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The first step to saving money is to set a goal – whether it is establishing an emergency fund, buying a car or house, or getting out from under your debts. The cities of Port Isabel and South Padre Island experienced an increase in sales tax receipts collected in the month of July.
The first thing I want to cover for increasing your revenue is going over the tax benefits you get for owning your own online business. Communication expenses - your phone to call prospects whether it is a home phone or a cell phone - your internet connection bill, faxing fees.
Home office repair - you should designate one room in your house to be your home office (whatever the square footage of that room to the rest of your house can be deducted). Business education - if you take a class online to learn about making money online and pay $20, it can be written off. Utility expenses - Once again this will be whatever the percentage of your home office square footage is to the rest of your home. Postage expenses - you need to mail an application to a prospect, this cost you money, it is a business expense. Here is my main sign up bonus page which was specifically designed to help you make free money online. Their are other great affiliate sites out their, but these are good enough to get you started.
When visiting these sites, look for the word Affiliates, which is where you want to sign up. To prove that these free affiliate networks really do pay their affiliates, you can check out the payment proofs of a couple of them.
One important aspect of any business is to make sure you are always building your self development skills.
How to increase income from your website by taking advantage of Google Adsense and free Affiliate Networks. Based in the USA, Pennies for Peace is a fun service program. It educates children about how they can make a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time. The problem was the P4P needed to increase the number of subscribers, benefactors and registered schools in order to increase donations.
They approached us when they needed regular email and social communication that would increase subscribers. So we crafted messaging and communication campaigns that increase the number of people interested in P4P. Last year, we discussed the advent of health plan spousal exclusion policies, the challenges these policies create, and an alternative method to consider.
Many of our readers work for employers that maintain one or more locations in Montgomery County, Maryland. Employers with 5 or more employees must provide paid sick leave and employers with fewer than 5 employees must provide certain paid leave and certain unpaid sick leave as more fully described below.
Employer means any person or entity operating and doing business in the County that employs 1 or more persons in the County in addition to the owners.
Employee means any person working for an employer in the County, including a domestic worker.
Employees shall accrue at least one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours an employee works in the County.
Employers with fewer than 5 employees are not required to allow an employee to earn more than 32 hours of paid sick leave and 24 hours of unpaid sick leave or use more than 80 hours of paid or unpaid sick leave in a calendar year. An employer may provide an employee with the full amount of sick leave an employee would earn in a calendar year at the beginning of a calendar year. Unless the employer awards the full amount of sick leave at the beginning of the year, sick leave is carried over to the following calendar year except that no employer is required to carry over more than 56 hours of sick leave. Upon the oral or written request of an employee, leave can be taken for one’s own needs or to attend to the needs of a family member, for the diagnosis or treatment of a physical or mental condition, preventive care services, or the closure of business or school due to a public health emergency.
The employee shall give an employer notice of the need to use sick leave, as soon as practicable. An employer may not require, as a condition of an employee’s taking sick time, that the employee search for or find a replacement worker to cover the hours during which the employee is absent. Notice may be given by posting the notice in a conspicuous and accessible area at each work location, in an employee handbook, or distributing the notice when an employee is hired.
In addition to the above notice requirements, employers are obligated to keep three years of records regarding each employee’s accrual and use of leave. Thus, I suggested that my essay instead focus on the ACA chores employers should complete this summer.
As we discussed earlier this year, if the Cadillac Tax forecast provided via IRS Notice 2015-16 proves accurate, it’s not difficult to predict the impact to most employer sponsored plans, beginning in 2018.
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) will go away. Most employers will eventually need to drop all health plans except for Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHPs). However, regarding #2, even if pre-tax employee HSA contributions via the Section 125 Plan are discontinued, employers may allow employees to continue contributing on an after-tax basis to their HSAs.
In Part 2 of this series, Jim presents a number of case studies which explore the benefit of business analytics.

