DC film to date (which, let’s face it, is a pretty low bar at this point)? You know no one is going to give a shit about your toys and shirts unless the movie is good right? Tony doesn’t give in while on the phone, but he does show up for the requested scheduled visit. Slowly over the course of the first few episodes of season 2, Tony began to realize that the therapy did make a difference. Just as Christopher pushes his feelings away, Tony Soprano returns to therapy in hopes of getting control of his feelings. Malcolm, like me, has seen the ebbs and flows of life in the NFL, how the smallest fissures in football teams develop into cracks that derail franchises. Again, the scenes of Melfi going to a therapist work quite well to let us in on her psyche and to let us know how she really feels about Tony. Perhaps it was his conversations with Hesh that changed his mind, because in reality who else can Tony Soprano talk so openly to? He realizes now that he’s got to set goals, although he still is not a patient man by any means.

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