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In Six Sigma we use a five step process (DMAIC) based on facts and data focused on our customer value to grow the business. Analyze: Analyze the current state data and determine the Root Causes (opportunities to improve). Improve: Develop and implement the best plan for improvement of the opportunities (Root Causes) identified in the Analyze Step. The problem I have found is that teams focus is on one root cause and what they perceive as the best solution to that root cause.
1.) Make sure that your top level management sponsor is constantly up-to-date on all the teams activities. When a team does this they never seem to fail at this point in the project and they tend to go on to success. The Problem Statement – Here we need to describe the problem as briefly as we can but with enough detail that everyone understands it. A Vision Statement – Many call this the objective but I like to call this a vision of the future state of the process. The Metrics – This may seem hard to define right now but believe me when I say management when they saw this problem it was not a touchy feely thing it had hard number associated to it. Scope of the Project – The best way I can describe this is when looking at the process you are trying to improve.
Project Team – list here the member of the project team, what roles they will play and how you can contact them (phone).
In an earlier article I wrote about DMAIC as the roadmap to a successful Six Sigma projects[i]. By the way DMAIC was not the first learning approach used in the quality arena were Six Sigma roots are from. To answer the questions above it may take several tools and techniques to insure you have control. Standardized Procedures – These are detailed written series of actions which have to be executed in the same manner in order to always obtain the same result.
Run Rules – These are like standardized procedures but are only one page long and are used as a reference or guide by those that have been doing a job along time. Visual Controls – You may have heard the saying “a Picture is worth a 1000 words” it is true.
Contingency Plan – These are plans that you need to develop for when something goes wrong with the new process.
Preventative Maintenance – Is the same thing as oil changes with your car or your annual physical; it keeps everything working at an optimum level. Control Charts – Control charts are not always the best method of controlling a given process element.
Brainstorming, LCS, Affinity Diagramming, Multi-voting and 5 Whys from my article The First step of DMAIC – Define. Well there you have it, a little more understanding of the Control step of the Six Sigma 5 step DMAIC process. To answer the question above it may take several tools and techniques to collect the “facts and data.” So here in Improve, there are several good tool and techniques that can help get you that data.
Constraint Management – A Constraint (bottleneck) is any resource with fewer throughputs than the demand placed on it. Pull Systems – These are method of controlling the flow and quantity of resources by only replacing what has been consumed.
Setup Reduction – Setup is the time required for the process or activity to changeover from producing the last good piece of the prior item (part) to the first good piece of the next item. Lot Size Reduction – Lot Size is defined as “The amount of a particular item that is ordered from the plant or a supplier or issued as a standard quantity to the production process – (APICS).
Design of Experiments – This is simply when you design an experiment to determine when you change something how a process reacts to that change. There is no way to account for the effect of joint variation of independent variables, such as interaction.
Most that do Design of Experiments (DOE) vary two or more variables simultaneously and make multiple measurements under the same experimental conditions. Simple Business Analysis – This analysis takes all the approaches to improvement and evaluates them on at least in these three areas; effectiveness, costs to do and time it will take to implement. Well there you have it, a little more understanding of the Improve step of the Six Sigma 5 step DMAIC process. To answer the question above it may take several tools and techniques to collect the “facts and data.” So here in Analyze, there are several good tool and techniques that can help get you that data. Value Flow Analysis – This analysis take the process observation log[1] that one usually creates in measure and reviews each step listed and the time it takes to do that step, to determine if it is of value or not. Cause & Effect Diagrams – This diagram organizes group knowledge about causes of a problem and displays the information graphically. Confidence Intervals – These are statistically created to give you an area that you will feel confident that the real value will be found in. F Test – This is statistically created when we want to compare two groups variations or variability. Well there you have it, a little more understanding of the Analyze step of the Six Sigma 5 step DMAIC process. In measure it is important that you capture exactly what is really happening and do not take for granted that everything is being done exactly to procedure.
To answer the question above it may take several tools and techniques to collect the “facts and data” to answer these questions.
Descriptive Statistics –These are generally calculated from a sample of  information (data) off your process.
