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Caleb Schwab, the son of a Kansas state legislator, was killed Sunday on the Verruckt, a towering water slide at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Water Park.
Schlitterbahn spokeswoman Winter Prosapio told a news conference that it was the first such incident at the park. The park gave no details on what happened to the boy, but said grief counsellors were being made available to employees and guests.
A GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for funeral expenses had generated more than US$22,000 (RM88,633.60) in donations on Monday. The Schwab family expressed their sorrow and offered thanks for the support they have received from the Kansas City community. The Kansas City Star said the park was teeming with children of legislators and their parents enjoying free passes when the tragedy occurred. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Kualalumpurpost and receive notifications of new posts by email. In his first Rio event, the swimming standout produced the fastest split time of his career in the 4x100 freestyle relay. Michael Phelps kisses his gold medal after the men's 4x100-meter freestyle final during the swimming competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics. RIO DE JANEIRO – When Michael Phelps arrived in Rio as a 31-year-old swimmer who retired once and endured plenty of turmoil away from the pool, everyone wondered just how many gold medals was a realistic goal.
Full Olympic coverage including stories, photos, schedule and the updated medal counts appear on this special page. In his first appearance of these Summer Games, Phelps showed he is still capable of the kind of jaw-dropping, did-he-really-just-do-that? Going second in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay, Phelps produced the fastest split of his career and put the Americans out front for good against a powerhouse field that included defending champion France, Australia and Russia. It was a down-and-back swim that showed Phelps, as usual, is in peak form on the biggest stage and perfectly capable of winning every race he enters at his fifth Olympics. Phelps will be back at the pool Monday for the preliminaries of the 200-meter butterfly, a title he is especially eager to reclaim after an ill-timed finish let South Africa’s Chad le Clos snatch away the gold at the 2012 London Games. Phelps will also compete in the 100 fly and 200 individual medley, as well as two more relays. His confidence is soaring after he turned in a time of 47.12 seconds in the relay, which was faster than all but three other swimmers in the field – all of them anchors on the medal-winning teams and specialists in the 100 free. France had high hopes for defending the title it won four years ago in London, only to be doomed by another Phelps masterpiece.
Gilot’s time was more than a second slower than Phelps, which was essentially the deciding factor in the race. Phelps’ showing was reminiscent of the dominance he showed last summer in San Antonio, where he competed in a low-level meet because he was banned from the world championships as part of his punishment for a second drunken-driving arrest. The DUI proved to be a turning point in Phelps’ life, prompting him to under six weeks of inpatient therapy, give up drinking, reconnect with his estranged father, and find a new purpose in his life away from the pool. Still, this was all a bit of a surprise after Phelps turned in some rather lackluster times at the U.S.
About a week ago, during a final training camp in Atlanta, Phelps did a 100 free time trial. Now, it’s clear that Phelps has peaked at just the right time, eager to close his career on top after initially retiring four years ago coming off the London Olympics. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. Maine could have many more Olympic swimmers, more than Ian Crocker, one time world record holder in the 100 meter butterfly, and a contemporary of Michael Phelps. Maine wastes money on lots of things, things like LFMFU, in our state, which has no need of preserving wilderness for the future, because we have an abundance of wilderness. In the final measure, even while all swimmers young and old like myself, enjoy vicariously experiencing the Olympics, swimming is not about winning, nor is swimming just about competing.

