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Another new model to make its world debut today at the 2010 Leipzig Auto Show, was the BMW 530d Touring.
Sporting a 3.0 liter straight-six engine, the 2011 BMW 530d Touring outputs 245 horsepower and remains the top model in the diesel range.
The BMW offers with 2.97 meters, by far the longest wheelbase in its segment and, consequently, the shortest overhangs, which contributes much to its dynamic side view. The  luggage capacity of the new 5 Series Touring is 560 liters, on par with the Audi A6 Avant.
The new BMW 5 Series Touring features as standard pneumatic suspension on the rear axle, including automatic self-leveling. The new BMW 5 Series Touring is making its debut with a choice of two straight-six petrol engines as well as a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder diesel.
In Europe, big executive saloons (sedans here in the ‘States) with diesel engines are incredibly popular. In 2010 BMW introduced the sixth-generation 5 Series Touring or Sports Wagon as known on this side of the pond.
BMW and Munich Police continue their long-term collaboration and the new F11 BMW 5 Series Touring will enter the Bavarian emergency fleet.
According to Autoblog quoting BMWNA officials, the new BMW 5 Series wagon may return to United States.
For years, if you wanted a premium mid-size luxury sport sedan, you sought the brand with the blue and white roundel. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? If the imminent end-of-support deadline for Windows XP has finally spurred you to make the update to Windows 8, you might be concerned about whether youa€™ll still be able to run your old programs.
With virtualization, you can run a whole Windows XP desktop inside a window on your Windows 7, 8 or Vista PC.
If you have legacy software you need to run, or just want to run a virtual Windows XP PC, read ona€”wea€™ll show you how you can get a virtual machine set up in under 15 minutes.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Microsoft will be ending support for XP Mode on April 8th, the same day they end support for XP itself. In light of all this, we recommend that you skip XP Mode in favor of a more flexible solution for accessing Windows XPa€”running the operating system in a virtual machine. If youa€™re unfamiliar with the concept, a virtual machine is pretty much what it sounds like: a simulated computer that runs within your main operating system.
Setting up a virtual machine isna€™t very complicated, but it does involve a number of steps.
VirtualBox: Other virtual machine programs are out there, but this one has a lot going for ita€”ita€™s got all the features you need, ita€™s easy to set up and use, and (best of all) ita€™s totally free for personal use.
A Windows XP Serial Key : Just like any other Windows machine, youa€™ll need a serial key to use Windows XP in your virtual machine. The second setup page asks you how much of your system memory you want to devote to the virtual machine while ita€™s running.
Your virtual machine will start up, and you will see the familiar Windows installation process. Before you can start using your virtual Windows XP machine, therea€™s one more step to complete.
With Guest Additions installed you will have a number of new options available to you in the a€?Devicesa€? menu of VirtualBox.
Adding a virtual drive to your Windows XP virtual machine lets you pass files to and fro from your physical machine. Now, restart your virtual machine, and when it starts back up youa€™ll see your shared folder as a drive on the virtual machine. One final notea€”by default the internet should work fine in a virtual machine, but sometimes that isna€™t the case. To make these changes you have to turn off the virtual machine, then open the network settings menu in VirtualBox.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Golf Instruction - What is essential to the swing and what is merely a matter of style? A page for everybody who loves golf!

