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I’m much better at having sex then I am at writing, but as a male porn star I do know ALL the tricks a guy can use to increase his stamina quickly. However, when you extend the foreplay SIGNIFICANTLY then your sexual excitement has time to come back down to a threshold far below at which you come. 7 – 8 You are rock hard but totally in control and not yet coming, and not about to unless you are further turned on.
That way, by the time you do penetrate her, it’s not AS big of a deal to you as it would have been before.
So by tripling the amount of foreplay and becoming more used to being naked with her, you are able to penetrate her when you are around 7-8 on your ladder… which means it will automatically take you longer to come!
IMPORTANT: DO NOT go insider of her until you are no longer feeling like you will pop as soon as you do. You can control when you come while you are watching porn so you can control when you come when you are inside her, and this is the first step! Many guys are so focused on NOT cumming that they do what they think is the right move and think about something else.
When you need to lower your arousal so you can last longer, simply do the 2 things below and you’ll find yourself with increased staying power.
A few deep breathes (done quietly) do wonders for calming the nerves and keeping your soldier on the battefield.

Those 2 techniques will allow you to stop having to distract yourself and put you back into the moment where you can not only LAST… but also enjoy it! The 3rd Tip for Doubling Your Stamina Tonight is a simple one: If you are at all worried you are going to come too fast, pull out and go down on her.
I know this sounds simple, but you’ll be amazed at just how much this little exercise allows you to last longer. I hope you enjoyed these tips, and most importantly, I hope you USE THEM to last longer with your girl.
Return must be in 100% brand new unopened condition (sealed original manufacturer packaging). With a long foreplay session (whether it be you going down on her, her going down on you, or just extended kissing and rubbing) you are going to PRIME her for a foreplay orgasm and then multiple orgasms during penetration. Maybe they will think about baseball, a tv show, or anything NON sexual in the hopes of lasting longer. You want to enjoy sex like a normal dude not have to distract yourself like a chode in the hopes of lasting long enough!
What’s going to happen is that once you have done this a few times you are going to KNOW that anytime you need to you can save yourself by going down on her.
And when you combine it with the other 2 secrets I shared with you, and a little practice, you’ll be lasting 30 minutes or more before you know it!

In it I share all of my secrets for getting it up, keeping it up, giving your girl the most powerful orgasms of her life! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Women love it, and they will love it even more when doing this helps you last long enough to make her cum like CRAZY.
You can keep the foreplay going as long as you need to and just be sure that when you do enter her you are no HIGHER than the arousal level you are at when you are watching a porno!
After a few times you’ll stop having to pull out and go down on her as you KNOW this will work and that alone takes all pressure off of you.
Keep your pace slower and your breathing deep as long as you need, and then pick the pace back up when YOU are ready!

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