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In a rare admission, China has acknowledged an increase in deaths from major coal mine accidents as the government presses its campaign to cut production overcapacity in the industry. Recent death toll improvements The comments were unusual on several counts, most notably because China has previously reported dramatic improvements in coal mine death tolls in recent years. But trying to construct complete figures from official reports of SAWS statements is difficult.
ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This tip is also dedicated to my brother Melvyn Seid who passed away in May 2009.
ANSWER: The small exit number sign on top of a larger directional sign is always on the same side as the exit. ANSWER: Almost all Interstate and US highways and some State highways going north and south are numbered in odd numbers. Note: To my knowledge, the State of New York numbers its exits consecutively west to east and south to north without any regard to the mile markers. QUESTION 3: Driving at night on a rural road with no streetlights, your headlights are the only illumination.
Similar signs and barriers with slanted lines guide you around construction zones and other hazards or obstructions.
Especially at night, if you come upon a slow vehicle and want to pass, do not immediately go around it to the right. When changing lanes for any reason, use your turn signals so all the drivers around you know your intention.
QUESTION 6: You are driving on a two-lane winding road either at the speed limit or a little slower, so you can enjoy the scenery.
When you see another car behind you on a one-lane road, the courteous thing to do is drive at least as fast as the limit until you reach a place to safely let the other car(s) pass.
I hope this tip has been fun for you to check out a little of your EIQ (Etiquette Intelligence Quotient) with regards to road sign etiquette.
Question: What other road signs do you have to add to this list readers should know about that are not as commonplace?
This page has at least two photos where the hose on the gas pump symbol is on the opposite side of where the fuel door arrow is pointing. I am an ESL teacher and I just want to tell you that I think your website is magnificent in every way! I drive a 1996 Cadillac Eldorado with the fuel tank on the driver’s side and the hose on the fuel pump icon on the right.
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Serena Williams and Venus Williams leave after losing their match against Lucie Safarova and Barbora Strycova of Czech Republic, August 7, 2016. It was the sisters’ first loss as a doubles team at the Games, having won 15 previous matches together, taking the title in 2000, 2008 and 2012. Just a day after 36-year-old Venus, suffering from a virus and stomach complaint, was beaten in the singles, the top-seeded sisters slumped to a 6-3, 6-4 defeat against the experienced Czech pair. Serena is the defending champion in singles while Venus was the title winner in Sydney 16 years ago.
Serena is still in contention for back-to-back Olympic titles having defeated Australia’s Daria Gavrilova in her singles opener earlier today. On July 28, a top safety official singled out the coal industry while reporting an overall drop in production accidents during the first half of the year, the official Xinhua news agency said. In 2014, the latest year for which state media have reported complete numbers, coal mine fatalities totaled 931, dropping below 1,000 per year for the first time. In an effort to cut down the number of accidents due to not knowing or understanding road signs, this tip is dedicated to everyone who drives U.S.
Knowing what these signs mean and using them and other rules of the road properly makes life easier for you and more pleasant for all the drivers and pedestrians you encounter. Ask passengers to keep a lookout for your off-ramp so you can get into the appropriate lane to exit.
Because the number increases, it indicates you are driving north, for 121 miles (163 – 42 = 121). California historically did not display exit numbers and mile markers until recently; they are appearing more and more in certain sections of the state.

A sign appears ahead of you, a tall rectangle with alternating black and yellow stripes slanting down to the left. Always note the direction in which the lines slant down and go around the barrier to that side. Yellow stripes separate traffic traveling in opposite directions or mark the left edge of the highway. In many cases there are red reflectors on the yellow line, which you see in the headlights of cars going the wrong way, in case the yellow line is not readily visible at dusk or at night.
You are in lane Number 3, the far right lane, and you want to pass the slow trucks and cars that are using the lane as well. Move into lane 1 if the vehicles in the middle and right lane are slower than you and you want to pass.
Move into the Number 1 lane and stay there to be sure you are never impeded by slower traffic.
If you are passing and a faster car comes up behind you, do not continue to block that car. Flash your headlights or flick your high beams on and off to let the driver know you want to pass. When it is safe, pull over into a turnout or wide shoulder to let cars pass, then resume your journey. Slow down even more to give the more adventurous drivers a chance to pass you on straighter stretches of the road or when they can see no cars coming the other way. Causing other drivers to get frustrated or angry because you are holding them up, often causes them to do dangerous things–such as pass you when it is not safe on curves or when cars are coming the other way.
