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I first became aware of issues with you subtitle offerings a few months ago when in a fit of Kevin Bacon appreciation I decided to watch the original Footloose.
Frequently I would notice that a lot of the lines, when transcribed into subtitles, had been shortened or rewritten so that the grammar was different, the words more straight to the point, etc.
The point of what was being said was getting across but not in the same way it would for someone who wasn’t relying on the subtitles. Except Netflix, apparently, feels like people who rely on subtitles ought to be spared that foul language.
I sort of object to Sparky being used liked this – especially by someone who didn’t even go to ASU! I’m just as fine with someone shouting the f word at someone else or dropping f-bombs left and right.
I mean, I’m glad that you have made as much progress in providing subtitles as you have in the past few years, Netflix.
Has anyone else noticed any issues with Netflix’s subtitles that go beyond just regular technical errors? 3) Please allow us to place the subs all the way to the bottom, in the usually wasted black bars (also better contrast) ! While (1,3) could be argued as nuissances and nitpicking, (2) is actually a show-stopper, seriously degrading the quality of experience. One of my pet peeves is censored music – I hate it when words are obscured for my delicate ears.
As part of the legal settlement agreement in which Netflix agreed to subtitle their streaming content, Netflix must provide the court with a regular report which includes user complaints as related to subtitles.
This process must be followed in order for the Court and Netflix to know that whether the quality of the subtitles is fulfilling, or not, the conditions of the settlement agreement. Thanks for this, I will shortly be reporting how s5 e10 of Dexter suddenly has censored subtitles. I can assure you that none of the caption editors at CaptionMax take it upon themselves to censor captions, ever.
The fact that the lack of a legal option to watch Netflix is certainly costing them money in Australia seems a rather silly move on their part.
And sometimes they sub extra lines in, which aren’t actually said by the characters which is just so weird. I’m only very slightly hard of hearing in one ear and don’t need subtitles but I just like to watch things with subtitles! Another thing I’ve noticed is they have inconsistencies with the music- the show will be playing one song, but the subtitles of the lyrics will be for a completely different song. I think some of the problems with subtitle accuracy is due to *whoever* using speech recognition software on computers instead of humans to transcribe.
My gripe is that some english language movies that contains some important scenes, that are spoken in a language other than english, have no subtitles whatsoever. The Netflix subtitles in pale yellow frequently cannot even be seen against a light background. How media smugglers get Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, and the New York Times to Cubans every week.
Dany relies on data traffickers to deliver the files, but said he didn't know how those sources obtained the content in the first place.
A look into an edition of El Paquete reveals a vast array of content ranging from movies that are in US theaters right now to iPhone applications. We continue to browse and look into some of the more routine but most interesting parts of El Paquete: There are folders dedicated to antivirus software that can be updated weekly to the latest versions.
Junior clicks over to the "Apps" folder and shows me a smorgasbord of iOS and Android apps. In addition to the subscription fees, revenue for El Paquete comes from a classifieds section called "Revolico." Within El Paquete, you click a file that opens Revolico in your browser.
The depth and breadth of El Paquete is astounding, so much so that I, an American who lives and works on the uncensored internet, feel a twinge of envy that I don’t have El Paquete delivered to my house every week for $2. When I asked Dany if he is afraid that the internet will wipe out his operation, without missing a beat, he replied, "Nah. After spending a week in Cuba, it was refreshing to talk to someone with the appetite to grow an enterprise. Networks are pretty good about it and video games, too, transcribe word for word in-house because they know the dialogue.

