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I’ve received many notes, emails, and messages from you amazing readers over the past 18 months about using my pillowcase dress tutorial to make dresses for little girls all over the world. UPDATE APRIL 2013: I have created an all-encompassing post on the pillowcase dress, full of size charts and multiple places to donate dresses if interested.
From my first post many have asked me about how big to cut fabric for different size dresses, so I’ve created a little chart for you all to use. Would you like to create a tattoo like this then please feel free to use our cool tattoo designer tool and please share your end product with your friends. I’d say hit them up on Twitter and contact a couple of their departments by e-mail or phone. I currently own a S5 and was wondering what would be the best way to play my music on my phone in my car (14 Nissan Pathfinder)? Interestingly, the 2014 Specs on Nissan’s website show that an Aux Input is equipped as standard.
As far as I can tell with my s5, the phone has no idea when the USB port cover is open or closed, it only reminds you to close it after you disconnect it from a USB cable that was being used to charge the device. When the pins fall out of the micro usb socket rendering the phone a brick after 4 weeks Samsung accuse you of breaking it and (so far) don’t replace under warranty. It’s always moved me that so many of you are so giving and caring and take the time to not only sew for others, but to share your stories with me.
We’re right at the beginning of the new phone rollout season and so far Verizon Wireless has sent me the new HTC One M8 and now the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone to try.

I run a tech site too, and really want to review and test out the S5 and iphone 5s and what not, but i can’t pay $600 for each thing i review.
We talked about it on my Facebook page late last week and I was finally able to get all this together!
I posted the latest email I got last week and it sparked a conversation about how more of you would like to get involved and sew these amazingly simple dresses to donate to girls in need.
They can be kept for up to 6 months but otherwise they are returned or they can be purchased at a slight discount.
You should verify this with Verizon as I see no evidence of any logic in the door to tell the phone it is open or closed. I know of one drive currently taking place so I wanted to share the info with everyone who was interested. The S5 doesn’t ship with that feature either, but there will be a wireless charging cover available for it soon, so I was anxious to try this phone to see if it could become my new daily driver. Below the display is the physical home button with soft touch buttons on either side that light up when activated (not shown). The left soft button brings up the task manager instead of menu and the right soft button serves as a back button. This will search the calendar, contacts, Chrome browser history, Google Drive, files on the phone, SMS messages and more. The one thing it doesn’t seem to search is Hangouts history, which is kind of a bummer.

Call quality I made and received many calls with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and had no problems whatsoever. I can’t tell a difference in performance between the previous and current generation of phones. I was able to get more than a full day of light to medium use per charge, which is fine by me. This mode will allow you to conserve power when you need it by switching to a grey scale display and limiting apps to what you see above. You can also add two other apps to the list like calculator, memo, voice recorder and a couple others. The S5 has a built in heart rate sensor, which goes along with their S Health app that will track your steps and also allow you to keep a food log. When the OEM wireless charging back covers become available it will tick all my boxes for the perfect 5 inch display smartphone.
But since it isn’t majorly different than my almost 2 year old Note 2 phablet, I will continue to wait to update.

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