Location or Central Tendencies – These are the mean (average), Median (or middle value) and the Mode (the most frequent value). Spread or Dispersion – The most popular are Range (The difference or spread between the highest value and the lowest value) or the Standard Deviation a calculated measure of variation around the Mean or Average. Run Charts – Similar to the dot chart, the run chart plot the data over time, in time sequence. Pareto Charts – This is a special type of Histogram that arranges the Bins or Cells (categories) into an order of highest frequency to the lowest.
Process Observation Log – This is just a log sheet that you list the process steps in order, how long they take and what the yield is at each step. Process Flow Diagramming – This is a  diagram draw to show the sequence of steps from the process observation log. DE & UDE – DE (Desired Effect and Undesired Effect) is just a list of those things that are desirable (things you want to keep) and undesirable (things you do not want). GEMBA – Is just a Japanese term for “Go See” and here we use it to remind us to get out to the area where the process is working and really watch and see how it works. Third, you must always follow your concerns with your own suggestions for correcting your concerns.
This really gets folks moving forward on issues they disagree on as we build ways around the disagreement through suggestions. Affinity Diagramming – usually follows brainstorming where you have all those wild and crazy ideas.
5 Whys – This gets us back to our childhood a bit but to get at the true root of something many times we have to ask why several times. Bersbach Consulting LLC provides Six Sigma training, coaching and support across Arizona, including the Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale areas. Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that has been proven to make step function improvement in any business environment.
The Motor Vehicle Department of the State of California reduced its check processing from 77 days to 23 days using Six Sigma methods. Technimark Packaging, a company that packages other companies’ products for retail, was taking 3 hours to change the tooling over from one customer to another. If you look at your business you want it to be in the green area otherwise you are at risk of loosing your customer. Six Sigma uses facts and data to understand, reduce and control variation in your business processes, variation that you now compensate for which cost you money. There are many benefits in owning or buying a Singapore condo near MRT Station, such as convenience, property value appreciation, and higher rental yields.
Most tenants look for convenience, comfort, facilities, affordability, proximity to workplace and amenities. Generally shopping, banking, dining and entertainment amenities, and educational institutions are available near MRT Stations and Interchanges.
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As men age, the testosterone level falls, and when this hormone level falls in the body, it takes more time to achieve erection and orgasm. Oh my gosh, are you seriously teaching something medical when you don’t even know about the foreskin? When i was child then i don’t know disadvantage of Hand Practice, I do so much hand practice, Now my penis goes down and it is bent towards left, It is not straight, Veins also appears on my penis, Please tell me how can i see it in straight form. The Lack Of Accountability From Black Parents When It Comes To Black Kids Being Harmed In The American Public School System.
We recently spoke about the 4 major premieres that Kia has currently displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As promised here is a little more details on the 2017 Kia Sportage crossover vehicle, which was one of the four. The fully redesigned 2017 Sportage CUV is entering its 4th generation, and the rugged look of old has given way to an upscale style that oozes sophistication.
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It also features new technology, and a number of features that are designed to improve comfort, connectivity, and safety.
The new dimensions means more space for passengers, with headroom extended 5mm to 997mm for front passengers, while those in the rear get an extra 16mm to 993mm. The Sportage will feature an updated range of engines and transmissions, all of which will deliver improved ride, handling, and performance.

You get all the same versatility of the standard Sportage, but also a more dynamic look and ride. That does meet the objectives but the team is made up  of experts and others involved in the process at hand. Management can look at what you propose and select the best way from their expert view point. Many times this makes it easier for others to “picture” what it will look like when the project is complete. Completion Times – I know you have the project Start and estimated completion dates above, but you will need an estimated completion time for each of the five step of DMAIC.
I implied that DMAIC was “the” method for Six Sigma, but it is not and does not have to be. But how do we know what we are doing is correct?”[iii] He goes on to say that we know from gaining the knowledge through learning.
The objective of Control is to Develop and implement the best controls to maintain the gains and to celebrate, share & reward your successes.
But if we do not perform this step then the gains we achieved in improve will be lost very quickly. I am afraid that in most companies, just like the news, good news or success stories are NOT mention much and it is extremely important that success is shared with all.
Some that stand out are “Will the controls implemented sustain the gains” and “Have you addressed and closed all parking lot issues”.
Detailed procedures are usually not looked at after one has learned and done the job for some time, but there are things in the procedure that need to be available to even the expert worker.
