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Research shows that the pregnancy vitamin E can help to alleviate oxidative stress to better support healthy fertility in men and women.
Vitamin E is involved in enzymatic activities, neurological functions, and gene expression and is equally beneficial to male and female fertility.
In a study investigating asthenospermia (poor sperm motility), researchers wanted to determine if vitamin E could improve motility1.
Patients that received vitamin E supplements showed a reduction in sperm lipid peroxidation, or oxidative damage to sperm from free radicals.
The spouses of 11 patients (21%) receiving vitamin E supplements conceived during the study. This study suggests that vitamin E supplementation can help to improve sperm health and motility.
All the women in the study received clomiphene citrate, a drug that induces ovulation through stimulating the release of hormones. There was a significant difference in the thickness of the endometrium between the two groups. Women who received vitamin E had a healthier endometrial response compared with those that didn’t receive the vitamin. Researchers concluded that vitamin E administration may help women with unexplained infertility to improve endometrial response.
Boosting the availability of this vitamin may also enhance the success rate of assisted fertility treatments.
Good vitamin E sources include leafy greens, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, pumpkin, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, olive oil, and shellfish.
We have therefore compared all of the top male fertility combination supplements in a transparent, side-by-side evaluation. Many supplements combine several fertility nutrients to create one powerful fertility-enhancing pill. Extreme Exercise – Studies have shown that heavy duty, long distance cycling and other extreme exercise can cause problems with the sperm formation and and sperm count. Body Weight – Studies have shown that men who are clinically overweight or clinically obese have higher incidence of low sperm count and poor overall sperm quality. Additions and Excesses – Drugs, smoking, and alcohol are all vices you should eliminate if you are trying to get pregnant.
INFERTILITY Acupuncture, Infertility & IVF PCOS & Diet Fertility Statistics Endometriosis Male Fertility Unexplained Infertility Costs & ProgrammesClick here to email ACUPUNCTURE, INFERTILITY & IVF A number of studies and clinical trials have been run over the past few years showing how conception rates have fallen in the past 30yrs due to women starting pregnancy later in their lives, poor sperm quality and stressful lifestyles, with poor nutrition and little exercise.

Lipid peroxidation is thought to be directly linked to the decline of sperm motility and respiratory activity2. This resulted in nine normal term deliveries and two miscarriages within the first trimester. A study published in 2012 investigated the effect of vitamin E on women undergoing procedures of controlled ovarian stimulation and IUI (intrauterine insemination)3. This is believed to be a result of the antioxidant and anticoagulant properties of the vitamin. With reproductive processes susceptible to oxidative stress, this vitamin can help to safeguard fertility in both women and men. This helps to support the immune system and protects the precious DNA throughout the body, including inside sperm cells. Men suffering from asthenospermia may be able to improve sperm quality through vitamin E supplementation. This may help to decrease the risk of birth defects and miscarriage through better supporting foetal development. Nine months of labour is hard on a body which is normally primed for pregnancy between 21-28, as the Chinese reckon women have life cycles of 7 yrs with 14 begins the start of menarche, 35 and the body has peaked, from 42 a woman starts to move into pre-menopause (though not impossible to conceive) and at 49 a woman is ‘barren’!
It has been shown that with 40% of all infertile couples , it is the man’s sperm quality at fault. It is the flow of Qi, blood & hormones through the body that Acupuncture and Herbs aims to focus on. And will also contribute to the increasing gyneological problem of PCOS, which causes irregular menstrual cycles and infertility.
And now we are finding that upto 50% of teenage girls have PCOS which must be due poor diet and lack of exercise or is being passed on by the maternal mother.
This syndrome is resistant to IVF and needs regular TCM treatment & the diet needs to be seriously re-addressed with additional exercise. The Low GI diet is low in calories, does’nt raise blood sugar levels, does’nt produce so much insulin and manages hunger better. If outside these ranges or irregular then TCM treatment needs to taken up in order to regulate the cycle and improve fertility. These are worrying statistics and can be gleaned from some of the IVF clinics own published rates. The older the couple the less chances of getting pregnant within the above time frames and will take longer on average.

Smith, Vol85: * Acupuncture on 110 women, 34 women got pregnant with the first implantation and 28 went to full term. These percentages are higher than just using IVF only* Another trial by Westergaard et al, Fertility & Sterility, 2006 Vol 85 shows Acupuncture with Embryo Tfr: Not Preg - Conceived - Ongoing Preg 1. Plus Sham Acu – 91 women: 64% - 36% - 26% This shows that Acupuncture not only helped more women conceive than IVF but more importantly there was less miscarriages. Dietary advice will be given to the appropriate patients with Chinese Herbal Patents and recommended supplements to diminish the condition.
From 1989 to 2007 men’s fertility levels dropped by 33%, so in less than 2 decades rates have dramatically fallen.
Strong medication, close proximity to chemicals, pesticides, paints, glues, mobile phones, radiation, wearing tight jeans(!) and hot baths can also damage sperm. In the acupuncture group the motility, intact sperm and viable sperm all increased significantly. Our lifestyles also have to be addressed, with regular exercise, weight management programs, stress reducing techniques and a determination to focus upon one's own health and happiness.
This is where maybe a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach can pick up the bits of information from a holistic approach and offer a common sense explanation and treatment protocol. About 30% of all cases of infertility in women and 25% in men are labelled as unexplained causes (re: Dr.
Often after a battery of negative tests couples are told to just go home and have more sex! TCM offers a way of addressing the manifestation of the problem and determination of the cause. Generally there is always some sort of sign or symptom that has been overlooked, either issues with the menstrual cycle or feelings of cold, heat, tiredness or stress.
With mutual consent one of the below options will be offered and agreed upon from the outset, or the patient can consider later his or her options.

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