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I have had a recent new idea, which is that the irregular bones in the feet might have grown larger appositionally pushing the overall female skeleton higher up. The connection and theory that all this increase in height is due to the chemical relaxin however is still the most viable theory.
However, the recent claim made by my own girlfriend that she grew 1 full cm herself made me wonder whether this phenomena may be due to more than 1 main human physiological process. One thing that is very obvious however is that about 98% of all the claims ever made about growing taller in adulthood (which I will assume to be around the age point of 21-22_ has been by females. Update Feb 14th, 2014: It seems that just in the span of 24 hours, two women have come forth and sent messages to the website expressing the fact that they either have open epiphyseal growth plates at the age of almost 30 or even later.
Case Study #2: This 2nd women commented that apparently she has grown by about 4 inches in the last of her 2 pregnancies, out of a total of 5 pregnancies.
There is now too much evidence coming through in the form of anecdotal stories, forum postings, cases and instances where adult females who went through pregnancy have noticed that they increased in height.
Some responses to the original post has been rather insightful and forced me to rethink some issues between the link of pregnancy and noticeable increases in height. Update #2: Now there is another two cases of other women who noticed a 1 inch increase in height who responded to the poster! A visitor recently came on the website to leave a message which shows that there is more cases where an expectant mother might actually have so much stuff going through her body that she increases in height. Some other results from Google on places where mothers and expectant mothers notice that they ended up taller than before. These questions asked on the various internet forums, blogs, and websites on the internet seems to validate what Stacie is saying.
The conclusion that was reached by Tyler was that the cause was from this muscle relaxing protein called Relaxin, and his claim has a little bit of validity.
Could it be that from pregnancy, the hip bone in some women are twisted or bend open in such a way to actually stretch out the pubis symphysis?
Could the Pubis Symphysis be pulled in a way during the pregnancy and during the labor when the women is actually giving birth to make the alignment between the hip joint socket to the overall skeletal structure straighter, thus allowing for increased height?
If we note that the epiphysis region of the proximal end of the femur is not attached to the hip bone in a vertical fashion, but horizontally, then it would not make sense to say that the stretching of such a small cartilage area in the middle of the hip should be able to cause the women to grow 1 inch, let alone 3 inches as reported by one person on an internet discussion board.
This article from Discovery News indicates that the feet in pregnant women do get bigger and the increase in feet size never goes away. Overall, about 60 to 70 percent of the women had longer feet and shorter arches after childbirth, the researchers said. So it seems to show that for the feet, they get longer by upwards of even 1 cm, which means that during and after pregnancy the women would could go up 2 shoe sizes. The thing that is more interesting for us as height increase researchers is that the feet arch height is supposed to be decreased. The foot arch is the arch in the middle of the feet that gives the the feet its unique structure at the bottom.
The structure in the human feet that determines the overall height is composed of at least 4 small irregular tarsal bones.
So this means that pregnancy should in fact then make women shorter then with slightly flatter, longer feet. The change in foot size may be due to the extra weight women carry around during pregnancy, which puts greater stress on the feet, and, thus, may flatten the arch, the researchers said. Most of the women involved in the new study who experienced changes in their foot length and arch height were first-time mothers. Tyler’s explanation currently is that from the type of hormone known as Relaxin released during pregnancy, the women develop looser ligaments and tendons so that when they stand up straight for say a height measurement during their annual physician checkup, the measured height goes up. Humans in general are very good at noticing height changes between themselves and other people. My explanation is that the same hormone that causes the tarsals to grow wider is also causing the cuboid, navicular, talus, and calcaneus to grow wider and bigger from appositional growth. Other than this explanation I would have no longer idea on how pregnancy makes some women taller. Will go back and look at this full study for additions but foot width does increase indicating that there may be more appositional growth but the change is said to be moderate so unlikely enough increase in appositional growth to be increasing height. So does that mean that taking the hormone relaxin as a supplement possibly has the potential to increase the height of the ankle by 1 or 2 centimeters? Michael do you know about any particular foot surgeries for flat feet that might result in height increase? I plan on using ankle weights while pregnant and for 8 weeks after giving birth to make the most of the relaxin hormone in my body. When measuring the height of my 5, 3 and 1 year old children on the family height chart this week I discovered that I have also grown 1.5 centimetres taller at some point during or after my 3rd pregnancy. A few months into my pregnancy I noticed that my sister and mother didn’t seem quite as tall. I’ve been in the height increase scene since high school, having done Heightmax, Kimi insoles, cycling with ankle weights, and none of it worked. Not going to have kids, but hopefully, it will soon be possible to intake Relaxin like people intake Glutathione skin lightening shots at the salon.
