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Assuming that you are using 11.04, go to System Settings>Appearance>Fonts and increase the font size for Application, Document, Desktop and Window title. I needed a lossless compression tool, one that I can run in the command line and easily optimize all images in an entire directory. I found Optipng which is a small command line program that can easily be installed and compress full directories quickly and efficiently without any noticeable loss in image quality. On the same machine, I ran 27 images that were scaled down to approximately 1280x720px took less than an hour.

Below is my screen output showing the results of some misc images that I had compressed, starting with percentage (rounded to a whole number), file size before compression, file size after compression, and file name.
Do you like the look of Ubuntu without installing skin packs that may or may not kill your computer? However, I'm wondering why is there such setting in the login screen (the accesibility feature) that works only in the login screen?
Is not there an easier and simple configuration option for people with visual limitations to increase the text size of the whole ubuntu environment?

Visual style: Maverick for Win7 Silky smooth theme that temporarily makes you forget about Windows 7's transparency.

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