I’ve yet to see a newer car that defies the convention mentioned in your article though. To protect the integrity of SBS Payroll's blog, your comment has been submitted for moderation.We sincerely appreciate your feedback! In 1996-2000, the annual death toll averaged 7,619, an astonishing rate of over 20 per day, according to previous official reports on one of the world's most dangerous industries.
But 10 days later, SAWS said that coal accidents in the four-month period through April rose 40 percent, Xinhua reported. After seven months, the shutdowns had reached 38 percent of this year's goal of 250 million tons, the agency said. Most states follow federal guidelines and number their exits according to the mile markers.
The slanted lines always point down toward the lane and direction in which it is safe to avoid the obstruction. If you ever see a yellow line on your right, you are going the wrong way into opposing traffic. Driving etiquette says you only use the left lane as a passing lane, except when all lanes are full of traffic. If the car doesn’t move over in a reasonable time, then signal a lane change and move around the car.
Some may try to pass you on the shoulder which is not only unsafe, it’s also illegal. But Yang told a Beijing press conference that coal was the exception in "a generally stable work safety situation." Sixty-four workers had died in five major coal accidents through June compared with 21 deaths in one accident a year before, Yang said. China's progress in promoting safety and closing its most treacherous small mines has been impressive, considering the country's increase in coal output as fatalities declined. State media reports of accidents during the period do not account for the discrepancy, suggesting that the sudden increase may be only for accidents classified as major. Across all industries tracked by SAWS, 198 deaths occurred in 15 major accidents, representing reductions of 23.9 and 25 percent, Xinhua reported.
In 1990, the ratio of deaths per million metric tons of coal mined stood at 6.1, a 2004 study at Chinese University of Hong Kong found.
Speaking at the SAWS press conference, a coal safety official cited 205 deaths from all coal accidents during the six-month period, an increase from 116 in the year-earlier period, according to a transcript.
The official statements are a sign that the central government is watching closely as coal producers delay closures to take advantage of rising prices after two years of declining demand. Yang cited neglect of equipment maintenance by struggling coal mines as one likely cause of major accidents.

But neither figure appears to correlate with the death rates reported for 2014 or the first quarter of this year. By highlighting the increase in major accidents, SAWS and state media appear to be reinforcing the government's drive to reduce overcapacity.
Mines slated for closure had also raised risks by prolonging production due to recent price hikes for coal, he said. But the official reports have grown sketchy and sporadic, suggesting that the most recent tally of "major" accidents was intended to make a point. Last December, Xinhua reported a 68-percent drop in deaths from major coal accidents for an 11-month period of 2015 without citing a figure for all accidents. But the motivations behind the manipulation of data may do little to clarify the real safety situation in China's mines. The major accident category represents only a fraction of China's coal mining deaths, but comprehensive figures have not been publicized, making it unclear whether total fatalities went up or down. In January, another report cited a 37-percent decline in mine deaths from gas explosions last year without giving a figure for all fatalities.
Tim Wright, an authority on China's coal industry and professor emeritus of Chinese studies at Britain's University of Sheffield, said that experts have been debating whether the previous reductions in accidents have resulted from capacity cuts. SAWS defines major accidents as those that kill over 10 people, injure over 50 or result in direct economic losses over 50 million yuan (U.S.
In April, Xinhua also reported the first-quarter decrease in coal deaths using percentage terms without disclosing the fatality numbers for either the quarterly period or all of 2015.
The pattern of publishing partial or cherry-picked data is usually seen as putting the best face on China's progress, making it all the more exceptional to report the rise in major accidents.
The new focus coincides with the government's drive to shut down surplus coal production capacity in the country that consumes about half of the world's high-polluting fuel. The reports "are often ambiguous as between total fatalities and major accidents," he said. The CNCA claims to have shed 560 million tons of capacity and closed 7,250 mines in the past five years, although China's coal figures have been widely questioned.
Wright said the central and provincial governments have both cut back on releasing more specific safety statistics by types of mines over the past decade.
Earlier this year, the government set a goal of shutting 4,300 more mines and eliminating 700 million tons of capacity in two to three years.
The "cessation of publication of more detailed statistics (is) both annoying and puzzling," said Wright, arguing that it would be in China's best interest to issue complete reports.
A guideline from the cabinet-level State Council has called for trimming 500 million tons of capacity and consolidating another 500 million among mine operators within three to five years. In another unusual report on July 26, China's top planning agency reminded local governments and state-owned enterprises that they had made only 29 percent of their targeted 2016 capacity cuts by midyear. While several provinces and regions have been on track with mine shutdowns, nine others had made no progress at all, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said.
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