Most businesses rely on a variety of software programs to manage different aspects of the operation — each generating its own data set. ShareGiven the impact and complexity of Maryland House Bill 552, we are posting our compliance practice’s full summary of this new law, below.
A medical stop–loss insurer may not issue, renew, deliver, or offer a policy or contract of medical stop–loss insurance, if the policy or contract has a specific attachment point of less than $22,500 or an aggregate attachment point of less than 120% of expected claims. Disclose to the small employer prior to entering into a policy or contract for medical stop-loss insurance the total costs of the policy or contract, the dates the policy or contract takes effect and terminates, the provisions for renewal, the aggregate attachment points, and any limitations on coverage. Exclude any employee or dependent from a policy or contract on the basis of an actual or expected health status-related factor or condition. Policies issued on or before May 31, 2015, including the renewal of such policies after that date are grandfathered as long as the specific attachment point is not less than $10,000 and aggregate attachment point is not less than 115% of expected claims. Small employer means an employer that, during the preceding calendar year, employed an average of not more than 50 employees if the preceding calendar year ended on or before January 1, 2016 or 100 employees if the preceding calendar year ended after January 1, 2016. This Act shall remain in effect until June 30, 2018 and with no further action required by the General Assembly, this Act shall be abrogated and of no further force and effect. ShareIf you’re an employer that’s subject to ACA Shared Responsibility, have you finalized your strategy for preparing and filing the new IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C? This entry was posted in Affordable Care Act, Employee Benefits on May 28, 2015 by Zack Pace.
ShareI’m excited to report that Employee Benefit News invited me to write a monthly article for their readership.
To provide context to these questions, I shared a recent conversation I had with my first cousin.
This entry was posted in Employee Benefits, Self-Funded Plans on May 12, 2015 by Zack Pace. Stress is one of the key factors in most unhealthy individuals and financial tension can be one of the leading causes of stress. Delivering unbiased financial education that is focused on changing employees’ financial habits and behaviors, and helping them make informed financial decisions and create strong financial plans. Holistic and comprehensive, meaning that it covers all aspects of financial planning, from serious debt issues to advanced estate planning and wealth protection, so the program can help all employees in a workforce, not just those who fall into a certain demographic.
Personalized and employee focused so that the programs start with the employees’ financial issues and provide guidance around their specific needs, rather than attempting to simply educate them on financial terms or specific financial services. Participants of these programs pay off credit card debt, increase their contributions to their retirement plan, set up an emergency savings account, and even start saving additional money in IRA’s.
In conclusion, employers who believe in and sponsor wellness programs should immediately consider adding a financial wellness component if they are not already doing so. This entry was posted in Employee Benefits, Retirement, Wellness on April 28, 2015 by CBIZ Mid-Atlantic.
Then make reaching that goal a priority and map out your strategy for achieving your objective. Set an amount and have it automatically transferred from your checking account into an interest-bearing savings account. Many employees turn down free money from their employer by not signing up for a work-related retirement program such as a 401(k). Whether money is always in short supply, or you are facing an unexpected expense, you aren’t alone in dealing with tight budgets.
Growing your money is a smart way to increase your savings, or save for a specific purchase. This is up from Port Isabel’s 2.72 percent decline in sales tax collections reported during the month of June.
If you host a party for your clients and pay for everything, up to 50% of that can be written off.
You have to pay $3.00 toll to get somewhere to meet your prospect or you have to pay for parking to meet your prospect. You pay a CPA to do this and it costs you $200, which can be written off against your income. It includes your, security system, electricity, sewage, gas, water, and waste management bills. The way Google Adsense works is Advertisers pay Google to get targeted hits to the websites they are advertising. In fact, you can actually make over $1,000 in free signup bonuses by signing up with these websites. These are all free to become an affiliate with and usually pay you for getting free leads and more for prospects that actually buy the product you are advertising.
