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When your alarm goes off do you hit the snooze button or do you jump out of bed right away? Increased Productivity – Perhaps the biggest benefit of rising early is the fact that you can get more done. Decreased Stress – A lot of people who have decided to start waking up early have found that doing so has lowered their stress levels.
Creativity – Many people who have creative pursuits such as writing and art, find that they are much more creative in the morning and because of that they organize their day so that their creative work gets done right at the beginning of the day. Now that you know the benefits of rising early, it’s interesting to take some look at successful people from both the past and present, so you can see where waking up early can get you. Jack Dorsey – Co-founder of Twitter and Founder and CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey gets up at 5:30 am each morning in order to meditate and go for a six mile jog. Bob Iger – Bob Iger is the CEO of Disney and he is up at 4:30 each morning and uses those extra hours to read, exercise, listen to music, check his email and watch TV.
Paul Polman – Polman is the CEO of Unilever and he is up at 6am each morning so he can run on his treadmill and think about the work day ahead of him. Steve Reineumnd – Former CEO of PepsiCo, Steve Reinemund would be up at 5am each morning so he could go and do a 5 mile run as he knew he wouldn’t have time to do it otherwise. Irwin Simon – Irwin Simon is the founder and CEO of Hain Celestial Group and he makes sure he is up at 5am each morning so that he can check his emails and call operations in Europe and Asia. George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr – While in office George Bush Sr would be up at 4am each morning to go running and he would be in the office at 6am and he wouldn’t sleep until 2am.
Tim Cook – Apple CEO Tim Cook is up each morning at 4:30 so he can get some work done and send some emails and by 5am he can be found in the gym working out.
Ernest Hemmingway – Ernest felt that he did his best writing early in the morning and for that reason he got up at 6am each morning and didn’t stop writing until noon.
Benjamin Franklin – Franklin used to get up at 5am each morning and he used that time to wash, dress and plan his work for the day. So, you now know the benefits of waking up early and have taken a look at some of the most successful risers and you too want to join the super successful early riser club, but how do you go about doing it? Many people when deciding to start waking up early make too drastic of a change, they may wake up at 8am and decide to start waking up at 5am. When you’re alarm goes off in the morning, if it’s right next you then as you know it’s very tempting to turn it off, without even thinking about it really. One of the best ways to make sure you get up on time is to condition yourself to get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. If you have a yummy breakfast to look forward to then it’s much easier to get out of bed on time. A lot of people will get up earlier but they won’t do anything with that extra time and because of that they’ll end up going back to bed out of pure boredom. I already said above about having a morning routine in order to signal to your body that it’s time to wake up but it’s also important to have a bedtime routine in order to signal to your body that now is the time to go to sleep. The whole point of waking up early is so you can get more done, a good way then to keep yourself waking up early is to track what you’ve been able to accomplish with your extra hours. You should make sure that you don’t drink alcohol before you go to bed because by drinking alcohol shortly before hitting the sack you’ll end up increasing your deep sleep cycle and losing out on your REM sleep and that means you’ll be tired in the morning, making it more likely you’ll hit the snooze button.
Getting up in the morning is a habit and like any other habit it requires discipline and commitment, you just have to get up and eventually overtime it will get easier and easier. Coley Stickels, head coach of the Canyons Aquatic Club, is pretty familiar with elite level swimmers.
As a 14-time All-American and USA National team member as a swimmer he has worked his way up the coaching ranks since hanging up the swimsuit in 2001, starting as an assistant under Frank Busch at the University of Arizona (his alma mater). Before heading to Canyons he was the head coach at the Phoenix Swim Club where he sent nine swimmers to the 2012 US Olympic Trials.
It was in Phoenix that Stickels worked with legendary and timeless South African swimmer Roland Schoeman, who placed 5th in the 50m freestyle at the London Games. It’s designed to promote an early vertical forearm, something even freestylers of the non-sprinting variety need to work on.
The catch arm does a quick scoop-like motion engaging the core and forcing the torso and hips into a flattened position, while the recovery arm moves forward. Both arms quickly retract to the original catch and recovery position, before then taking a full cycle of a stroke. You can catch up with Coley on Twitter, as well as stay up to date with the news and goings-on of the Canyons Aquatic Club here. A report by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) found from looking at 75 programmes aiming to improve outcomes from age 0-5, that those which target early signs of risk were most effective. But the EIF warns that more still needs to be done to test these schemes in the UK, as the current evidence base is limited.

The Department for Education said it was up to councils to work closely with providers to indentify children in most need of support.
Diving Into Data WorkshopWorkshop for journalists wanting to improve their datasets skills.
