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Hello I have a folder with 100 images and I want to change their pixel size is there an easy way to do it simultaneously to all of them, instead of picking them one by one?Thanks in advance!
In my example, multiple files are selected using file globbing (files*.png) and a renaming operation is done using the -set operator and the filespec in quotes.
If you have Photoshop, you can record your own Actions then run them with Batch processing across the Folder.
You also can resize a folder of images using Photoshop if they are in the JPEG, TIFF or PSD format.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx mac images adobe-photoshop photos . For emailing and the web, you should use Photoshop's "Save for Web" option to compress the file. If you haven't yet, choose the Image Size command now and let's take a look at this dialog box. In version 6, this section is labeled "Document Size" instead of "Print Size." In my opinion, Print Size was less confusing, but who can say what the reasoning was behind the change.
The Resample checkbox determines whether or not you preserve the pixel data in the image and it has a direct effect on the resolution field of the image size dialog.

When you are changing the onscreen size of an image you usually want to select the resample checkbox, modify the pixel dimensions, and set the resolution to 72.
When you are changing the print size of an image you will generally want to leave the resample box unselected, and either adjust the print dimensions or the resolution to get the results you need.
As you increase the print dimensions, your resolution decreases (thus, print quality decreases). As you increase resolution, the print size must decrease based on the amount of pixel data available. If you do not have enough pixel data to get the print size and resolution you need, then you'll have to resample the image and Photoshop will create new pixels. Next to the resample check box, you'll see the menu where you can choose the interpolation method Photoshop uses to create new pixels. Nearest Neighbor does not anti-alias at all and is very fast, but because it does not blend the pixels, it results in a jagged appearance.
Next we're going to experiment with the image size command so you can get comfortable working with it. Troubleshooting Photoshop Scratch Disk ProblemsHow to Take a Sceenshot on Windows11 Fabulous Free Photo Editors for WindowsIs Your Mac Photo Editor On This List?

These pages may be printed for personal reference, but they may not be distributed or republished for any purpose without prior written permission. The drop-down menu allows you to change the dimensions using percentages instead of pixel values.
This means the height and width are linked together, so when you change the value of one, the other is changed proportionally.
This often results in poorer quality print results, so you need to judge which is the lesser of two evils: the loss in quality from reduced resolution or the loss in quality from resampling. Try typing a number into any of those fields and observe how it effects both the height and width.
You can override that though by adding an escaped exclamation point (64x64\!) and it will stretch or compress the aspect ratio.

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