At sixty-six, five days a week all summer long this summer, I swam non-stop, all flip turns, a mile-and-a-half, 108 lengths in a high school 25 yard pool, in one of the very few competitive, lane-marked pools in Aroostook County. Bring on the Olympics, and more of Michael Phelps and all the rest of the Olympic swimmers. My comment was about the health benefits of learning to swim well, and the relative importance of having good indoor swim facilities in Maine -more- than it was about producing Olympic swimmers.
Now, reflect on your suggestion endorsing a swimming myth about the seeming absolute necessity of outdoor swim facilities for producing Olympic class swimmers, with the history of the world’s most famous swimmer, Michael Phelps. Michigan is not known for outdoor pools so much as it is noted for having almost universal high school and junior high school 25 yard, 6 lane pools. As I see it an investment in swimming pools is an investment in Maine health, and from Kittery to Fort Kent this seems a far more worthy investment in Maine’s future than a lot of political boondoggles being funded. If you do not believe me about political boondoggles in Maine, just consider however, the University of Maine at Presque Isle quite remarkably a few years back built what turned out to be a 74 foot, 6 inch pool, 6 inches short of a 25 yard high school sized pool. If Maine is going to stop wasting so much money in so many ways, and anyone is going to endorse such an investment in swimming pools, clearly Maine should go all the way and build regional Olympic-sized, ten lane, 50 meter pools. A well built and well run fifty meter indoor pool is a spectacular community and even an economic draw. The pools that should be built in Maine, should be state of the art, solar powered pools that come with fifty year warranties from the contractor, and not the typical crap the State of Maine has built through its corrupt political processes of bids and pay-offs.
Evans set a world record in the 400m freestyle event that stood for 18 years, a phenomenal length of time for a swimming record to stand.
Yeah, As a former Maine swimmer who competed in the new England Championships for three years, I don’t think I need to so that, but enjoy. When I’m in the pool, it takes me back fifty years to when I was sixteen and the girls were all so wonderfully beautiful.
World 100-meter champion Yulia Efimova is among those who will not be allowed to compete at the Olympics. RIO DE JANEIRO — Swimming governing body FINA has ruled seven Russian swimmers ineligible to compete at the Olympics, including three it says were linked to recent allegations of a major doping cover-up by Russian authorities. Reigning world 100-meter breaststroke champion Yulia Efimova is among four Russian swimmers who FINA says were withdrawn by the Russian Swimming Federation because they previously served doping bans. Russia's Yulia Efimova, the reigning world 100-meter breaststroke champion, is among the seven swimmers banned from Rio by the International Swimming Federation. The International Olympic Committee on Sunday restricted athletes with previous doping bans from representing Russia.
FINA says three more swimmers were identified by World Anti-Doping Agency investigator Richard McLaren when he examined evidence that Russian government officials ordered the cover-up of hundreds of doping tests. They are 2008 Olympic silver and 2012 bronze medalist Nikita Lobintsev, bronze medalist Vladimir Morozov and world junior record holder Daria Ustinova.
RUSSIAN DOPING whistleblower Yulia Stepanova is appealing her ban from the Olympics, saying it was based on incorrect information and dubious legal grounds. Stepanova sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee contending she never said she wouldn’t compete for the Russian team, as the IOC stated.
She says the IOC’s ban of any Russian athlete who has previously served a doping ban is not permitted – a ruling the Court of Arbitration for Sport made in 2011.
Stepanova was an 800-meter runner who got caught for doping, but later came forward to expose the Russian doping system. Both the World Anti-Doping Agency and track’s governing body, the IAAF, recommended she be allowed in the Olympics. ATHLETES VILLAGE: Despite a delay of several days, the head of the Australian delegation said she expects her 700 athletes and officials to move into housing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Wednesday. Sidney Levy, CEO of the Rio organizing committee, said half of the 31 apartment buildings in the village complex were ready on Monday. GYMNASTICS: Apparently all reigning Olympic all-around champion Gabby Douglas needed to overcome a so-so performance at Olympic Trials is quality time with national team coordinator Martha Karolyi.

Karolyi praised Douglas for her steady improvement during a recently completed national training camp, and said Douglas will likely be given an opportunity to defend the gold medal she won in London four years ago.
Douglas made the five-woman team at Olympic Trials two weeks ago despite finishing eighth in the all-around.
Yep, even faster than the one he produced at the height of his career in 2008, when he broke Mark Spitz’s longstanding record with eight gold medals in the Great Haul of China. The French were faster on the first and third legs, and anchor Jeremy Stravius was only 0.14 slower than the last American swimmer, Nathan Adrian. Thoroughly motivated, Phelps put up times that were faster than the ones winning at worlds.
His infant son, Boomer, was in the stands Sunday night, nuzzled in the arms of mother Nicole Johnson, the roaring crowd kept at bay by noise-canceling headphones. At that point, according to Bowman, his spot on the 4×100 free relay was very much in doubt. Were it not for a lack of swimming pools throughout the state Maine would be a swimming powerhouse. I am enjoying health better than I’ve experienced during the past thirty years as a result. Maryland, while technically a southern state, experiences a very real winter that shuts its outdoor pools every year for many months. In the Maine 25 yard pool I swim in, we attract recreational lap swimmers from New Brunswick. Building a decent pool is an art, and not just a construction job to be given to some hack outfit with political connections, and with no experience, even less desire and questionable ability. Nevertheless, I don’t think my statement about warm weather climate and outdoor pools is necessarily a myth. Evans was a world record-holder, and won a total of four gold medals at the 1988 and the 1992 Olympics. What makes a great swimmer is attitude, good coaching, and the availability of the pool resource. Karolyi said she believed Douglas would respond to extended time under Karolyi’s watch following a turbulent period in which Douglas parted ways with her coach.
No female gymnast has repeated as Olympic champion since Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia did it in 1968.
With our long winters, Maine is the perfect breeding ground for swimming excellence, but we need more swimming pools, and we need geographically placed fifty-meter pools, pools the length of the Olympic pool.
Take the time to let your state house representatives, our legislators, know just how important it is to encourage healthy living in Maine, and to provide the young and old a healthy place to swim indoors, where everyone can learn to live healthy and extend the quality of their life through swimming. Swimming at this level is a year-round affair dominated by 50-Meter outdoor pools in large part with localities that are warm weather such as California, Texas, and Florida to name a few.
Maryland also only has a population of a little more than five times that of Maine, Michigan ten times. I am going to suggest fifty such 50 meter pools would serve the state well, located on a regional basis to serve the geographic area with a population curve built in lightly. Wish the state would fund more pools, as swimming is a lifetime health improving activity as you imply. I swim more as I can, and less after the pool closes for maintenance, when I have to ramp up again.

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