The organizations hope to change that, aiming to deepen and strengthen an already existing campaign the two launched in February, “Pequenos y Valiosos,” or “Small and Valuable.” Their goals for 2015 are as follows. Increasing the number of Hispanic families who have pledged to spend at least 15 minutes every day talking, reading or singing to their young children to over 35,000 families – representing at least 3.5 million hours pledged to these activities in 2015. The commitment was unveiled in conjunction with today’s White House Early Learning Summit, where it was announced that $1 billion in federal, private, public and philanthropic funding was being put toward early learning, including $750 million in federal investments for preschool development grants and an expansion of the Early Head Start program. This is the second time this year Too Small to Fail — a joint effort of the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation — has worked with the White House and early childhood community leaders to support early learning and help close the word gap, or, “the disparity in words that children living in lower-income families hear and learn compared to those in higher-income families,” the news release states. After spending more than $3.5 billion on a program to improve chronically low-performing schools — only to see mixed results — the Obama administration is proposing major revisions to the menu of turnaround efforts that low-performing schools can undertake to qualify for funding under the program. This fall, the share of K-12 students in the United States who are Latino is projected to climb to nearly one quarter, a figure expected to rise to nearly 30 percent by 2022. But as states respond to the data, a new challenge emerges: implementing early education programs successfully. Denver, CO—January 20, 2015—A groundbreaking effort is underway to help synagogue and JCC early childhood education (ECE) centers increase enrollment, better engage Jewish families and build stronger connections to the Jewish community.
We must bring families into Jewish communities at formative stages of their lives and their children’s development,” says Lisa Farber Miller, senior program officer of Denver-based Rose Community Foundation. Numerous studies demonstrate that parents, children, synagogues, JCCs and communities as a whole would benefit from stronger and more accessible Jewish ECE programs.
Our ECE centers need the best outreach strategies and tools to engage families at this critical life stage,” says Mark Horowitz,vice president of early childhood education and family engagement at the JCC Association. Through the initiative, ECE centers receive ongoing coaching, training and guidance from the URJ, JCC Association and USCJ experts and others, along with a “Toolbox of Resources” to expedite long-term growth. Among numerous recommendations, the study explained that synagogues and ECE centers need programs, campaigns and marketing that create inclusive relationships with members and  aggressively communicate what synagogues or JCCs offer to families. The research is as clear as can be—everyone benefits when ECE centers and directors are resourced, supported and offered training and coaching that addresses all aspects of their operations,” says Cathy Rolland, director of engaging families with young children at the URJ.
Rose Community Foundation and the partner organizations plan to share key lessons learned, curriculum and other important resources that result from BUILDing Jewish ECE. Early childhood education is one of the few times when Jewish communities have a demand-side economy working in their favor.
Rose Community Foundation uses leadership, grantmaking and donor engagement to invest in strategic and innovative solutions to enduring problems and emerging issues.
During the first six months of 2016, Rose Community Foundation awarded 318 grants totaling more than $4.2 million. An assessment of early childhood education in Detroit by IFF, a non-profit and a partner in KEYS: Detroit, showed that last year Detroit had only enough high-quality childcare spots to serve 22 percent of children ages 0-5 needing care. KEYS: Detroit aims to fill this gap in early childhood care with a focus on five areas including investments in new early childhood centers, below-market loans to improve current early childhood development centers, grants to support early childhood collaborations, investments that draw early childhood expertise to Detroit, and the formation of a cross-sector leadership alliance to guide strategy.
The Kresge Foundation was established in Detroit in 1924 and has invested its resources in the area for more than 90 years.
Collaboration between philanthropy, government, and industry will continue to be crucial as the city of Detroit works to rebound from a long history of economic downturn, blight, and other city-wide challenges. It’s simple maths really, if you wake up at 5am each morning and go to bed at 10pm, you’re going to be able to achieve much more than the person who goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 9am. This is because you end up accomplishing more during the day so you end up with less psychological clutter and also because many end up using their extra time to meditate and think and numerous studies have shown that meditating can greatly reduce your stress levels and improve your levels of alertness. He also uses his morning time to pray, take his dogs for a walk and exercise, all before his kids get up.
His son, George Bush Jr also had a similar sleep schedule and he made sure to be in the office each morning by 6:45am and he often held meetings at this time.
The thing is though they aren’t able to stick to it because it’s just too much of a shock to the body.
By putting your alarm across the other side of the room though, you actually have to get up to turn it off and once you’re up out of bed you’re more likely to stay up.
To do this what you need to do is during the day when you’re wide awake you need to go to your bedroom and set your alarm for a few minutes ahead and then you need to jump into bed and pretend that you’re asleep and as soon as your alarm goes off you need to turn it off straight away and then jump out of bed and then you repeat.
