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Way to unlock: You need to complete Main mission 30 (Scouting the Port) and, towards its end, decide for the Offshore attacks. Additional information: To steal the helicopter is not easy, because it is located in the military base and, after you walk into the base, a four-star pursuit will start. One of the entrances to the baseThe chopper that you are looking for is at Fort Zacundo located in the North-East portion of the map.
It is a way better idea to make it over to the base on a regular chopper and, to do that, you need to visit the airports seized by Trevor, located to the South-West of the Sandy Shores. Use the fury to make it easier to kill the soldiersRegardless of the variant, I recommend that you use Trevor's special skill combined, with a good weapon, to eliminate all of the enemies near the military chopper (Cargobob) and only then take a seat aboard.

The landing fieldTake off as soon as possible and fly towards the airport mentioned above, i.e. Requirements for the completion of the mission in 100%: Mission Time - You need to complete this mission within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. After you receive a text message from Wade, there will appear the Hs symbol on the world map, which marks the place where you can find the military cargo helicopter. What is even more, onboard the chopper, you will have to pay attention to the AA defense and the enemy combat helicopter.
If you want to get there by a vehicle, it is best to drive up there from the Northern side and cut through the security gate.

On your way to the helicopter pad, you will, obviously have to avoid soldiers or shoot at them. Try to maintain low altitude while flying and, right after you get over the military base, land the helicopter as close to the cargo helicopter as possible. There will be another military chopper that will chase after Trevor but, if you do not slow down for anything, you should not get hit (you can also increase your chances by maintaining a low altitude and by using, to your advantage, the nearby hills to hide behind).

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