It lets everyone one know that if they run into a problem (and believe me someone will) this is what you do to continue with the new process. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what questions to answer and what tools to uses to get those answers in Control.
The objective of Improve is to develop and implement the best plan for improvement of the opportunities (Root Causes) identified in the analyze step. Some that stand out are “Are you sub-optimizing” and “Does this solution support company Goals?”  Sub-optimization is when you make improvements in your process only to have a negative impact further down stream in the company or organization. Many times we do this by hold all input variables constant except one and  observe the response as you vary the single input. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what questions to answer and what tools to uses to get those answers in Improve.
The objective of Analyze is to analyze the current state data and determine the root causes, the opportunities, to improve. Some that stand out are what is of value to the customer and have you validated the “As-Is” causes. You may have had a group meeting and come up with some causes of effects you saw in measure that your customer really cares about, but until you go collect data on those causes and validate the opinions that they cause what you saw in measure you should not move forward to improve. In the plot below, we are looking to see if there is a relationship between weight and days. Say you make 12 inch rules and you like to be very confident (99% sure) that all your rules are 12 inches. This is statistically created when we want to compare two group averages and determine if they are the same or different. The Chi square Test is statistically recreated to see if two group proportions (percentage of a count) are the same or different. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what to questions to answer and what tools to uses to get those answers in Analyze. Some that stand out are identifying key metrics  and identifying what is good about the process.
Many times this is overlooked but you have to understand that everything varies including the way you measure (collect) your data. Sometimes people include a column that identifies the step as value added or Non value added. People draw these because it is easier to understand and see what is happening in the diagram then the log list. This seems simple, and it is, but we forget to write these things down so that when we get into the heat of things we can not remember them unless they are written down.
Who are its – Suppliers and their inputs & Customers and what outputs do they receive? Remember that in Six Sigma we like opinions, they help guide us, but we need data that validates the opinions. It is a very top level process flow of the process you are trying to improve, but it includes more than just the process flow. They can be wild and crazy ideas because in them, just like the ore in mines, we will find the golden nuggets. This tells them you understood what they said and gets alignment and agreement on what you liked.
The basic rule here is to give everyone an amount of votes (usually it is 20% of the number of ideas or tasks that you are trying to work) and let them vote on the ones they like best. I define Six Sigma as a 5 step process based on facts and data focused on your customer’s values to grow your business. It is not a topic that you can talk to your customers about without applying it to your business. If you were the Target employee you need to LISTEN to what he needs and help him find it by asking questions about his wife.
But he was implying that he needed it NOW from this STORE and at a GOOD PRICE (the delivery process). There are three criteria that define Customer value an everything that is performed that adds value to the customer meets all three of these criteria. An Experienced employee, even you, can look at simple problems and solve them 80% of the time but when the problem gets to be complex your experience will only solve it about 20% of the time. In general research shows that condominiums near MRT Stations and Interchanges can better maintain their value than properties further away. The penis head gradually loses its color due to reduced blood flow, and pubic hair loss can be observed in some cases. One, the slow deposition of fatty substances (plaques) inside tiny arteries in the penis, which impairs blood flow to the organ. In the image on the left, the flaccid penis, there should be foreskin hanging over the glans.
But as I say that I have seen perfectly run projects get to the end of analyze and are killed when they start to make the improvements. They are part of that management expertise that can see issues that will cause a solution, that looks obvious, to not work for the company as a whole.
Yes, I would push the teams solution but management should be able to tell you why they would not go with that one and as such your can propose a alternative that you have already developed that avoids the issue they see. Good questions, but I can guarantee you a charter is NOT a waste of your time, nor the bosses time either. With out it your team may get lost very quickly as the direct at the beginning is slightly different in everyone’s mind. This statement is what ties this problem to the company goals and objective and defines why we need to do it NOW. It could be dollars, volume, time, or number of customers but there are numbers that are the metrics YOU need to improve.
This will help you keep the project focus and not have what I call scope creep due to not know what areas of the company this project will cover.
If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or you can contact me on my website. DMAIC is one good method for learning and if you do not have one it is an excellent starting point. Don’t leave anything out but adjust and clarify to make it work for you and then follow it! Lost because when ever you change a process it takes time to make it part of everyone way of doing things.