One of the most common myths about weight training for women is that weight training reduces breast size and creates a flat manly looking chest. Weight training properly executed with sufficient intensity, adequate rest and nutrition will bring about an increase in muscle size of any part of the body that is being worked.  This holds true whether it be it the pectoralis muscles of the chest (or pecs as many call them) or the muscles of your arms and legs. Thus breast tissue cannot be subject to hypertrophy or get larger due to weight training, but by increasing the size (slightly, ladies) of the pectoral muscles under the breasts there will be a natural increase in overall chest size. So what about those flat chested women in the magazines with thickly developed chest muscles and no breasts?
That being said, natural athletes who don’t aspire to have 3% body fat levels don’t tend to have the same flat chested look as their drug using counterparts, nor the thickly muscled pecs that many find a bit off putting. Please note that all material is copyrighted and DMCA Protected and can be reprinted only with the expressed authorization of the author. Kevin Richardson is the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ and one of the most sought after personal trainers in New York City.
The function of the gluteus maximus (G-max) is primarily upper leg (thigh) extension, such as moving the upper leg backward as in rising from a squat position. The gluteus medius (G-med, pictured right) originates on the outer surface of the ilium above and in front of the anterior gluteal line.
The insertion of the G-med converges on a tendon that attaches to the lateral surface of the greater trochanter (your hip joint). Ultimately, the G-med tendon inserts into an oblique ridge that runs down and to the front of the lateral surface of the greater trochanter.
The gluteus minimus (G-min) originates in front from the outer surface of the ilium between the anterior and inferior gluteal lines. The G-med and G-min perform similar functions, depending on the position of the knee and hip joints. They may have tried every exercise and workout in the gym but didn’t see the results they expected. If you possess a naturally large amount of muscle mass on your backside - or for that matter an exceptionally small amount (flat-ass syndrome) - it's probably due to your heredity.
Naturally, a wider Ilium gives you a wider butt and a narrower Ilium offers the potential for a narrower butt.

In a nutshell, to optimally care for and develop your butt work hard on a variety of thigh extending, abducting, and rotating exercises and watch your calorie intake. People with a saggy bootie, no butt whatsoever, or scrawny chicken legs look ridiculous, especially when those wimpy body parts appear on really buff, ripped, muscular men who obviously take great care to sculpt their arms, abs and pecs. The truth is that if you want to buff up, lean out, lose weight, and be both stronger and healthier, you need to work out your legs. The reason people often skip leg day is simple: It can be draining, and for days after the muscles in your lower body are tight and ache. In this article I hope to give some insight into factors that lead to pain post pregnancy and how as an Osteopath working at the Bayside Therapy Group we can address some of these factors. Another weird thing is chronic pain, or often pain that has been around for longer than 3 months. The birth of a child can be a pretty traumatic experience and like any other traumatic incident should be rehabilitated fully to a point of even higher function than pre pregnancy. The end result is a mother that is strong and often more competent in using their bodies than what they were pre pregnancy and free of lower back pain. If yourself or another mother you know suffers from chronic back pain call Osteopath and Functional Movement Specialist Dr.
It probably happens to just 0.01% of all women who go through pregnancy, and that is a guess on the high side. Is there something within the human female bone physiology which makes them more likely to grow slightly taller? She messaged me and commented that she apparently found out that she still had growth plates. We both found a study in PubMed which showed that the hip wide and hip size of heifers (young female cows before giving birth) seemed to have have gotten bigger from before the first pregnancy and after it. The documented phenomena of pregnant women who notice that their feet and hands and fingers becoming wider and even longer has been well observed. I chose to focus on these bones and NOT the tarsal bones in ventral side because these are the real bones that would be the main factors on determining height. The case where women get shorter from pregnancy seems to happen to the majority of women who go through pregnancy and notice any type of height variation.
In addition, pregnant women produce hormones that increase the looseness of the joints and ligaments (tissue that connects bone to bone), possibly making the foot structure more malleable. The growth of the bones in width, since they are NOT long bones, but irregular bones, means that the feet should be getting taller if you measured the ankle protrusion relative to the ground level from before by upwards of even 1-2 cms. Myself being flatfooted, im considering doing some kind of procedure on my feet to correct it as well that could possibly give me some height, afterall i only need 3 cms to be satisfied. I found this blog where this guy corrected his flat feet condition with Hyprocure implants, and he claims he gained about half an inch in height from this procedure. Just recently my husband asked if Ive grown taller (half jokingly bc who does that at 36) but I agreed and told him Ive felt taller recently! I was so shocked by this I started googling what could possibly cause this and ran across this article.
