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If you’ve ever attempted to attach a large file to an email in outlook file you’ve probably received a notification window alerting you that “the. The attachment size limit, or actually message size limit as it includes all your attachments and the message itself, is determined by the sending size limit. Outlook won't let you send an attachment, claiming in an error message it exceeds some limit? How increase size limit pst file problem: outlook add- (client module) codetwo public folders local copy syncing master (server) data.

Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. 3) Create your email signature using the Rich Text field manually or you may import it from other programs such as Microsoft Word or an HTML document. We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial of creating an email signature in Lotus Notes 8.5. You can also insert graphics or attachments, but beware of this option as it will increase the size of your emails dramatically!

This is a great method for individuals out there wanting to spruce up their email signature with contact details, along with website and social media links. Stick to a few of the key signature rules we mentioned back in our article “Email Signatures – What Makes Them Ugly?

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