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In your ventures of face swapping you will find that some swapping requires very little work, while others require much more. If you are not comfortable using your own images yet, I recommend you use the same stocks as I did to go along with the tutorial step by step. Now carefully circle the face, including all unique characteristics like wrinkles or dimples, and just a small section of the forehead. Depending on your choice of photos, you might have a lot or a little to change concerning size and angle. As I stated earlier, if you are using your own images these settings will probably be different, play around with Hue and Saturation, but don’t change Lightness unless you really have to for the sake of the color.
If these settings do not give you a proper result play around with the Brightness and contrast until the face looks natural on the head.
Your image should be looking pretty good by now, but there are still a few things to prefect it. Once you get more comfortable with this technique, you can start swapping faces onto another head with facial hair. Great tutorial, putting John Travolta on a head that isn’t really that wide is just hilarious!
I think the john-face nic-head one is better simply cos it looks like a completely seperate person.
Sam: Yes, mask would work just as well but I think this is easier to understand for beginners.
Hi, nice tutorial, i wrote a similar topic (in italian lang) using jessica alba and charlize theron faces.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
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In order to complete this tutorial, you will need to download and install the following font. Start by drawing a circle with the Ellipse Tool (L) and a bracket with the Line Segment Tool (\).
We're now making a few portions that look like fast traveling data navigating across the roads. Using the same process of Shearing and Rotating, add a variety of basic shapes to your composition to give the impression of trees and buildings. I've made certain changes to the scene at this point, switching up the colors a bit by adding white elements. Select all the remaining shapes and give them a linear black to white gradient, except change the black to only 4% black.
Paste the gradient layer again but this time into a new document that has the exact same size as the previous one.

Copy the newly created image into your initial scene and change the Blending Mode to Multiply. Alex BeltechiAlex is a multi-skilled designer and digital artist currently working out of Bucharest, Romania. Halftone screen patterns are a key ingredient of retro design, but it can be difficult to find or create realistic screentone style resources. Halftone screen patterns are the perfect type of texture to replicate the characteristics of old hand printed posters. This free pack of halftone effects contains 12 patterns as both 1000px texture files and repeating swatches in the form of a Photoshop .pat file. Each pattern is also available as a handy PNG image that can be pasted into your design document and used as a typical texture file.
While you might find it downright hilarious, if they cease to talk to you please don’t hold me responsible. Fortunately, with today’s technology you can do the same thing in a much easier and safer way. Also, for this tutorial I used small photos but you will have an easier time editing the little detail if they are larger.
To make the pasted face fit properly onto its new head, use the Free Transform tool (Edit>Free Transform or ctrl+t) to change the size or rotate it. Now carefully erase the areas around the face so there is no extra parts coming out of the head area. Now carefully burn spots in the image that are too bright and don’t fit with the rest of the face. If the face looks perfect already, or if you find that sharpening it only makes it worse, disregard this step.
In such a case, all you have to do is erase the section of the new face that covers the mustache or beard. It worked beautifully the first time I tried it but for some reason I followed the same steps again and this time when I paste the selection onto the other image it pastes a white cut out of the selection.
But sometimes it just mess up the shape when the face is different , you have to resize the face .
But I have never used Photoshop Elements (it is very old!) and highly recommend you use a newer version.
We're making ours slightly larger than an a3, 50cm wide should work but as long as the proportions are fine, any size will do. I've left quite a bit of space around the illustration so we can crop it later in InDesign as we wish. In the next part of this tutorial, we'll be adding it to a magazine cover and inside spread, using Adobe InDesign. His work is dedicated to direction, design and image making and is specialized in typography and lettering. Photoshop and Illustrator can produce halftone effects, but the result is a series of perfectly formed circles which don’t look very antique at all and fail to capture that grungy rock poster vibe.

Overlay the pattern over portions of your design or illustration work to instantly add retro style shading and screen print effects. Each pattern has different dot size and density so you can choose from light subtle texturing to harsh heavy shading. Select the Fill tool and change the drop down menu in the header from ‘Foreground’ to ‘Pattern’. Invert the file to choose between black and white dots then alter the blending mode to Multiply or Screen to render the background transparent. The more similarities there are in their expressions, head positioning, and any other features, the better the result will be. In my case I had to rotate the face slightly clockwise, decrease the size, and make it narrower because Nicholas Cage has a long face in comparison.
You can also erase parts that are not imporant, like some of the forehead area or side of the face, to better blend the face. In case of glasses or sunglasses, with the Lasso or Pen tool carefully select the glasses and copy them, then paste them above the new face and place them as you see fit. I had fun messing with people, however, I noticed when you paste the face onto Cage the outline kind of fades.. The black portions will be used in Photoshop to create shades with a Color Burn layer style. He works directly with clients and agencies from around the world on both large and small projects and is mostly fascinated by the extraordinary and experimental. I’ve manually created a collection of distressed halftone patterns by hand to achieve that authentic printed appearance. Clip the texture to specific areas of your illustrations to add cool comic book style shading effects. If you find these resources useful, the best way to say thanks is to help spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. So keep that in mind, and play around with the values to see which gives you the best results. For my image, I need to darken the sides of the face, around the left of the nose, and above the nose. While when I do it is a crude line to which I have to match the skin tone PERFECTLY to get a realistic looking effect. In our second tutorial, we'll use this graphic to create a cover and inside spread of a magazine in InDesign. There’s 12 patterns in total, each varying in dot size and density to provide a range of texturing resources. Check out Envato Studio's servicesChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1.

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