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Category: Apple, Body Type, Bottoms, Brands, Carilyn Vaile, Dressy, Hourglass, Item, Pear, Ruler. PEAR: You will need to fluff up your top half, to create the dimension that it will take, to balance it with the bottom.
SLIM RULER: You will want to enhance your top half with a bright color or print and lots of ruffles or a scarf to create the dimension that you will need to balance the top with the bottom.

ATHLETIC RULER: Wear these pants with a hip length blouse or jacket and add a belt to bring out your curves. Wear an A-lined shaped top and add a belt to maximize your curvy waist and show off the back-side. Wear a V-neck or scoop neck with ruffles, double breasted jacket, brighter colors and prints, but not all at the same time- LOL-you get the idea!

These pants have that gentle hugging material that just seems to make everything look better.

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