At first I wasn’t really paying all that much attention to the subtitles or the film itself, I just had it playing in the background while I worked on something for my internship.
I tried explaining to him that, no, they were just being condensed or changed around but it didn’t seem to get across. Not because they were shortening or changing the dialogue but because I wasn’t actually getting to read the full dialogue.
Your commitment to making them available for your entire catalog by next year is really great. Either you are dropping the ball here or you’re just doing things half-assed and I expect more from you! I too have noticed some errors when watching content with subtitles but the ones you display here are a lot worse.
In a few days Netflix will activate a large chunk of the EU market, where subs may be a more important issue. That would be offensive and disrespectful, and our whole mission is to duplicate the experience that the hearing audience enjoys. It sounds like Netflix received the clean caption file for this episode instead of the file that matched the audio in the streaming version. But sometimes they are so awful I feel I could do a better job myself, and that’s especially bad considering the fact that I feel the need to use subtitles in the first place. Also, something weird is that occasionally the subtitles will be different for seemingly no reason. Netflix for Xbox has been given a complete overhaul: a brand new user interface that provides a better browsing experience, and up to 3 times more titles available on screen to choose from at any given time. Check out the video above to see how Cubans bypass censorship to access the media we take for granted.
It's either delivered to their home or transferred at a pickup station, usually in the back of a cellphone repair shop, a natural cover for this type of operation. I gathered that most of it is being digitized via illegal satellites that are hidden in water tanks on rooftops. While I expected a mob-like character to be at the root of this extensive black market of pirated media, I found a 26-year-old guy who looked more like a stoned surf bum than the conductor of a giant black market operation. It’s a simple room with two gigantic computers, their innards visible, tricked-out lights arbitrarily flickering. As Junior files through the meticulously organized files, I realize it mirrors the consumption of a typical internet user. We offer a product that is like one giant webpage where you can see all the content you want for a very low price. When asked how quickly he can get a movie or TV show after it airs in the US he says, "The next day." Last year, Dany started sending a hard drive on a plane to the far corners of the island.
Most people I spoke to in Cuba work for the state and have zero incentive to deliver anything above the bare minimum. If someone is watching a show with subtitles they ought to have the same sort of experience. We are aware of this issue and have notified the people who can fix it, and it should be resolved soon. It is sure to happen eventually but until it does according to CHOICE and other consumer organizations Aussies will just keep finding other ways to access Netflix anyway.
I get that maybe with the music they didn’t get the rights, but I mean really just changed. However, when I watch anime, I like to watch it in Japanese, so naturally I need the subtitles to understand what there saying.
I know having seen some of these movies in the theater, that there should be subtitles but on netflix there don’t seem to be any subtitles except for the english which makes it even more annoying. The only thing that i suggest is to put all of the seasons of my favorite show up on Netflix!
It’s a competitive market playing out in the shadows of a tightly controlled communist economy. It's unclear how they get ahold of the content sourced from the internet (digital news publications, YouTube videos, and pirated movies, for example). We want it to stay about entertainment and education," he says, and I catch a glimpse of the shrewd business behind the baby face and board shorts.
He’s a pensive and gentle 34-year-old who is remarkably talented, judging by the stunning art pieces that hang from the wall.

He opens the movie folder, and we browse through dozens of movies, many still in US theaters.
But there is another called "A la mesa," a Yelp-type app that helps connect clients to restaurants in Cuba using maps, reviews, and in-app menus.
There, you can click around as if you were browsing Craigslist, looking at thousands of listings of everything from house rentals to big-screen TVs to car tires. It also happens to be one of the first semblances of an advertising market for Cubans who have lived in a world of central planning and price control. And indeed, I wasn't just standing in some dingy apartment, but rather in what may be largest media distribution company in the history of Cuba. I’ve been paying for the service now for about three or four years and I use it pretty regularly. Like, if someone is telling you something but trying to edge around the topic before getting to the point that generally means something. I’m watching this show because I know people are going to be doing crazy, illegal things. But I have no reason to believe they would even respond and fix things considering my past experiences. I am not hearing impaired, but I do use subtitles at night time and to understand the foreign dialogue within a film.
Netflix on the Xbox 360 is also now available to folks in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Columbia (since Xbox Gold LIVE is now available those territories).The Netflix app will be automatically installed along with the latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update.
Only 5 percent of Cubans can access the uncensored World Wide Web, and when they do, the connection is horrendously slow. Two large screens are full of Windows file directories, and in the corner of one of the screens is a live feed from Telemundo, a popular Spanish-language station, with the words "Grabando" (recording) in the corner. Sure enough, the show I was thinking of, Suits, was there, with the latest episodes ready to watch.
This software protects against anything that has snuck its way on into the content," Junior says. Then there's the PDF folder, which holds newspapers, magazines, and screenshot material from dozens of online publications, everything from tech news to sports. Even the private restaurants lack the fervor of a competitive business, since the economic environment they work in is still completely controlled even if they themselves are private.
But when the subtitles just bluntly say what is being said in a more direct manner that indirectness is lost. Having the dialogue shortened or changed around once or twice doesn’t ruin a movie or a show. I know that me watching a show will never be the same as someone with perfect hearing in both ears. To omit these lines of subtitles altogether is criminal when they are sometimes key to the plot or storyline. But in typical Cuban fashion, the law doesn't stop a vast underground system of entertainment and news media distributors and consumers. It’s not the type of connection that would support downloading hundreds of gigs of content every week.
Besides that one time they took down Adam-12 for a good year or so right after I moved back to the States from Ireland and their failure to renew a few contracts, I can’t really remember a time that I was actually upset with Netflix about anything. With this show that basically means that there are occasionally lines of dialogue that are reduced to a series of lines. Similarly, my watching a show will never be the same as someone who is completely deaf where I am only half deaf.
It would help if there were away to submit feedback about subtitles where they didn’t just automatically assume it was a technical error of some kind. Instead, some speculate that content is physically brought onto the island by incomers from Miami. I have to remind myself that we are not browsing Netflix, but instead looking at an offline computer that is displaying content that has physically traveled to get here.

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