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All too often, we abdicate our marketing to the newspaper ad salesman, the yellow pages, or the graphic artist.
Social Studies is an incredible subject that allows teachers to differentiate instruction in multiple ways to help reach students with different learning abilities and interests. Below, are simple explanations and examples to help you differentiate instruction in the social studies classroom. Differentiated instruction is when students work at different levels of ability or with different interests while working with the same information or content.
Leveling helps teachers differentiate instruction by focusing on the ability levels within a classroom. With levels, teachers can develop appropriate rigor for all of their students. Learning styles help teachers differentiate instruction by focusing on how a student learns or what their interests. You can download my Multiple Intelligence test to help you find out which Multiple Intelligences your students have for FREE! Enrichment can help social studies teachers differentiate instruction for students who are advanced in either their ability level or to those students who have retained the content. Many Social Studies teachers will have their students do a bell ringer or a question of the day at the beginning of the class in order to focus the students on the content of the day or to review the content from the day before. Try using the Multiple Intelligence Theory to make the work sessions more interesting to students. 2. Graphic organizers can also differentiate instruction by using the leveled approach because they can help students simplify and organize information. 3. The third way to differentiate instruction with graphic organizers is to use it for remediation while other students who have mastered the content do enrichment activities. Click on the links below to read some of my blog articles about differentiated instruction. Even when we develop it our selves, our message can become mixed depending on our mood or the problem of the day. Too many tactics without an overriding strategy can send you in too many directions without ever getting any traction. A pretest should be used at the beginning of a unit to decide which level of rigor should be used to help each student gain the required knowledge. To differentiate instruction using the leveling approach, the social studies teacher can create two different ability levels of the PowerPoint mini-lesson using the same content. To differentiate instruction for a social studies PowerPoint mini-lesson using learning styles or the Multiple Intelligence Theory the social studies teacher must teach the content traditionally first then use different learning styles or the Multiple Intelligence Theory for repetition and review.
If social studies teachers want to differentiate instruction even more during mini-lesson notes, they can create two different levels of note sheets.
I like to use a three column chart which has the vocabulary word on the far left column, the definition in the middle and an option to use the word in a sentence correctly, draw a picture representing the word or relate it to self.

Allow them to choose out of 3 or 4 different activities based on different multiple intelligences. Click here to find out more. Use a leveled writing system to help bring your lower students up while still challenging advanced writers. Your business card, pamphlets, website, presentations, and even your communication with your employees should carry the same message. For instance, as you go through a PowerPoint or a mini-lesson these students should be allotted time to review with a partner after each piece of content is given.
Teachers can use multimedia, songs, art, connections to other material, connect to self, partner talk, writing, or have students use their bodies.
The enriched note sheets should allow students to write the notes in their own words to increase critical thinking and college prep. Teachers can differentiate instruction by giving students more or less critical thinking in the question depending on their ability level or try to change up the question by using either the Multiple Intelligence Theory or learning styles. The definition section uses leveling to differentiate instruction. A teacher can provide the entire definition to the lower ability level, slotted for middle ability level, and none for the highest ability level. Another way you can level is by providing the main content to the basic students and then have them fill in the word. Social studies teachers should go into more details as well as include more critical thinking for the enriched version.
The basic level note sheet should have students filling in the blanks to practice good note taking skills and help them focus on the most important content within the mini-lesson.
This can be as simple as allowing them to choose whether they work alone (intrapersonal) or with a partner (interpersonal).
The high ability level should be able to write the definition in their own words, challenging them. The enriched students should be provided the word and then fill in the content that goes with it which uses more critical thinking.
The lowest level could be working on writing a topic sentence and listing three facts while a higher leveled ability student could be working on the elaboration of a paragraph. The basic version should include the basic information that students are required to know in the most simple form. You can use the same strategies if you give students a quick reading assignment with questions at the end in order to introduce them to the content. The middle will be able to focus enough to write the missing words in and will be directed to the most important parts of the definition. The lowest level might have trouble reading the definition and that will be challenging enough for them.

You should decrease the level depending on the amount and types of structural mistakes that are made.
I have the lower ability students talk to a partner of a higher ability level to help them with the questions as I walk around the class to make sure they can put it in their own words.
If a co-teacher is in the room, they can use parallel teaching to present the social studies differentiated instruction PowerPoint mini-lesson. The far right column with the options will not only interest students and give them more responsibility for their own education due to choice, but also challenge each and every one of them. If there are not structural mistakes, you can increase the level by allowing them to create essays or they can continue to do paragraph writing depending on the assignment. It is most helpful if an alternate room is available and the class is able to be split up using both teachers to present the content. I created a leveled writing system that can help you differentiate instruction for your students. The higher ability level students are challenged because many times they have to reteach the content to the lower ability level students.
The social studies teacher can teach the basic level first and allow the students who will be enriched to begin on their work sessions.
This will only work if the students were assigned a homework assignment that introduced them to the content the night before. Once the teachers are done presenting the basic version, they can present the enriched version. Another option is to have the students who are to get the enriched level of the PowerPoint mini-lesson go through the PowerPoint mini-lesson on their own with either a computer or a tablet. It is important to note that a pretest of some sort must be given in order to group students correctly.
An example of a leveled PowerPoint slide is provided below; the enriched version is on the top and the basic version is on the bottom. The PowerPoint below shows more detail for the enriched version (top) and simplified information for the basic version (bottom).

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