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The basic structure of the male breast differs from female breast by quantity and quality of the glandular tissue. The ideal male breast should consist mainly of developed pectoral muscle with a minimal amount of adipose (fat) and glandular (breast) tissue.
The pectoralis muscle is a fan-shape voluntary muscle that extends from the ribs into the femur bone of the upper arm. Because the pectoralis muscle is the main component of the ideal male chest, the surgeon should avoid penetration into the muscle or muscle excision and should stay above the muscle fascia during any male breast reduction procedure. I have found that typically the glandular tissue extends medially, which I refer to as the head? of the gynecomastia.
The major bulk of the breast tissue is located under the nipple-areola complex and it varies in thickness from 0.25 to 2 inches in depth and one to five inches in diameter.
The elasticity of the skin and the thickness of subcutaneous tissue are important to the final outcome of gynecomastia surgery.
Depending on the amount of excess skin and the breast shape, in same cases a skin reduction procedure may be required. For these and others cases I have developed my own surgical technique, the Natural Blend Technique, to minimize the scar and improve the overall results. Hard - This type of adipose tissue contains more fibrous tissue and therefore is more difficult to liposuction and results in increased bleeding. Soft? - This is usually seen in overweight people and is usually easer to liposuction and results in less bleeding.
The glandular tissue can be easily distinguished from the adipose tissue by its white glistering color versus the yellowish color of the fatty tissue. All of the above factors of the anatomy, pathology, and physiology of the individual patient will influence the choice of strategy in remedying this condition and the outcome of surgery. Retrieve eggs through minor surgical procedure that involves a hollow needle through the pelvic cavity. Structural Chiropractic care is all about finding and correcting structural shifts of the spine that are causing neurological obstructions.
A recent case study was performed that examined ten published papers relating to infertility issues. Finding and correcting the structural shifts causing neurological obstructions may facilitate changes that result in improved function and physiology of the reproductive system and result in successful pregnancies and birth. At Pinnacle Chiropractic, our passion is helping children and families to achieve optimal health and wellness.
Are you looking for a Structural Chiropractor for you or your family in the Sarasota, FL area? Our MissionPinnacle Chiropractic is a structural chiropractic health center based in Sarasota, Florida.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Any accidental penetration to the chest muscle will result in significantly increased bleeding and therefore increase the amount of scar tissue and adhesion that may manifest themselves with irregularity of the male breast skin (like dimples and lines).
Usually the male breast contains small amounts of glandular tissue that are located beneath the nipple areola complex. The Natural Blend Technique is a method of minimizing the scar while maximizing the excision of glandular (breast) tissue and fat. In my experience areola reduction surgery is almost never required and in more then 90% of the gynecomastia patient the areola will contract spontaneously when the surgery is done correctly. I use my own technique that leaves minimal scar tissue and greatly improves the shape and size of the nipple. In large fatty breast and in significantly over weight people, the fatty tissue may infiltrate the glandular tissue and in some cases may even infiltrate the pectoralis muscle.
All glandular tissue removed from the breast during surgery is sent to a pathology laboratory for examination to confirm the benign nature of the tissue. There is spread to the medial surface of the thighs but not above the base of the inverse triangle. Women may have mild cramping, bloating, constipation, and breast tenderness following the IVF procedure.
If there are neurological obstructions with the nerves going to women’s reproductive organs, this could cause dysfunction of those organs and cause infertility issues. In nine of the cases, structural chiropractic adjustments allowed the woman to conceive with no further medical treatments.
A nervous system free of neurological obstructions will function much better than a nervous system with the neurological obstructions. Our mission is to provide the most effective and precise structural chiropractic care that restores function and prevents further breakdown of the body.
Like any voluntary muscle, the pectorals can be developed by extensive use and exercise (an example of this being bodybuilding and weight training).
The lateral extension toward the armpit is what I refer to as the tail? of the gynecomastia. In order to prevent recurrence only about one-quarter to one-third of an inch of thickness should be preserved. Of paramount importance is the need to excise the glandular and adipose tissue in specific locations so as to create proportional harmony and thus blend in with the rest of the chest and the body. In many of these cases the adipose tissue may also infiltrate the armpits and therefore liposuction of the armpits may be beneficial. This stage is difficult to quantitate on black and white photographs, particularly when pictures are of fair-haired subjects.

Infertility is defined as the inability for a couple to conceive after one year of regular unprotected intercourse.
Some serious side effects are heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, fever, and blood in urine. Their pregnancy histories included: one natural childbirth, two miscarriages, two failed in vitro fertilizations and three failed artificial inseminations.
This case study concludes that structural chiropractic care is a great initial step in addressing fertility issues. Please help us share our passion and share this article with anyone that you know that has fertility issues.
Doing so will give the male chest, including the areola-nipple complex, a flat shape rather than the pyramid shape that defines women's breasts.
A thorough exam would be able to detect if any neurological obstructions are present with the nerves going to the reproductive organs. Would you like to know if you or your child is a candidate for structural chiropractic care? While excising the glandular tissue those two extensions (the head and the tale of the gynecomastia) have to be removed in order to try to prevent recurrence of this condition. In this article I will discuss the medical way of helping those with infertility issues and how structural chiropractic care could be a natural solution to infertility issues. The women became pregnant within a period of 1-20 months after beginning structural chiropractic care. He enjoys writing about the benefits of structural chiropractic and disease prevention strategies.
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Due to the low body fat level in body builders and athletes, the sliver of glandular tissue that remains after the surgery can be even thinner.
Because of their well-defined pectoralis muscles, this small remnant of glandular tissue is enough to preserve the flatness of the areola and prevent concavity. The contents of this site are not intended to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease, and The Brace Shop makes no recommendations of any kind or character as to any products offered for sale. See your health professional for specific medical advice and assistance in purchasing any product found on our sites. Please also refer to the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" provisions which apply to all purchases.

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