The average clubhead speed with the Driver is 112 mph; ball speed is 165 mph and carry distance is 269 yards. The average clubhead speed with an 8-iron is 87 mph; ball speed is 115 mph and carry distance is 160 yards. The Carry distance difference between each iron is 12 yards (8-iron 160 yards and 7-iron 172 yards). All clubs are on average struck with a descending blow other than the driver which is 3.0 degrees upward.
The average clubhead speed with the driver is 94 mph; ball speed is 139 mph and carry distance is 220 yards.
The average clubhead speed with an 8-iron is 74 mph; ball speed is 100 mph and carry distance is 130 yards. The carry distance difference between each iron is 11 yards (8-iron 130 yards and 7-iron 141 yards). Shot accuracy is primarily determined by a combination of face angle, club path and point of contact. The ball launches PRIMARILY in the direction of the club face - approximately 75-85% on full shots. For putting, shot accuracy is determined primarily by the face angle - the softer the hit (as in chipping and putting) the greater the effect of clubface. The initial ball direction falls between the club face angle and club path - remember that it greatly favors the face angle.
The further apart the club face and club path diverge from each other (basically - point in different directions) the more the ball's spin axis tilts and the more curvature exists on the shot. By the way - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SIDE SPIN - it is merely back spin on an axis and the more the axis tilts, the more the ball flight curves. The only way to hit the outside of the ball is to have the face closed relative to the target line and to hit the inside of the ball the face must be open relative to the target line.
The highest recorded clubhead speed on the PGA Tour in 2009 was Bubba Watson at 128 mph while the World Long Drive Champion, Jamie Sadlowski used a clubhead speed of 145 mph (418 yards!) to win.
A carry distance of 100 yards for ladies is equivalent to a carry distance of 130 yards for men; 200 yards for ladies is equivalent to 250 yards for men. An increase of 1” in the length of a club can increase the clubhead speed by as much as 4 mph. Something to keep in mind is that no golfer should discard accuracy in search of distance as there should always be a balance between the two. All the competitors are within 7 centimeters in exterior length, with the new 5er Touring situated between the A6 Avant and the E-Class Estate. And while most Windows XP software works just fine in Windows 8, some applications do indeed have compatibility issues. Any Windows XP software you have should run in the virtual machine, and because the virtual computer cana€™t make changes to your real computera€™s hard drive, you wona€™t have to worry about end-of-support security issues.
Ita€™s not entirely clear what the security ramifications of running XP Mode after support is cut off are, or if Microsoft will continue to host the free download that allows you to use XP mode. It borrows some of your host computers resources, like hard disk space and RAM and uses those to run the virtual computer. If you bought your PC with Windows XP already installed, the product key is most likely on a sticker somewhere on your PC or with any documentation that came with it. Therea€™s a few choices you can make during the installation, but you can just leave the default options selected for everything and click through.
On the first page, choose a descriptive name (such as a€?Windows XP Virtual Machinea€?) and select what make and model of operating system youa€™re going to install. Windows XPa€™s memory requirements are very low, but for better performance youa€™ll want to increase this higher than the recommended 192 MB.
10GB is enough to install the operating system with room to spare, but you should increase it a bit if you plan to install anything more than basic software. But just as if youa€™d built a brand new physical PC, you have to install an operating system on it. Even if youa€™ve never installed Windows XP before, the installation process is very straightforwarda€”just click through each screen, filling in any of the basic info it asks you for. VirtualBox includes a set of software utilities to install on the virtual PC, which make it a lot easier to work with and control the virtual PC.

There arena€™t any complicated decisions to make here, just click next a couple times, and allow the computer to restart when it asks. Most useful is the option to add a shared folder, which will allow you to easily transfer files from your host computer to your virtual computer. You can use this to transfer software to the virtual machine, and then install it inside Windows XP. With our setup, running Windows XP on a Windows 8.1 host PC, we had to make some changes in the network settings to get the internet working in the virtual machine. Here I will discuss the swing, architecture, equipment, players and the general state of the game. TrackMan is a radar unit that measures both club delivery and the full trajectory of any golf shot – essentially it measures almost everything pertaining to a golf club striking a ball.
That means it would take a scratch handicap golfer almost 28 rounds of even par golf to have the ball be on the clubface for one second!
It is, however, possible for just about any golfer to significantly increase their distance with only a marginal decrease in accuracy as a result of a sound, long-term plan coupled with commitment and discipline. Fortunately, therea€™s a way you can run any Windows XP software at all, using virtualization. First, it only works in Windows 7a€”if youa€™re still using Windows Vista or have updated to Windows 8, then Windows XP mode wona€™t work on your system. With a virtual machine, you can have a full-fledged Windows XP computer running in a window on your desktop, or even one running Linux or Windows 95. If you installed Windows yourself, then hopefully you kept the product key that came with the installation disc. When the installer is done, VirtualBox will start up, and youa€™ll see a message informing you that you dona€™t have any virtual machines created yet. Conveniently, Windows XP is the default choice, so unless your dropdown menu looks different, stick with that. Remember that you wona€™t be immediately forfeiting all this space on your main drivea€”ita€™ll only be claimed if you actually use it for something in your virtual Windows XP PC.
If you attempt to run the PC by double clicking on its tile on the left part of the screen, VirtualBox will automatically start the new machine wizard, and it will ask you to select a startup disc. It will restart at one point in the process, and then after several minutes of installing youa€™ll find yourself looking at a small version of the Windows XP desktop, in a window. To install these, click on the VirtualBox menu bar item labelled Devices, then select Insert Guest Additions CD Image. To do this, click Devices, then Shared Folders Settings, which will open the virtual machine settings. The backrest can be folded down using two control levers inside the luggage compartment, the loading space cover of which is automatically lowered when the tailgate is closed. Further, ita€™s only available on the Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions of Windows 7, rather than the more common consumer versions.
If you didna€™t, you can still recover your CD key by running Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder on the system running XP.
On the following page, choose Dynamically allocated, which means that you can allocate, say, 25GB of hard drive space for the virtual machine, but that space wona€™t actually be used up on your physical hard disk unless you actually use it for something in the virtual machine. You can click the little file icon next to the file field to browse your system for the Windows install data. VirtualBox can be a little finicky with what it accepts as a valid file name herea€”we found the easiest way to make sure the folder path works is to manually create a folder with no spaces or special characters on the host machine, then copy and paste the address into the folder field.
100 mph clubhead speed divided into 152 mph ball speed) and indicates an ideal transfer of energy to the ball. The separately opening rear window automatically swings upwards at the push of a button.

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