Think of a handicap sign in a parking lot; it is a visual control to help hold parking spots for those that need to park closer to the store. It is not to develop only one plan because to get the “best” you need to have several approaches to work through with your sponsor to find the best mix of solutions that is acceptable to all. This is best address as I mentioned earlier buy making sure you understand all the options to improve. This is called OFAT (one factor at time) which is not the best way to do a designed experiment. Here we take a more in-depth look at the data collected in measure and try to determine the root causes of the issues that the data shows us.
Make sure that the root causes that you find really do impact something that the customer really cares about; something that is of value to them.
In this way, you can see how much time you spend creating value for your customers and where there are steps that need to be reduced or eliminated because they do not create any value for your customer. If there was no relationship, the points on the chart would be scatter randomly all over the chart. Well you first have to understand that everything varies and so do your rulers but how accurate are they? Many times, we want to know if a process has changed or shifted from what it was doing before. Say, you run a grocery store and the current shipment of eggs seem to have a lot that are cracked, and you want to know if the next shipment that just arrived is any better. If more than one person is doing this process check them all as you will find they all are doing it slightly different. So in answering these questions many times you will get opinions but you still need to gather the data to show the opinion is true (or false). Although you can plot individual data points like the one below, a control chart many time plots Summary data over time. First is to define the issue (problem) and the real need to improve it (The Burning Platform). Goal alignment is critical if you want your team to stay together and finish the project.  If your project is not aligned you can bet team member supervisors will have other priorities that, in their mine, are higher than the ones for your project and will pull team members to work their priorities.

In any meeting (or even conversation), if all parties follow LCS you will eliminate divergence and create alignment in the discussion. If you have landed here looking for our Six Sigma training, coaching or support services in Tucson, then please follow this Six Sigma Training link. But we forget that Customer value INCLUDES the delivery process that is made up of the other three items above; location, cost, and point in time. Many condominiums have well-designed layout, quality finishings, dishwashers, Jacuzzi bath, clubhouse, water features, landscaping, pavilions, pools, saunas, and tennis courts. Whether single, married, healthy or unhealthy, a man’s body will eventually go through some changes. This process, known as atherosclerosis, is the same one that contributes to blockages inside the coronary arteries — a leading cause of heart attack. As men reach 40, semen production start getting lower, and the erection quality also starts going down.
This is one reason why in Define you want a top level manager that has “scheduled” their time to work with the team. Yes, one of the causes will be the biggest and to solve it there will be one way that gives you the best return on investment, but you need to propose several ways to solve the problem, some better than others but all make an improvement.
If, you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below, emailing me, calling me, or leaving a comment on my website.
Do you remember the school yard game where you would line up and tell the person next to you something and have them pass it on. They are stating the approach to the issue in a slightly different way so other will get the complete picture of what is happening.
Last the Sponsor will be the main conduit to top management that will need to support this project as well. Sometimes even management does not quite know what they are but it is your job to ask why they think they see this as an issue and find the metric! It also should be noted that you need to make sure the scope is not to big ( you can not solve world hungry, you may be able to only solve hungry in your neighborhood).
It is better to make adjustment as you go then to find you are way behind and over budget near the end of the project. Celebration, recognition and reward can be very simple and are always greatly accepted by all. Remember that controls are non value added to the customer but important to delivering what the customer wants, so minimize them but make sure they work. Only when this cannot be accomplished economically should we resort to the use of control charts to monitor the element’s variation.
I often tell my black belts to develop several options and pick one to really sell to management and the sponsor.
Many times, we have to go back out and take more data from the process in what I call a “Deep Dive” to determine the real root cause of what we see in measure. If you are not working causes that impact customer value then they will never return value back to the company and you will be spending time fixing something that the customer really does not care about. Some see this diagram and think it resembles a fish skeleton and that is why it is sometimes called a Fishbone Diagram.
In this chart, there is a relationship that shows as the number of day’s increase the weight also increases.
Here you could take a sample of what is on the shelf and a sample from the new shipment and find out if the two shipments have the same number of cracked eggs or not.
