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Hopefully above code will help when you have a requirement of showing Multiple Column in DataGridColumn in future. Create an Excel Line Chart with Target RangeBy Debra Dalgleish, on November 4th, 2013With an Excel line chart, you can show the sales results from a date range, to see how things have gone.
To give a better picture, you might also want to show what the sales targets were for each month of the year. In the next chart, a blue band with the target range has been added, and you can quickly see which months were over or under the target amount. Once the data is set up, select all the data and headings, except for the Target High column. Create a stacked column chart from all the data, and change the Sales amounts to a Line chart type. For the two Target series, hide the series that is the low value, and leave just the “Difference” amount – the range between the low and high values. With a little formatting, you can change the column chart’s appearance so the target range looks like a solid block, instead of individual columns. Change the gap width to 0%, set the border to no line, and change the colour if you’d like something other than grey. Have you copied data from a formatted spreadsheet into a new sheet, only to find that you can’t see a lot of the data? This issue can be fixed by resizing the columns so that they are large enough to display all of the data in the cells, but this can be time consuming when you are dealing with a large number of columns.
The steps in this tutorial will show you how to automatically make all of your columns large enough to fit the largest piece of data in the column.
Step 4: Click the Format button in the Cells section of the navigational ribbon, then click the AutoFit Column Width option.

If you would like to set multiple Excel columns to the same width, then you can learn how with this article.
A grouped bar chart shows comparisons vividly and in a way that can be taken in at a glance. This example uses the Superstore sample to show you how to create the calculation that enables this view. On the Marks card, click Size, and then drag the slider all the way to the right to widen the bars. Get detailed answers and how-to step-by-step instructions for your issues and technical questions.
Learn how to master Tableau’s products with our on-demand, live or class room training. On this day in music history, there were several Beatles-related moments.  The events date from 1843 through 2003.
On this day in 1994 EMI releases special, colored vinyl editions of the digitally enhanced compilation albums The Beatles 1962-1966 and The Beatles 1967-1970.
Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions. Although there are many articles for creating Simple MultiColumn Combobox but not many article for having it inside Datagrid.
So to show Multi Column ComboBox in dropdown area, we can change the style of ComboBox as in below code. For example, in the chart shown below, you can see the sales quantities for the first six months of the year. The high value for the monthly target is entered in column C for each month, and the low value in column D.

The 'Target' column is a "helper" column to get the chart to work while the 'T_High' and 'T_Low' columns contain the input data. This typically occurs because the columns in a new spreadsheet are a fixed width, and any cell data that extends beyond that width will be covered by neighboring cells.
Fortunately Excel 2013 has an option that will allow you to automatically resize all of your columns to fit the largest piece of data in that column. If your columns contain different sized data, then it is very likely that each column will have a different width. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes. For a grouped bar chart, you need a continuous field that anchors the horizontal location of each bar, forming the group.
The line-up from 1962 on included: John Lennon (guitar, keys, and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, keys, guitar and vocals), George Harrison (guitar, keys and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, percussion, piano and vocals). He is a single parent of three children and has also worked as an actor, singer and teacher. He has been employed by such publications as the Daily Collegian and the Los Angeles Times.

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