There’s no point really getting up early in the morning if you’re going to be super tried the whole day. What you should do then is make sure that you have a morning routine, as having one will serve as a sort of trigger to your body and mind that now is the time to wake up.
Something that should be a part of your bedtime routine is to do something that relaxes and de-stresses you like meditation or yoga because if you go to bed stressed you’re going to find it hard to get to sleep.

REM sleep is also needed for proper learning and memory functioning, so avoid the late night drink at all costs. The Spanish-language media giant recently ran a month-long campaign – part of Pequenos y Valiosos — aimed at raising awareness among parents about the importance of interacting with their children every day, specifically from birth to the preschool years, to help them develop their learning skills. Research shows it takes more effort to question the plausibility and source of a message than simply to accept it as true. And proportionately more Hispanic students are enrolling in postsecondary education than white, non-Hispanic students. Several recent stories provide different looks at how some locales are scaling up their early education offerings. Led by Rose Community Foundation, the initiative — known as BUILDing Jewish ECE — involves a comprehensive partnership between the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and the JCC Association, and is open to all nine Denver and Boulder synagogues and JCCs that have ECE Centers.
Parents are more likely to be involved and invested in Jewish home rituals and celebrations as a result of their child’s own involvement in those experiences at ECE centers. The preschool years have proven to be a critical time in the development of a child’s personality and identity—including their religious identity. This includes website, social media and search engine optimization audits, new software and database support to improve marketing, tracking and enrollment; marketing materials and action plans along with a “mystery shopper program” to test a center’s effectiveness when a parent inquires about or visits the school.
Rose Community Foundation designed BUILDing Jewish ECE as a response to the study and reached out to the Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado, URJ, JCCA and USCJ to assist in this work as partners.
They note that other communities have similar opportunities to focus energy and resources on ECE and family engagement in new and ground-breaking ways.
In other words, many parents need and must pay for expensive early care and education for young children.
My buddies know me as "Rocky." I love Jewish holidays because the food is GREAT, especially the brisket. One foundation that has consistently applied a cross-sector approach in its transformative work, particularly in the Detroit area, is the Kresge Foundation. The foundation played a key role in the redevelopment of the Detroit riverfront, for example.
With KEYS: Detroit, the Kresge Foundation illuminates the importance of multi-sector involvement in tackling one of the these complex challenges.
The whole point of doing this is to make the whole process of getting out of bed automatic that you don’t even think about it, you just hear the alarm go off and you jump out of bed. What you should do then is to make sure you go to bed earlier as if you go to bed earlier than it’s going to be much easier to get up earlier. As stated in an earlier Latino Ed Beat post, the network encouraged parents to pledge at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with their child, and those who signed up to participate received tools, resources and tips to maximize their child’s learning potential. National leadership and local leaders of JCCs and congregations are all playing key roles in this truly collaborative, cross-denominational, cross-organizational initiative. 85 percent of a child’s cognitive development is formed by age five, the majority by age three.  Additionally, synagogues and JCCs would increase revenue with ECE centers that are integrated into the entire organization and are operating as effectively as possible. The ECE centers in BUILDing Jewish ECE each offer something unique that appeals to a wide range of Jewish families.
The Kresge Early Years for Success (KEYS): Detroit, a $20-million, 5-year initiative to improve early childhood outcomes, continues the Foundation’s legacy of programs tackling big issues with the involvement of government, business, and non-profit partners. For decades, the riverfront in Detroit was dotted with run-down industrial sites, parking lots, and overgrown shrubbery, rendering it inaccessible to the general public.
So, if you do wake up at 8am and want to start waking up at 5am what you should do is wake up 15 minutes earlier so 7:45am and stick with that for three days or so, as to allow your body to adjust to that and keep on reducing it by 15 minutes until you are waking up at 5am. It’s going to take some time to fully condition yourself to do this and you will want to practise it 10 times each day until you’re able to do it. The best thing to do is if you want to wake up an hour earlier then go to bed an hour earlier.
Department of Education, and others to highlight the ways that communities across the country are tackling this challenge. The services and tools offered as part of the initiative are valued at $92,000 per institution. I was adopted from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and have many friends there also looking for homes. In 2003, leaders from the Kresge Foundation, along with representatives from the City of Detroit and General Motors, formed the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, a non-profit organization that collaboratively turned five and a half miles of riverfront property into a pedestrian-friendly walkway that would attract private and public interest in the space. Also make sure that even if you’re not tired that you still go to bed, as you need to train your mind and body to adjust to your new sleeping schedule. For this project, the Foundation provided its largest grant ever to a single project — $50 million — serving as the economic catalyst to launch the conservancy efforts and attracting other funding and ongoing support.

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