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The Pixel Dimensions section tells us exactly how many pixels our image is made of, but it has nothing to do with the size the image will print. Let's see what happens when I try to change the print size of the photo to 8x10" using the Image Size dialog box, which is normally what we use when resizing images. With the Crop Tool selected, if you look up in the Options Bar at the top of the screen, you'll see a Width and Height option where you can enter in the exact width and height you need, along with the type of measurement (inches, centimeters, pixels, etc).
Once you've entered the exact size you need, simply click inside your image and drag out a cropping border. And just like that, I've successfully cropped my image to a 10x8" without distorting it.
If your screen resolution makes screen items too small to view comfortably, you can increase the DPI to compensate. Some programs might not operate properly unless you restart the computer after changing display settings.
In the main Gimp window (the one with your picture displayed) select Image from the top menu, and then Scale Image… from the drop-down list.
Now use the up or down arrow(s) in the Width: box to increase or decrease the size of your picture. I’m just getting started with using Gimp, so thanks for that handy workout, my next problem is resizing the canvas without scaling the image as well, but im getting there.
Thanks, for the moment i don’t like very much GIMP but things may change in the future, once i learn more about how to use it.
By doing the same thing but scaling by a number greater than 100% and making sure JPEG compression is set at 100.
The image thumbnail size in Windows 7 is just small to understand images by looking at the thumbnail.

To change the thumbnail image size in Windows 7 you need to do some simple changes to its registry editor.
1) Click on the start button and click on Run to open Run dialog box (0r) Press and hold Windows key and press R key to open Run dialog box. 4) Select Explorer, to the right hand side you should see an entry named ThumbnailSize double click on it. 5) Now double click on the ThumbnailSize entry and set the value you want between 32 and 256. In this Photoshop tutorial, we're going to look at how to easily crop a photo to whatever frame size you need. Since the photo was taken with an 8MP camera, getting a professional quality 8x10" print from it shouldn't be a problem. To view or change the photo's print size, we need to turn to the Document Size section of the dialog box.
Since my photo is in landscape mode (meaning the width is larger than the height), I'm actually going to want a 10x8" photo, so I'll change the Width value in the Document Size section to 10 inches. The area inside the border is the part of the photo you'll be keeping, and everything outside the border (which appears darker) will be cropped away. It is recommended that you create a backup of Windows Registry, to know how to back up Registry click here. Close Registry Editor and go to a folder that contains images to see larger image thumbnails. I want to make sure I don't distort the aspect ratio of the image when I resize it, so I'm going to select the Constrain Proportions option at the bottom of the dialog box, which tells Photoshop to change the height of the image automatically according to the new width value I've entered.
The original dimensions of the photo won't allow us to resize it to a 10x8" without distorting the look of the image, which we don't want to do.

You'll notice as you drag that the shape of your border is now fixed, and that's because we set the aspect ratio of the border when we entered the exact width and height we needed into the Options Bar.
Though the Gimp is not a Linux specific program, it is included as the default image editing software in Ubuntu. This is not GIMP’s fault, as it is an unavoidable result of having a limited amount of data to start with. Instead of opening one photo after another just change the thumbnail image size such that you can make out the images at a glance. I'm going to open Photoshop's Image Size dialog box by going up to the Image menu at the top of the screen and choosing Image Size. That's certainly a decent size photo, but I probably wouldn't have much luck finding a frame that fits it.
The only thing we can do is adjust the overall size of the border by dragging any of the four corner handles. If I want to print the image and frame it, I'll first need to resize it to a standard frame size, like 8x10". All I want to do is change the print size to 10x8", but if I change the width value, the height is wrong, and if I change the height value, the width is wrong! We forget about the Image Size dialog box and instead, we crop the photo to the exact size we want!

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