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He might be right, because I often wondered, with all this sorting and purging and re-folding and re-hanging, why it still felt like I never had anything to wear.
I’m not proud of my bad habits, and I now realize how destructive those years of insatiable consumption really were. Amazingly enough, in the months since this drastic purge, I have honestly never been happier with my wardrobe. Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 300,000 subscribers in receiving regular updates!
Ok, so while my girl spend the night with grandma I totally tackled my closet after your inspirational post. By choosing the right closet or wardrobe that will suit your dressing room you can make sure that you have your home beautiful as always.
I came upon your blog from a mommy group I’m in (they posted the blog you wrote about minimalizing toys) and I really love it!
I loved this post, We are preparing to move to a new home and I plan on purging, pretty much the WHOLE house, soon.
Just found your blog today and I love it, especially the amazimg grace posts- i am a lisenced mental health counselor and I suffer from depression. Need A Product Review or Advertorial?Shopping Queen has been writing product reviews and product advertorials since 2008. Add storage, organization and style to your linen closet and bathroom with any of these DIY products from ClosetMaid. Subscribe for more videos - 1000s of Free Plans on my Website - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Closet storage can be stylish, economical and easy to make! Professional organizer Susan Stewart and owner of Perfectly Placed Organization and Design shows how to install an Easy Track closet organizer. ClosetMaid offers ideal storage and organization products for every bedroom closet in your home. I turned an old bookshelf into a closet with an IKEA Algot system adding drawers, shelves, and clothing rod.
This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor build a storage system for a walk-in closet.
Allison Oropallo of HGTV's All-American Handyman helps Anna and Shelly build an originally-designed 9'x11' shelving unit! More information and pictures will be on my blog soon twitter instagram show me your room or closet for a chance to be featured on my blog! Create a pretty and functional organized space with these awesome pegboard organization ideas! Closet Organization - DIY Closet Organization system that Hubby installed in our closets giving us much needed storage and organization!
Just before the baby was born last September I was in a panic to get a closet system in his room. Above: The PAX Wardrobe System can also be used without doors to create a custom walk-in closet. THANKS FOR WATCHING PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Products Used: HUGE THANKS to my good friend Lauren for the GIVEAWAY of her gorgeous Baby Doll PJ's.

I am notorious for having a messy closet so i thought my new organizational tips would help you guys out! View the many different variations of closet organizers that the Wooden You Shelving System offers. Products Used: SUBSCRIBE to my channel and for tons of organization, DIY ideas and fashion & beauty posts every week! This video shows the process of building a walk-in closet organizer by Kitchen & Closets Organizers. Our newsletter offers a weekly dose of inspiration & encouragement, and many of our readers tell us it is the highlight of their week! I have recently been losing some 3 baby weight ( and my oldest baby is 10) and over the past few weeks have been cleaning out my closet.
I saw this post about organizing your wardobe (on your sidebar) and it intrigued me – it is something I DEFINITELY need to do!
I kept some plastic hangers for line drying laundry because the fuzzy hangers are not waterproof. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of closet storage systems diy PDF plans, blueprints for closet storage systems diy and video instructions for closet storage systems diy, schematics and CAD drawings. Although we have his and hers closets my closet has a wall in the middle and thus I used Rubbermaid's 3 to 6 foot kit for mine and a 4 to 8 foot kit for my wife.
I'll make sure to comment, like, or retweet it ;) use the hash tag #BelindaSelene ________________________________________________ shop my collection belinda selene on markkit get 20% off your purchase using code BELINDALOVE ________________________________________________ Subscribe for more videos. And that can present a challenge when building shelves and also when cutting decorative molding. The main factors for their decision was they wanted quality materials, eco-friendly green products, lots of organization options, and furniture-like closet organizer, that offered DIY installation.
But one closet with limited shelving meant a messy mishmash of clothes and shoes for this Manhattan couple. Start your next project for diy closet shelf organizer with one of our many woodworking plans. These DIY closet organizers are designed to replace wire shelving with far more weight support, quality, and appeal.
In this video, I create a multi-functional organizer with a shoe shelf, closet rod, and cubbies. In today's video, I show you guys a bunch of DIY Organization and storage ideas for your room and closet since I was inspired while I was doing Spring Cleaning!
EZ SHELF by Tube Technology is great for Closets, Laundry Rooms, Pantries, Garages, Playrooms, Basements & much more! See more clever ideas at the Cluttered Closet home organization workshop by Jennifer Martel at the Auburn Public Library on May 10th at 6:30. I was thinking about the exact same thing this week and felt overwhelmed having to tackle my closet full of clothes. I’m constantly trying to pare down and donate, because we really do wear a very limited amount of our clothes.
The shelves are slatted to allow clothes to breathe and I used galvanized pipes for the closet rods.

As per the video, the kits are amazing when it comes to closet organization and I highly recommend them.
You can also update your closet using this method even if you don't own a wire closet to add your personal style often. With $200 and some type-A organizational skills, The Daily transformed the confusion into balance. If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably already seen the sneak peek of this bad boy! No Cutting, No Flimsy Wires, Unbeatable Strength, High End Design, only the best closet organizers out there today!
I need to purge more but I like the idea of only having a certain amount of hangers and that’s that.
I feel blessed to have such compassionate kids who would be will (and have) to give the toy out of their hand to a kid who doesn’t have. The FastTrack series in my opinion is not as good based on experience and thus I highly recommend the HomeFree Series. My husband helped me install the crown moulding and the final drawer fronts - but the rest was designed and built by moi'. To increase the storage space for sewing and knitting supplies, I built this shelving system that turns the closet into more of a room alcove. Now, there's enough room for her shoes, her dresses, her belts and, you know, his stuff too. I built this awesome shoe storage cabinet and it's the first piece in an entire modular closet storage system! The thing that really helped me out for my small closet is the closet rod I got from bed bath and beyond! We took the doors off and added a window treatment, so it always has to look nice and organized! One of the metal hooks came out of the hanger, but otherwise we have been really pleased with them. My hang up is that I enjoy having a wide variety, but hate making decisions about what to wear.
I’m thinking about a hanger or item count and a couple of storage totes for somethings I really like, but are just a little too snug. Soon, I will be moving into a space where the closet is much smaller and I need to be OK with having much less.
I now find myself donating most of the things in MY closet, (as they were cheap or unfashionable to begin with).

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