And almost all women in my family who have had children had grown at least an inch in total if not more. I’m 23 years old now and have noticed that my knees have been in a lot of aching pain. This misconception has prevented many women from incorporating weight training into their quests to lose weight and firm up their bodies. The way that this process (hypertrophy) works is that individual muscle fibers will get bigger (slightly bigger, that is, you won’t see mountains of muscle sprout on a woman without the use of anabolic steroids as it takes men with ten times more testosterone, years upon years to develop a muscular physique) or they will split and then get slightly bigger. It may then appear that the breasts look a bit larger as they will stand up a bit more, which, is something most women would not mind. Due to the reduced body fat of the average elite athlete there is some reduction in breast sized as compared to the general population, as they diet down, but most of the size lost in their chest area comes back when they eat normally and reduce their levels of fat burning activity.
You’re totally right, training the chest with weights will actually give the appearance of BIGGER breasts in women, so they should definitely do it.
Its origin is the posterior line of the upper ilium, the posterior surface of the lower sacrum, and the side of the coccyx.
With the knee extended, they abduct the thigh (out to the side away from the opposite leg). I'd bet your already doing it, but maybe you need to tweak your lower body routines and calorie intake. Provided you perform the aforementioned thigh extension and abduction exercises, you will be targeting these muscles. At the same time, hope you have been blessed with good genetics in that part of your anatomy. If you worked out your legs regularly, they won’t hurt so much, and the payoff comes pretty quickly. There a lots of stories of people suffering pretty traumatic wounds such as a gun shot and not even realizing it.
In 3 months almost any injured tissue will have repaired itself to a stable state and yet so many people will continue to have pain in many different ways lasting beyond the point of full health. Chronic pain is a state in which the brain and it’s interpretation of information have somehow got things wrong. There are a lot of structural changes that occur in pregnancy; ligaments increase laxity, hip, pelvic and spinal angles change in response to the change in body shape and movement changes to accommodate. As an Osteopath at the Bayside Therapy Group in Cheltenham our focus is on rehabilitating mums to that level of function. They are more capable of looking after themselves and their family and have a reduced risk of other injuries or complications in the future.
Andrew Lemon (read more about Andrew’s story here) at the Bayside Therapy Group, Cheltenham to learn how you can get your body back to its best for you and your family.
They, being females who have gone through, or are going through pregnancy, have noticed changes in their height.
However, just the fact that more than a dozen females have claimed this phenomena makes me really wonder what is going on. The message was short and she wrote at the end that she was going to go to the doctor, whether normal family physician, gynecologist, or endocrinologist, about her noticing that she might be taller than before. If we look at the rest of the feet, we realize that how far up the human body is is slightly determined by how high the ankle is above the ground level. However this would not be enough to explain why any women should be able to gain 2-3 inches in extra height. A practice that inevitably leads to failure as weight training is without question the most effective way to really tone up and develop a tight body.
The fibers of your pectoral muscles are all constituents of skeletal muscle whereas breast tissue is made up of sex specific adipose tissue (fat), ligaments, connective tissue and mammary glands.
The other factor that can cause breast size to change is obesity- in which case the breasts become larger as body fat increases past healthy levels. The exercises I’d personally recommend are the dumbbell bench press and dumbbell flyes.
Its insertion is two-fold: First, the lower and larger portion of the gluteus maximus end with a thick tendon that passes through the greater trochanter (hip) into the iliotibial band.

It inserts on the deep surface of a radiated aponeurosis via a tendon that attaches to the anterior border of the greater trochanter. Think about it - you work your gluteals with extreme effort when you perform lunges, certain leg presses, deadlifts, glute presses, one-leg squats, and machine squats. If your butt has the potential to get larger, any gluteal-targeting exercise will work if you work it with effort.
Over-consuming calories, performing zero exercise, and, ironically, sitting on your ass too much will give you a larger but fatter ass. The question is, are you performing them properly (form and intensity) and using a variety of those movements within your lower body routines? For that rock-hard butt, pay attention to minimizing fat storage by refining your calorie intake.
He also trains clients through Pinnacle Personal & Performance Training in Chesterfield, Missouri.
