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Yamaha sz- 150cc bike launched: 2011 yamaha szr 150 bike, With 2011 just round the corner, yamaha india is has added a sportier version of the sz-x to its portfolio. Hero honda cbz xtreme - 2011 () - bikeadvice., It’s been many days since we heard something from hero honda in terms of new launches. A MILLIONAIRE accused of masterminding a plot to murder his wife on their honeymoon, used a German sadomasochistic master for sex three times and asked to stay at his house, a court has heard in an explosive day of trial in South Africa. The court heard details of how Bristol businessman Dewani, 34, used German “master” Leopold Leisser for sex and filled out a form detailing his preference for fetishes and level of experience, the Daily Telegraph reports. It included his wishes to be forced to lick boots and be dominated, revealed he was experienced in taking “poppers’ and interested in foot worship and using hoods and masks. The Bristol businessman is accused of orchestrating a plot to kill his wife while on their honeymoon in November 2010.
Prosecutors allege Dewani conspired with three others to have the taxi they were travelling in hijacked, before his wife’s body was discovered the next day.

However Mr Leisser’s evidence was interrupted by Judge Traverso after the defence questioned its relevance. The dramatic day is the latest in a series of bizarre twists in the case which has gripped headlines in the UK.Earlier, the court heard the couple were “acting” while pretending to be in love at their wedding.
Meanwhile, one of the men convicted for the murder, Xolile Mngeni, has died in jail of a brain tumour while serving a life sentence.Two other men, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Zola Tongo are also serving life sentences for the killing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Kualalumpurpost and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is the horrifying moment a couple who rode through a red light on their tricycle were hit and sent flying by car which killed them. Authorities have released the graphic photograph in attempt to shock people into following traffic laws in Linhai, in the Zhejiang province, China. In the photograph their bodies are captured being hurtled into the air after they are hit by a car, as reported in Daily mail.

The tricycle which they were riding was completely destroyed and neither Mou or his wife survived the crashed. Their case is based around trying to portray Mr Dewani as a man trapped into a heterosexual marriage he didn’t want. She ordered him to stand down while she took time to consider whether it needed to be heard.

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