For those that have not heard of GEMBA it means “go see” and in Six Sigma we use the term to imply that you need to get up and go out to the process that you are going to improve and actually “see” what is really happening.  You can NOT do this is a conference room or at your desk alone. So here in Measure, there are several good tool and techniques that can help get you that data. Second is to then get alignment and commitment to solve this issue from the sponsor and project team (including their supervision).  Define is one of the critical steps of this five step process. Every project needs a good vision so the whole team will know where they are headed with the project. So here in define, there are several good tool and techniques that can help get you that data. A lot of times, I use post it notes in brainstorming so I can easily move them around and place in groups that are similar. If you can not fill his need, you want to send him on his way and maybe help him to the right store that can fill it. You will be amazed as to the difference between what you thought and what is really happening.
In many cases, the prostate enlarges which weakens the urine flow and may cause other complications. You will find that you will come back to the charter time and again to bring the team back on task for what they were brought together to accomplish. But everyone needs to know not only the date the project will be complete but also what will result from it.
In “6 Sigma’s Five Key Elements to Success”[ii] I talked about to have success you need an established method. In a company I worked for they took the DMAIC process and expanded it to six steps instead of five. Something that may be unknown to you but very familiar to me is what I call a “Parking Lot”. The old take a number is another visual control where it insures the customer that has been waiting the longest gets help first.
If you do not do this then management (your project sponsor) only have the ability to accept what you have or reject the team efforts and shut down the project.  You have to understand that the team is focused on improving the process.
Some times we get to this stage and do not make sure that the options we want to implement really do impact the company goals.
Remember that as you get opinions of what is causing thing to happen go collect the data to back up (validate) that opinion. If you find this is true the solution maybe to totally eliminate this step since the customer finds it not of value.
In the Cause and Effect Diagram, you start by drawing a box on the right or left hand side and in the box you put the effect that you saw in measure.
Let’s say you are buying pencils and there are two boxes of them on the shelf made from different companies. The process may in fact be all done at your desk but you need to have other with you looking at what is done to collect the actual way things are done. Many times, we do not gather enough of the right information to properly define the issue we are trying to solve. There are three basic rules that anyone in the group must follow to comment on another person’s statement. There is nothing to worry about if you notice the reduction in the size, since it simply happens due to reduced blood flow. Yes, it is hard to know the exact solution at the start of a project but you can set some reasonable goals to accomplish. How easy is it to forget your new plan without something to help you remember that you changed? Management is focus on the whole business and the plan you really want may have a bigger negative impact some where else. If you think that you can not eliminate it, then ask yourself what customer does find it important to do. Next, you brainstorm[2] causes of that effect and add them to the “branches.” Sometimes you also combine it with the five whys[3] tool to get the detail branches and the true “root” cause or causes of the effect.
Both make pencils 10 inches long but you want to know if one company’s are more consistently 10” long.
Yes sometimes it is a gut feel but you will have to back it up with data so if they say it takes to long; time it and see how long it takes.
So to help me (and you) I have a series of questions that if you address them will help insure you complete this critical step. I asked why Target and he replied because they carry a variety of things at a good cost and that his wife shops there a lot. It does seem scary but in the end you will find that you had been very conservative with these. I use it to put concerns, thoughts, and ideas that come up during the project that, at the time, pulled the team off its focused objective at the moment. You would use this test to see if the variation in pencil length in one box versus the other is different or the same. Understanding and addressing variation helps you predict outcomes that you had to compensate for before; outcomes that impact your customer needs.
Because their culture understood how to do some of the steps of DMAIC very well but they felt that some steps needed extra attention to insure everyone did it right the first time. How long will it take before you forget that change and you do snack unless you place some controls (maybe locks on the snack cabinet) to remind you not to. Usually these are later addressed in the project but sometimes they have nothing to do with the project and don’t get address during the project.
This is key because you want to make sure that when you improve the bad you have not made things worse in the good areas. In Six Sigma we collect these facts and data on the variation to come up with conclusions by seeing the patterns in the shifting (variability) of the process. Because as much as we think we state things clearly the receiver never gets it exactly like what we said. So with any new process you will want to have controls in it to insure that those working the process don’t forget the new method. We are such a diverse group of people that our individual picture of what is said gets mixed with what we know and that changes the thought. Forgetting them is like discarding a twenty dollar bill and it has a negative impact on spreading the Six Sigma culture in a company thus impacting further projects.

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