Leg workouts help improve your cardiovascular exercise and lifting, which results in burning more calories, better endurance and improved core strength. You’ll fill out your jeans, feel stronger, and notice how it helps transform the rest of your body as well. Check it out, and see just how silly you look with your tiny legs supporting your otherwise giant and powerful frame. Surely over millions of years of evolution humans would of developed to not live in pain after procreation, so why would this happen?
Pain is actually an output from the brain in response to danger to warn us against what ever we are doing. On the flip side there are people who might feel pain in the finger of the hand that has been amputated years previously.
What once should of been information that was interpreted as safe and not needing a warning is now interpreted as danger and the result is a painful message to warn you. During the pregnancy itself there might even be damage done to the pelvic floor or abdominal wall via C-section. Treatment revolves around addressing any limitations with hands on Osteopathic techniques as well as using the True Stretch system to explore movements in a safe and comfortable environment that may be holding back a woman’s movement potential. I would suspect that her bone maturity is very unique, but possible due to cases I’ve found before. It was so funny because I would joke with my husband and ask him why was he getting shorter, thinking that as he got older he was shrinking.
There are no skeletal muscle fibers found in the breasts as they simply sit directly over the pectoralis muscles.
A study conducted in the University of Arizona back in 1985 confirmed this phenomenon in a 21 day study that used concentric and eccentric contractions with a specialized chest exercise machine. That being said, in cases of extreme under nutrition or calorie restriction as is often the case for athletes trying to get lean or individuals with eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia where there is a significant reduction of body-weight and body fat, the breasts, which have a high proportion of fat, will shrink.
Some women who are overweight see this increase in breast size as a positive attribute and are reluctant to exercise or diet for fear of reducing their bust size. And there is also the gluteal tuberosity between the vastus lateralis (a quadriceps muscle) and adductor magnus.
Your hip width is dependent on the width of your ilium, the largest and uppermost bone of your pelvis. Doing so will give your butt the greatest chance of becoming epic within the confines of your genetic endowment. So if you want to be a healthier person who gets more from you workouts, you need to lift weights and exercise your legs. Also why do new mums just accept that back pain is part of their life after children like there is nothing that can be done about it?
This means that the brain must first assess a lot of information coming from different parts of the body and sensory system before it can decide whether it needs to warn us with pain. All these processes are normal and evolution for the most part should have these under control. Once we have achieved increased range of motion we then train mums to be able to use this motion and their bodies properly again. This should mean that looser ligaments would do nothing for a women in average posture walking around in the privacy of their own home. To answer that I can honestly say that unless you plan on starving yourself  or using anabolic steroids, women have little to worry about in terms of their breasts getting smaller from weight training. After the three week program researchers found no changes whatsoever in the size, shape or volume of the breasts of the women participating after extensive scientific measurement. In the case of female bodybuilders- you see the dense muscle tissue in their chest area and no breasts and the assumption is erroneously made that somehow the weight training made their breasts go away.
For someone who is overweight to trim down to a lean and toned body, there will always be some loss of breast size- from the loss of body fat. Information can include stretch or compression information from soft tissues or joints, how fast we are accelerating or decelerating, whether we are stable, how we are feeling emotionally, where we are, whether we have had bad experiences doing things like this before and many other things.
Often people with an injury might move in a way to protect an area because they don’t want to injure it again, maybe they are scared to do a certain thing or believe that their body is now damaged goods or not strong enough for the task. The key to chronic back pain post pregnancy is what happens after the birth and this is what needs to change. Often the combination of the pregnancy, birth and changes in lifestyle due to the baby mean that women lose their ability to use all directions of motion efficiently which can lead to increases in stress and strain to the body and dysfunctional pain pathways that go on to become chronic. Weight training has nothing to do with it, as shrinkage comes from the reduction in body fat and nothing else. But keep in mind that weight training can help lift what remains and make you look better all round!
All this information goes up to the brain constantly and it is then collated and a decision is made: warning with pain, or no warning with no pain. Not to say that things shouldn’t be about caring for the baby but there also needs to be emphasis on looking after the mother. The Neuromatrix model for pain is incredibly complicated but a simplified version might look like this showing inputs and outputs from the brain. Unfortunately this is simply not the case and many women just don’t have any understanding of what they should be doing for themselves. I went to the doctor for an annual asked the nurse to check my height she said the same thing.
Not only does this often result in mums that don’t look after themselves physically but all that stress and anxiety plays its role in developing a heightened sense of danger that chronic back pain thrives in.
I asked her was it normal for someone to grow in their thirties she said no, but enjoy being taller.

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