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Pinus banksiana, or Jack pine, is known for its cold hardiness and adaptability to poor soils.
Jacaranda mimosifolia-Also called Jacaranda, Brazilian rose wood, blue jacaranda, blue trumpet tree.
Darjeeling BananaA rare and little known large banana species, new to cultivation, that sports a massive pseudo-trunk to 4,5m (14ft) tall and 45cm (18in. Regarding the bonsai plant selection, pine trees is always considered as one of the best choices compared with other plant series.
Compared with other delicate tree series, pines are very easy to maintain and they can tolerate hard cold climate as well. During the cultivation of your bonsai pines, it is very important to build an environment similar to its natural habitat.

Rather than buying a new plant from the nursery, you can have more fun to cultivate a new plant from the seed.
Because of its natural outdoor habitats, you need to take extra care when you put them inside your home. They also have great shapes and appearance which enable it to be a good choice for bonsai designing.
Since the indoor temperature is much higher their dormant winder cold climate, they will keep growing until it crashes. Generally, the pine trees can offer the bonsai artists their desirable curves with a well-distributed area of foliage. So, it is a good idea to put them in cold winter days to make them enter their dormant stage.

Its unique style makes them stand out of their tropical and deciduous competitors as it is unbelievable to image a maple tree with the curve of a Jack Pine plant.
Although most natural pines can grow up to 10-15 inches per calendar year, the growth rate for bonsai trees will be low.

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