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Yes, I’m talking about turning your average, ordinary grocery store pineapple into a tropical showpiece within your home. The thought of growing my own pineapple always makes me smile and giggle just a little bit. While you’re waiting for me to make something yummy with the leftovers, go ahead and plant a pineapple. I have done this, and once the pineapple was big enough to plant it took 18 months to get my first pineapple, and they are the sweetest when they turn yellow, and every year after that I would get at least 3 or 4 a year. I believe grafting or air-layering a tree that bears fruit are the best methods of getting a fruit-bearing tree of your own. The first time I tried planting a Pineapple, it was taking forever and I searched the WEB for info.
Came across this post via StumbleUpon, and… well, now I have one more item to add to my list of Things I Must Do This Weekend.
My mom planted a pineapple -7 years ago!- and while it is a great looking houseplant, it hasn’t produced any fruit yet.
Take the pineapple and cut it up into slices, put it in a sealed container with a valve on it or spigget.
Sounds soooo decadent and easy- cannot wait to try – any thing you shouldn’t do? I’ve known many people who will devour a complete pineapple in one sitting and not get a sour tummy. In about 12 to 14 months you should start to see the fruit forming and in about 18 to 24 months you’ll have yourself a fresh pineapple! Plants will produce slips and shoots (baby pineapple plants) and you will be able to start these just like you started your original plant.
Edible Pineapple plants and Ornamental Pineapple plants are available for purchase in the Edison & Ford Estates Garden Shoppe.  Stop in to see what else we have in stock right now!
Watering your Bulbine is not needed in the rainy season, but supplemental watering every two weeks may be needed in the dry season.
Most people are familiar with the pineapple and its juicy fruit, but did you know that you can grow pineapples here in Florida?

You can start your own pineapple plant by saving the top section of a store-bought pineapple. Place the top in a dish of water, with the water only half way up the flesh, for three days in a well lit window. As for all of you terrified brown thumbs out there don’t be scared, this might be just the plant for you. I have no idea where I have room in my house for such an apparently enormous plant to live, and must first find out if pineapple plants are poisonous to munch-happy cats, but… after reading this and seeing the photos, I absolutely HAVE to try this! Toss in 2 bottles of vodka and 1 bottle of triple sec, let sit for a week in the fridge and all the sugars from the pineapple mix into the liquor and you have one bitchen pineappletini.
I bought two small Pineapple plants (very small) and finally brought them to life after the shock of the being mailed to me. The plant is tropical and pretty drought tolerant so little or no watering is needed in the summer rainy season. It is the perfect choice for the homeowner who wants a very low maintenance and drought tolerant option. The Edison & Ford Winter Estates currently has Bulbine available for purchase in one gallon containers in our Garden Shoppe.
They do best in areas that have consistently warm temperatures and are protected from freezing.
Remove any excess fruit and peel off a few of the lower leaves, exposing the pre-formed roots.
When it smells ripe and the peel has changed from green to golden brown, ita€™s ready to eat! If you do not see any root sprouts when you go to plant the top don’t worry, it will still take root.
We were so excited about ours, that we picked it and devoured every little morsel before I could get any more photos. It’s the next best thing to living on a island surrounded by white beaches, turquoise waters and eating slices of fresh pineapple in the shade of a palm tree. I’ve done the requisite avocado seeds and gotten nothing but masses of trailing vines…at least with this there is a better reward at the end!

I thought I had to let it start roots before planting it (It’s been there a week!) I’m going to pot it tomorrow!! LOL I can’t have indoor plants, or even fresh flowers in vases, because my cats get all up in that. The best way to tell is around March when you look in the middle the leaves will turn red down low and deep. The succulent, grass-like foliage grows to about 12 to 18 inches tall with flower spikes reaching two feet. All you need is a window with good light, good dirt and very little water…how could you go wrong. To get an avocado, grow from seed, to produce fruit it is best to graft a piece from a tree that has produced fruit. It would cost me .75 cents to plant one and the harvest two years later brought in three $$ ea. That is a sign the most delicious fruit (fresh) you will ever eat is availing itself to you..
Since my local grocery store had their pineapples BOGO this week, I thought that I would show you all how to grow your very own tropical fruit. Now if you live in a tropical area unlike myself, the directions will probably change for indooor outdoor care. This is also a wide plant, make sure you have the room for it before you commit. The little brown spots that are on the exposed stem are actually the root ready to come alive. They can get really big, so use a large pot, or be ready to transplant to a bigger pot in about one year. I don’t advise putting the top in a glass of water to grow roots first before planting.

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