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For the most part, people will judge a cupcake without having to take a taste of it just by its looks. To make it easier for you, we are giving away a FREE Cupcake Liner Template that you can use each time you need to do some personalized cupcake liner. Choose from among your digital scrapbooking papers which one you’d want to use as the background design for your cupcake liner. Save the file in jpeg or png format and arrange it in a separate file to fit as much liners into the paper or board you’ll be using. Now that you know how to make fabulous looking cupcake liners, all that’s left to do is to perfect your cupcake and frosting recipe!
Filed Under: Learn Photoshop Tagged With: hybrid digital scrapbookingAbout RhodaLike our free Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials? They are for true digital scrapbooking beginners and you learn with step by step instructions!
Let us help you turn your photos into treasured memories and your treasured memories into works of art.
Get started with our FREE Digital Scrapbooking Megakit delivered directly into your inbox! Yet again, Apple managed to surprise the world with its recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, we are giving away our very first iOS 8 Design Graphic User Interface (GUI) Photoshop Design (PSD) template of iPhone 6 Plus. Similar to the icons, UI Elements of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will also support 2x and 3 x pixel size respectively. With default font continuing to be Helvetica Neue, the font size of iPhone 5 and 6 will remain the same for Navigation Bar Title, Regular Buttons, Table Header and Tab Bar Icon Labels. Click Labs understand the need for you to stay ahead of your game, and deliver the best mobile solution before time.
Send us your Name and Email ID to download the first editable iOS 8 shapes and layers PSD for iPhone 6 Plus, to model your apps and ideas in the best possible way. Stay updated with the latest news, trending topics and useful resources delivered to you every week. About Us We are market leaders in delivering mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omni channel experience to their customers. The misconception about resolution in digital images bound for the web is that they must meet a certain number of dots per inch. When someone asks you for a web image that’s, say, two inches wide, they’re estimating how it would appear on their own monitor. A pixel (which is short for “picture element”) is the smallest unit of measure on a grid displaying a digital image.
Shown above, resampling changes the image’s size by increasing or decreasing its number of pixels. Web design is concerned with resampling, not resizing, because every pixel in a web page will always be the same size. You can’t make an image appear larger on screen by resizing its pixels because every pixel on the same screen will always be the same size.
Photoshop’s Image Size box (Image ‚Ui Image Size) controls both the resizing and resampling of images.
The “Resample” checkbox changes how many pixels fit into a linear inch—literally the pixels per inch.
With the resampling box left unchecked, changing the “resolution” box would alter the image’s physical size when printed, but not its number of pixels. The number of pixels per inch is still relevant online, but DPI settings do not affect how an image is displayed.

Computer monitors can be physically measured in inches, and each displays a certain number of pixels.
A digital billboard measuring 47 x 12 feet might use only 888 x 240 pixels (about 1.6 PPI).
A single PNG file measuring 100 x 100 pixels would fit on both the 888 x 240 billboard and the 320 x 480 iPhone. Print the same number of pixels at different pixel densities to see different sizes on paper. The result is that this one image would have the same number of pixels but a different width in inches.
None of the units ever strayed far from 12 points per pica: 6 picas per inch = 72 points per inch. Each pixel on the original Mac’s 9-inch (diagonal) and 512 x 342 pixel screen measured exactly 1 x 1 point.
Today, designers and clients alike understand that the sizes of items on the screen are not absolute. As PC monitors surpassed the pixel density of Mac monitors in the mid-1990s, websites built on Windows boasted smaller font sizes, much to the dismay of Mac users. We know now that DPI alone doesn’t change an image’s size on the web, and we have no control over which device an image is displayed on.
Fluid-width layouts, which change according to the browser’s size, can better accommodate a range of devices and monitors. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 842,478 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Aside from the frosting and toppers, what makes a cupcake look awesome is the liner or cup used to mould the cake part of the cupcake.
And as an added bonus, we’ll show you how to create your own design in Adobe Photoshop. These lists of specifications include Resolution, Display, Iconography, UI Elements and Typography. And be the first one to receive the complete iPhone 6 Plus GUI PSD Pack with latest size and dimension specifications from Apple.
From proper alignment to getting just the right amount of white space, sizing photos and graphics properly beforehand is essential to creating a balanced look.
Without changing the image’s pixel dimensions, that image would appear larger or smaller on different monitors—and would even look different on the same monitor at a different resolution setting. We’re not increasing or decreasing the number of pixels, only changing how large those pixels are when printed. If we turn off resampling, the only way to change the image’s size would be to enlarge its pixels for printing. If we alter an image from 300 x 100 pixels at 72 DPI to 300 x 100 pixels at 144 DPI, how many pixels would we have? On a Mac, go to Apple Menu ‚Ui System Preferences, and then click on “Displays” to see the various resolutions at which you can set your monitor.
But if you hold a ruler to the screen, you’ll see that the size of icons and windows is inversely proportional to the number of pixels displayed. The differences in each display’s PPI make the image on the right-hand display appear larger, even though it has fewer pixels overall.
It was an important standard by 1984, when Apple prepared to introduce the first Macintosh computer. As screen technology and memory improved, computers were able to display more pixels on the same size monitor.

Today, screens for both platforms enjoy pixel densities high enough to make the differences moot.
Modern browsers, from FireFox 3, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 7 and up, are better than older versions at scaling images on the fly.
If the page width were flexible, resizing your browser window would expand the image—but not past its original 800 x 323 pixel dimensions.
This is because these charming cupcakes are, more often than not, the highlight of every party. There are plenty of decorative cupcake wrappers that can be bought in baking supplies store or even in supermarkets. Open the paper file, also in Photoshop such that you’ll have  both the template and the paper to work on. This means that apps designed and developed for iPhone 5 screen can conveniently scale on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
It’s an inverse relationship: images with larger pixels will have a lowerpixel density (fewer pixels in the same number of inches) when printed. For Windows, right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize,” and then choose “Display settings.” Change the screen resolution (number of pixels) and watch as the items on your Mac or PC desktop get larger or smaller. Many image editors, including Adobe Photoshop, assume that an image is 72 DPI if the information is not stored.
The Mac’s interface was designed to help people relate the computer to the physical world. This way, if you printed an image or piece of text and held it next to the screen, both the image and hard copy would be the same size. Matching a print-out to the screen became even less certain when raster and vector apps allowed users to zoom in and examine pixels closely. The max-width CSS property forces images to fit their container but not grow past their actual size. Be it a simple or an elegant occasion, cupcakes really catch the attention of every guest, young and old alike.
But if you truly want to impress your guests with your cupcake, having a unique cupcake wrapper is your secret weapon. Besides, with the big screen of iPhone 6 Plus supporting the landscape mode which will be similar to that of the iPad, developers can now think of adding landscape view features to their apps.
Software engineers used the metaphor of a desk to describe the arcane workings of a computer, right down to “paper,” “folder” and “trash” icons. By the mid-1990s, Microsoft Windows could switch between 72 and 96 pixels per inch on screen. We are using CS5 version but you can also use other versions of Photoshop including Elements. This made smaller font sizes more legible because more pixels were available per point size. Then Sign up, it's FREE Sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you the Megakit Natural Breeze and MORE exciting tutorials and articles about preserving your memories right into your inbox! Then Sign up, it's FREE Sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you the Megakit Natural Breeze and MORE exciting tutorials and articles about preserving your memories right into your inbox!

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