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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Unlike other male G-spot massagers, the Nexus Vibro prostate massager has an additional feature. Atherosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the arteries, is a possible cause of arterial ulcers. When the arteries are not supplying enough oxygen, small cuts or scrapes may not heal properly. Arterial ulcers are ulcers which are caused by an insufficient supply of freshly oxygenated blood which leads to slow wound healing and exposes the body to the risk of inflammation in wounds which become chronic instead of resolving.
Arterial ulcers are characterized by areas of sunken, pitted tissue which may seep with wound exudate.
Causes for arterial ulcers can include chronic arterial insufficiency, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes and have had circulation problems in my legs and feet even before the diagnosis.
I was browsing YouTube some days back and I saw a video that really got my attention I must confess. Now I know there are over a thousand and one jelqing videos on YouTube but there was something about this particular video that caught my attention. Before I start listing out and explaining some of the jelqing exercises methods you can take advantage of, I want to quickly explain in details what the exercise is. It’s funny that despite the vast fame of the jelqing exercise, few men out there can really define or tell you what the exercise does to them or how it should be performed. Without further ado, the jelqing exercise is a penis enlargement exercise adapted by men who have a small penis size to help in growing the size of their penis. The Jelqing exercise is very safe and has over the years proven to be effective as it helped thousands of men increase the size of their penis both in girth and length. While the argument continues about the history of the exercise, one thing remains, the jelqing exercise has over the years proven to be man’s best ally when it comes to increasing the size of his penis. Since coming to light, the jelqing exercise has been gained widespread reviews from people all around the world. Warm Up first: Just like every other exercise where you need to warm up before starting, the jelqing exercise requires such. There are several benefits of warming up before exercising, if you want to learn more you can read further at your convenient time.
Get a bowl of a semi hot water, immerse a towel inside it, squeeze out excess water from the towel and wrap the towel round you penis for at least two minutes. Using your thumb and index finger, make a strong ring around the base of the penis, this is referred to as the ok-grip after this massage your penis with an upward until you reach the very tip of your penis.

In the process of doing this, if you get an erection, stop the exercise for a while till your penis erection reduces and start again once it is back to normal.
To get the best possible result, in the very first week, try doing at least 200-300 jelqs daily with medium strength this time. NOTE: While performing the jelqing exercise, be observant and look out for any itchiness or soreness in your penis area.
Watch the YouTube video I embedded above and other videos out there to learn more about how to effectively perform the jelqing exercise.
It is designed much like its Nexus counterparts, except for the additional feature; the vibrating prostate bullet.
It has a small vibrating prostate bullet that works to add extra stimulation to the prostate when used. The pebble shaped head is designed to stimulate the prostate like no other male G-spot vibrator can. These ulcers are most commonly found in the lower extremities and are especially frequent on the feet in patients who experience them. A small cut or scrape can fail to resolve, and skin which is damaged because of jutting bone, poorly fitting shoes, or chafing clothing will not heal.
Has anyone tried them? My grandmother is having an issue with her circulation due to high blood pressure and has developed two arterial ulcers on her feet. Yes, you would be at risk for both as a diabetes patient. There are also a few differences in the symptoms of the two. I've always noticed that deeply cut nails or any cut on my feet always takes a really long time to heal even though none has developed into an ulcer yet, thankfully. My doctor told me to be really careful though and to make sure to visit him if I notice anything out of the ordinary and if healing periods of any cuts and injuries in this area take even longer than they do now. It was discovered that fathers taught their sons some penile massage techniques (jelqing) that helped them in their sexual relations. From blogs to website, to PDF materials, magazines, health shows, YouTube jelqing videos, the exercise has become so popular than some cities and in hospitals today, doctors seem to prefer recommending the exercise to patients who are looking to increase the size of their penis than advising them to start taking pills that can help increase growth or undergo surgery. Warming up before participating in any exercise is very important for your overall well being. I Hope You Will Become A Regular Guest As I Update This Blog Three Times A Week With Cutting Edge Traffic-Getting Tips. This exciting feature means that not only will you get deep, powerful stimulation and massage for the Nexus Vibro, but you’ll also receive additional stimulation from the vibrating bullet that fits into the massager. This additional stimulation, along with the stimulation received from the ergonomically designed massager together work to relieve the prostate from any built up pressure, sensually enhance and stimulate the prostate.
The Nexus Vibro displays dual stimulation, which means that if you use it you can enjoy entire anal canal and prostate massage simultaneously. Again, to ensure the most comfortable and sensual experience, it is suggested that you use lubricant. After just 4 or 5 times I felt a major difference in my prostate and managed to ejaculate without much pain.

There are a number of conditions which can cause arterial ulcers and people who are at increased risk of developing them may be given special directions by their doctors so that they can learn to identify such ulcers quickly.
Likewise, if the nails are cut back too far or a nail becomes ingrown, this can also cause a poorly healed injury.
Since the ulcer often becomes inflamed or infected, it may be reddish, tender to the touch, and swollen.
They can also appear in seemingly healthy patients since sometimes the signs of arterial obstruction are not readily apparent until the patient starts developing secondary complications like ulcers. This can include giving antibiotics to fight infection, providing patients with analgesia, and cleaning the wound to remove dead tissue. He also mentioned ulcers to me, although I thought he said venous ulcers and not arterial ulcers. By doing this, you are increasing blood circulation to your penis area and decreasing the likelihood of sustaining any injuries during the jelqing exercise process. Once you notice this, it is advised you stop the jelqing exercise for a while and DO NOT continue until the discomfort stops. So relieve your prostate, improve your sexual performance even with prostate problems or simply pleasure yourself when you use the Nexus Vibro.
The bullet has five speeds which you can control, so if you prefer to start off with something light and then increase the speed, it is completely up to your own discretion. The prostate vibrating bullet has five speeds which you control with the easy click of a button. In patients who are known to be at risk, prevention includes careful management of the patient's chronic condition, along with promotion of good circulation. However, treatment will not necessarily promote healing or prevent a recurrence because the underlying cause is still present. But I read online that compression therapy which is basically done by using bandages and applying light pressure on the area of the ulcer helps a lot. I'm wondering if we should get some for my grandmother. I might just be remembering the term wrongly. Do venous ulcers have anything to do with arterial ulcers?
There is nothing difficult about using the Nexus Vibro, which makes it super easy to use and accessible to anyone who is looking to improve their prostate health, ease prostate pain and explore their sexual capabilities.
But arterial ulcers cause a lot of pain while walking and even pain when laying down and resting. This can include wearing specialized garments, prescribing medications, or performing surgery, depending on the nature of the condition which lead to the development of the ulcers.
Also, you can feel a pulse in the feet with venous ulcers but can't with arterial. In terms of treatment, care and prevention though, the methods are the same in the two.

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