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I have a photo that is 450px x 750px and would like to make it 3 times bigger for web not print? Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). You can change the percentage to 110% and repeat this till you receive a notable difference in quality. In a case of resampling an image there is no "quality" loss, (except if you make mermelade of your own photo, probably compressing it like hell) What you have is information loss when you downsample it. 2) There is no CSI program that perform miracles in the terms you need (However, I have seeing some forensic image processing program that fairly shows a licence plate from a very low resolution image, or from a very narrow angle. 3) So, the programs use diferent "guess" methods to try to asign information to the new pixels. This is an oldie test, there is a chance the programs now make a better result, but do not expect a quantum leap. You can try photoshop bicubic followed by a smart sharpen with 1px for 200 and 2 px for 300 gauss shaped.
PhotoZoom Pro 6 creates larger images (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels), it also produces higher quality results. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged adobe-photoshop adobe-illustrator cs6 image-quality or ask your own question. Why does the voltage of vinegar batteries in series not equal the sum of the individual voltages? With the Crossbow expert feat, can you use a net attack and then a hand crossbow attack on your bonus action? In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase? While taking snapshots from Adobe reader, you might have noticed the reduction in clarity of the output images. I was facing this problem for quite a while, until I decided to dig into the ‘preferences’ of Adobe reader to find the appropriate settings.
Now open any PDF file and capture snapshot (Edit> Take a Snapshot) and paste to MS word or MS paint. If you have any query regarding increasing snapshot quality of PDF reader, please let me know in comments.
Increasing Image ResolutionOne of the most commonly asked questions in relation to graphics software is how to increase the size of an image without getting blurring and jagged edges. Resizing an image involves changing the print dimensions without changing the total pixel dimensions. Resizing an image using resampling, however, involves changing the pixel dimensions and will always introduce a loss in quality.
Just as in oil painting, the canvas in Adobe Photoshop refers to the entire area you have to work with. Step 5Click any arrow in the Anchor section to specify where you want the image anchored in the new canvas. I had a request in recently on the best way to increase the size of a Photograph for a poster.

Photoshop CC was released with a brand new Intelligent Up Sampling Algorithm that has been designed to do this exact operation, but keeping it really simple. This will will be sent to Photoshop CC, either by pressing CMD+E (Mac) or CTRL+E on a PC, or by opening at as a Smart Object in Photoshop CC. Once the conversion has completed i have zoomed into 100% and provide a couple of screen shots. I prefer these shortcuts – even though they are a bit more complex than tapping the left or right bracket keys, as many international keyboards do not have brackets. Julieanne, that is an excellent tip, but I find on my Windows 7 PC, running PS CS5, that I do not need to include the Shift key for adjusting either the brush size or the brush hardness. If I select a tool, like the Burn Tool, the brackets keys work fine for adjusting the brush size. The bracket keys work to readjust the brush size but I can’t get anything to work for dragging the size adjustment. Is there something I can set to make this work, or even better, I would like to just press the Ctrl key or Ctrl + right click. If not, I would post the issue to either of these forums to see if other customers are experiencing the same problem and if so, if they have found a solution.
You might have the Caps Lock key enabled on the keyboard which is displaying precise cursors. The alt + ctrl + right click whilst dragging both vertical and horizontal to change the size and hardness of brush no longer functions.
I have tried resetting my preferences to no avail and I am now desperate for a solution to this problem so I can restore photoshop to it’s original state. With the number still selected like this, the up arrow on the keyboard will now increase that value and the down arrow will decrease it.
Tom, I recently changed from PsCS6 on Windows (where the shortcut worked like a charm) to CS6 on Mac, where CTRL-CMD +click&drag does nothing.
An usual photo (portrait of a human, mountains, landscape etc.) is not changeable to vector format. PhotoZoom Pro 6 is equipped with S-Spline Max, a unique, patented image resize technology which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness, and fine details. I increased the screenshot resolution, and after pasting the snapshot into Microsoft word or MS Paint, the quality of screenshot was perfect. New users are often surprised when they resize an image and find that the quality is severely degraded. Of course, it's always best to capture the resolution you need right from the beginning. That's because resampling uses a process called interpolation for increasing the size of an image.
Photos, shapes and other objects can be smaller than the canvas, but can never go beyond the canvas borders.
The current dimensions are listed at the top of the Canvas Size window as well as in the text fields below. If you're reducing the canvas size, moving the anchor is a good way to ensure important parts of the image remain visible. One of the elements that photographers worry about is sharpness and that if an image is increased in size it will loose some of the edge sharpening. You can see that the image size is 4624h x 3468w, or big enough to print (out of the box) at just over 9 x 12, but lets be honest, we could probably print this as is at 18 x 24 and there would be no significant loss of quality.

From a performance point of view, there is a significant difference in processing an image that is brought into Photoshop CC as a Smart Object compared to opening the file in the traditional way (or not as a Smart Object). You can clearly see that Photoshop CC has done an incredible job of protecting the edges even when increased to over 300% the original size. But if I change the Range (like to Midtones) or the Mode in Clone Stamp, the brackets keys stop working. When i use the brackets to increase or decrease size i get a weird x or multiple ovals instead of the circle getting bigger or smaller. I programmed Contol + Option onto one of my Wacom ExpressKey, and it works a charm – very efficient.
If you have the option to rescan an image at a higher resolution, by all means, you should do that before resorting to software solutions. When you increase resolution without changing pixel dimensions, there is no loss in quality, but you must sacrifice print size. The interpolation process estimates the values of the pixels the software needs to create based on the existing pixels in the image.
If the canvas is too big or too small for the project you're working on, you can adjust the canvas size from the Image menu in Photoshop CC.
The new up-sampling code in Photoshop CC has been designed to not only make the up-sampling super easy, but will also intelligently protect the edges during the operation. You can see below, that i am increasing the size to 42inches on the height, which happens to be 326% of the original size.
If there Exposure field is highlighted then then they don’t work (because the focus is set in the text block). There is an option in PDF reader settings to increase resolution of PDF snapshots, which most of us haven’t noticed yet.
The reason for the degradation is because bitmapped, or raster, image types are limited by their pixel resolution. And if you have the money to put into a camera capable of higher resolutions, you might find that money is better spent than if you were to put it into a software solution. Changing the canvas size doesn't change the size of anything displayed on the canvas, but decreasing the canvas size may crop some of the images inside it. Result: If you want the image 3 times bigger you will see the original pixels in your image. Having said that, there are often times when you may have no other choice than to resort to software. If this isn’t the issue, then I would suggest that you post the issue to either of these forums to see if other customers are experiencing the same problem and if so, if they have found a solution. If you don't use Photoshop, your software probably offers similar options although they may use slightly different terminology. Both bicubic and bilinear interpolation result in a blurred image, especially when upsampling. It simply takes the value of the neighboring pixels and adds new pixels without averaging them. This is when you get the jaggies or stair-step effect.Note that there are more than just these three methods of interpolation and even using the same method in different software may produce different results.

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