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Peruvian Maca is an ancient herb which was authenticated by the nature-loving members of the Inca tribe. The root of the herb when mashed often gives out a butter-scotch-like aroma, and is often sprinkled on food for its flavor. Libido Maca was used by the people of Peru thousands of years ago to increase the male libido. According to the Inca tribe, the roots of maca are considered helpful in enhancing stamina and also in increasing the feeling of sexual desire in men. Apart from boosting the potency of the male libido, the herb is also effective in solving fertility problems in men. Today, Maca is used by amateur and professional athletes to increase their stamina and endurance. Female Health Even though Maca has been predominantly used to increase energy levels and to solve fertility problems in men, the herb also plays some positive roles for the female health as well.
Additionally, it is also claimed that the herb balances the hormonal levels in women during the menopausal phase.
Since maca can be used to balance the hormonal levels in the body, the herb has been used to solve acne due to hormonal imbalance.
Maca is also associated with the treatment of anemia also known as ‘tired blood’ among some ancient users. Maca is also used by some to relieve the symptoms of mild depression without getting the side effects associated with commercial anti-depressants. Dosage levels Typically, taking 500 mg of Maca two times per day is considered an ideal dose.
With maca, herbalists usually prefer starting with a low and divided dose as the herb is highly potent. Side Effects, Overdose & Other Considerations It is essential that the exact dosage of maca is followed to get the maximum benefits. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for beginners as it is low-impact, but can still give you a great workout and sculpt your body.
If you combine a 30 to 45 minutes swimming workout with a healthy diet, you may achieve your weight-loss goals and also increase your muscle mass to give you a lean, firm and defined body. The most basic swimming stroke is sidestroke that is performed while lying sideways in the water and this is one of the difficult swimming exercises for beginners.

While doing this, one arm is extended straight out above the shoulder and moves the arms backward and forward simultaneously. Among all the strokes, the front crawl or freestyle is the basic swimming stroke, and beginners find it is the most efficient and fast learning stroke in water. Backstroke is easy compare to freestyle or front crawl swimming exercises for beginners as you keep your face above the surface of the water while swimming. In this stroke, you float on your back, and the arms are rotated in a similar alternating windmill motion and kick your legs in fluttering motion.
Swimming ten or fifty yards and taking a short rest for 15 to 30 seconds, and then repeating for 15 min is a good exercise for beginners. Using specific drills will enhance your muscle memory and builds strength, cardiovascular stamina and physical efficiency. The herb Maca is botanically known as Lepidium meyenii and it belongs to the raddish family. Maca has the following contents – iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, fiber, natural sugar and protein. The herb is particularly helpful for men with the following problems – low sex drive, impotency, and low sperm count etc.
Only a small amount of the herb is necessary to boost the libido and increase the sexual activity. It is generally believed that maca root extracts can improve the quality and count of sperms in men who have fertility issues.
Due to its stamina boosting capabilities, maca is often used by menopausal women to solve issues of fatigue and to reduce other related symptoms such as hot flashes. In young and menstruating women, the herb helps in solving issues of menstrual cramps and PMS. The herb helps in removing the feeling of tiredness in the body by bringing more vitality and energy.
For improving sexual and fertility problems in men, a dosage level between 1500 and 3000 mg is often recommended three times per day.
Some of the common side effects associated with the herb include – sweating, palpitation, hot flashes, extreme anxiety, gas, diarrhea, dehydration etc. Even as a health supplement, maca is regarded safe when the dose is less than 3 grams per day.

Beginning to learn swimming may be intimidating, but regular practice will increase your confidence in your swimming ability and also improve your skills. In this stroke, you are facing down in water and breathe by rotating your head from side-to-side, and kick your legs in a fluttering motion.
The repetitive movements of a swim stroke strengthen your joint flexibility while swimming, particularly in shoulders, legs, arms, neck and torso. Swimming all four strokes during a lap swim helps to keep your metabolism burning calories and helps you to put minimal stress on your joints like knees and hips. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. During the period of Spanish colonization, Maca was used as a currency by the Spanish settlers of Peru. It is also boiled and mashed to make atunca which is another favorite food of the people of Peru. Some say it also helps in increasing the levels of testosterone in athletes giving them more strength to exercise.
Some herbalists also claim that taking a dose of 1500 mg per day offers the same benefits as that of taking a dose of 3000 mg per day.
The herb gives out all the above mentioned side effects only when the recommended dosage levels are not followed.
After learning these fundamentals, regular practicing with drills will help you to develop good swimming habits. Maca has the following important properties associated with it – energy booster, fertility booster and aphrodisiac. The availability of this herb is not regulated in the world market, except in Norway where it is a prescribed herbal supplement.

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