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Internet Explorer 11 includes accessibility settings to help all users, including those with disabilities, move around the Internet easier, see webpages more clearly, and access information quicker.
For better visibility of webpages, you can change the fonts, font sizes, text, and background colors.
Make everything on a webpage easier to see by zooming in or by enlarging the whole page—including images and text.
With a webpage open in Internet Explorer, press Ctrl+Plus sign (+) to zoom in, or press Ctrl+Minus sign (-) to zoom out. Or, open Internet Explorer for the desktop, swipe in from the upper-right edge of the screen, tap or click Settings (If you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Settings). While viewing Internet Explorer in the desktop, tap or click the Tools button at the top of the window, tap or click Zoom, and then select Zoom in, or Zoom out, or the desired percentage. You can increase or decrease the font size on a webpage to make it more legible in Internet Explorer for the desktop. To make webpages easier to see, you can change the font type and size, and the foreground and background colors that are used to display webpages.
With an Internet Explorer window open on the desktop, tap or click Internet Options from the Tools menu. Accessibility—to make Internet Explorer ignore colors, font styles, and font sizes used on webpages, or to format webpages using your own style sheet.
There, for each color that you want to change, tap or click the color box, and choose from the available options.

You can quickly move around the web by using one key and one key combination: Tab or Shift+Tab.
You can use the keyboard keys Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, the arrow keys, and Tab to navigate through the buttons, content, and text entry fields on most webpages. To use Caret browsing, tap or click the Tools menu, tap or click File, and then tap or click Caret browsing. Internet Explorer 11 has several options you can use to make your screen reader function more effectively. When I was testing Windows 10 preview builds, I noticed that Microsoft decreased the font size of titlebar text in a few preview builds. But I was surprised to see that Microsoft didn't fix the titlebar text size and the final RTM build of Windows 10 still comes with small text in all programs titlebars. That's the standard, the titlebar text should be larger than the size of contents of a window or a page or anything else after all its the title. Actually in Windows 10, Microsoft has set the font size of titlebar text to 9 which is also the font size of other items such as menus, icons, tool tips, etc. If the option is grayed out, setting the Custom Scaling size to 100% and logging off and on again should enable it.
If you use a touch-enabled computer, you will swipe and tap to navigate rather than pressing keys and clicking options and icons with the mouse pointer.
You can also zoom in on a webpage to enlarge it or zoom out to see more of the page on screen.

Tap or click Options, and then under Appearance, move the Zoom slider to increase or decrease zoom. You can also specify the color used for links in webpages, and override colors used on webpages.
With these keys you can quickly navigate through links that are text or images, text fields on website forms, hotspots on image maps, the Address bar, the Tabs bar, and HTML frames.
On the Advanced tab under Internet Options, select options under Accessibility, Browsing, and Multimedia. First I thought that it was done for testing purposes only and Microsoft will reset the default titlebar text size in future builds or at least in the final RTM version of Windows 10. Now click on "Advanced display settings" link and then click on "Advanced sizing of text and other items" link. Now under "Change only the text size" section, keep "Title bars" item selected and select 10 or 11 from the size drop-down box. Is there any way to center the title bar text on Windows 10 just like on Windows 8.1, atleast just on the Win32 applications only. But, there's even more you can do with keyboard shortcuts to save time and effort, see Internet Explorer 11 keyboard shortcuts.

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