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Ross Conifers pays a strong emphasis on propagation and growing of plants (95% are propagated in the nursery). Very strong attention to detail is paid to pruning, spacing, staking, fertilising and labeling to ensure the best possible plants leave our nursery. The larger conifers give excellent wind protection as well as privacy, shade and shelter for birdlife while dwarf conifers are ideal for bonsai, rockeries courtyards and pot plants.
Ross conifers produces a wide range of varieties in all sizes to meet customer requirements.
Photinias, Vibernum-odoratissimum, tinus “Lucidum”, Cherry & Portuguese Laurel, Pittosporum, Bay Tree, Spartan & Blue Point Junipers, Mexican Orange Blossom, Sasanqua Camellias and Magnolia Little Gem. Junipers – Blue Point, Spartan, Irish Kaizuka, Blue Arrow and Skyrocket, Green & Gold Pencil Pines, Pembury Blue & Snow Queen Cypress, Thujas Smaragd & Fastigiata.
Many varieties including Blue Rug, Gold Sovereign, Holger, Grey Owl, Pfitzeriana, Hughes, Lutchuensis and horizontalis glauca.
Spruces, Cedars, Californian Redwood, Sequoiadendron (Big Tree), Dawn Redwood, Bunya Pines & Swamp Cypress.
Ornamental grapes, Star Jasmine, Wisteria (several varieties), pink, white and hybrid Clematis.
Hebes (several varieties), Lavender, Daphne, Nandina, Escallonia, Blue Pacific, Diosma (green & gold), Buxus (Box) in Dutch, English, variegated, Sasanqua Camellias and narrow upright Japanese Holly.

KG Farms INC - Cryptomeria japonica Yoshino Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
It was easy to grow, it grew 6-9ft per year for the first few years and had cascading fine foliage, just like a silver birch.
They were allowed to grow, without pruning, to their full size, often with several trees planted into courtyards or tiny gardens. Chris likes to pick them himself as good seed selection is critical in controlling the quality of the trees. Our Pre-Spring Clearance is still on! Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden.
I was recently asked the following question by a visitor to the garden:  “What would be the best evergreen shrub for under my kitchen window in full sun?  I don’t want an arborvitae that turns brown in the winter or an Alberta spruce. One of my favorite fall hunting exhibitions is to go to my local Home Depots when they mark their plants 50-75% off and try to find any nice and big Green Velvet boxwoods they have left. There are many types of evergreen shrubs that you can use in the landscape around your home and in your garden. Evergreen shrubs can be used to create a natural hedge in your yard that will last for decades with proper care.

The brilliant purple, blue, gold and rich green foliages of conifers will give year round colour and brighten any garden, especially in Winter when many trees are bare.
Also Chris enjoys his day out in Melbourne’s leafiest suburb, as picking seed has been a tradition of Chris’ for nearly 30 years.
He's also been a horticulturist and aesthetic pruner at a top quality Japanese Garden, as well as a freelance garden consultant, Risk Management Consultant, Insurance Safety inspector and head banging Ice Cream Truck driver (yeah that was me cranking "And Justice for All") among other things.
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They stay beautiful year 'round and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be trimmed and shaped. In Toorak, households planted them on nature strips and planted them in front yards and as screening trees up the side of houses.

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