Add their banners and links to your website and it will greatly increase the revenue your website brings in! Thus, we are posting our compliance practice’s full summary of the county’s new Earned Sick and Safe Leave law, below.
Employers with 5 or more employees are not required to allow an employee to earn more than 56 hours of sick leave in a calendar year or use more than 80 hours of sick leave in a calendar year. In addition, leave can be taken for medical or psychological services, relocation services, victim advocacy or other legal services that may be needed as a result of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.
An employer may require an employee who uses more than 3 consecutive days of sick leave to provide reasonable documentation to verify the leave was used appropriately.

Upon mutual consent between employer and employee, an employee may work additional hours or trade shifts to make up hours instead of using sick leave. Employers must also provide employees with a written statement of earned sick leave each time wages are paid or maintain a system where employees may access their own earned leave balances.
These records may be inspected by the Executive Director of the Office of Human Rights upon notice to the employer. Burwell Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidy opinion, CBIZ asked me to write an essay summarizing the decision’s impact for employers. In my travels, I’ve received many questions from employers about the mechanics and benefits of this available arrangement. Analytics, prediction, and visualization all aid in helping business leaders make key decisions for their companies. Big data describes the increasing volume and detail of information captured by a business’ legacy systems as well as social and multi-media information. Her favorite physician had dropped out of the network, and she called asking for my advice.
We are all familiar with them — if you meet certain criteria during the year, it typically results in discounts to your insurance premiums and it gives employees a better understanding of their current health situation.
As someone who preaches financial wellness on a daily basis, it is not a surprise to me that this concept is starting to gain traction.
Pairing this with an advice component can make for a comprehensive program, but solely having financial representatives sell employees insurance, mutual funds, or manage their assets is not a financial wellness benefit. Also, the program should integrate all employer benefits and providers so it is a seamless program from an employee perspective. Employers would never expect employees to exercise once or eat their vegetables for a week and immediately improve their health. A lot of the same reasons an employer would start a wellness initiative apply to financial wellness programs. The impact from these programs can be felt immediately and are valued by the employees who use them.
Increase your savings by opening a savings account that pays interest, so your money makes money.
Keeping track of your expenses will help you identify spending you can cut, and help you stick to your budget. 11 edition of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here.
I am not a tax specialist or advisor, but I do want to make sure you know what you can deduct so every dollar you make is fully yours.
If you paint your house and your home office is 10% of your entire home - 10% of your painting cost can be written off. Your auto responder with Get Response can be written off because you need it to advertise your business. There are so many business opportunities out there that cost you money to signup with them.
An employer may prohibit an employee from using sick leave during an initial 90-day probationary period. However, I pointed out that my colleague Karen McLeese had already accomplished that task in ten words. In this sense, big data describes the collection and analysis of information to make better management decisions. Most of these programs show great results and ROI for the groups that are dedicated to the programs and encourage their employees to participate. Employees who bring their financial woes to work with them tend to be less productive, less engaged, and even raise employer health care costs.
Educating your employees and helping them reduce financial induced stress has a tremendous impact to the employer’s bottom line. Contact your benefits consultant to find out if a financial wellness solution is right for you and your company.
So let's say your site gets over an average of 1000 hits a day, out of those hits 10 people click on the Google ads on your site. That is why I wanted to offer this website to show you the free sites that you are able to sign up with and not take any money out of your pocket! The topic seemed to resonate with readers as it was the #1 most read Employee Benefit News column for some time.
If employers who offer a wellness program really want to maximize ROI, they may want to consider a financial wellness program to complement their initiative. Financial wellness programs, by nature, provide multiple channels and ongoing access to financial coaching so that employees have the support and accountability they need to not only make one-time changes, but ultimately develop financial habits and behaviors that become part of their lifestyles. Here is a link to a study that was conducted to measure the ROI & impact of implementing a financial wellness program. I just want to make sure that you are aware that your financial education is a must for success.

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