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Ask a Doctor Online Now!By another definition, a rash is breaking out of the skin (eruption; exanthema in Greek) (2).
A crust is rough, flat or bumpy, fragile, dried secretion of the oil glands, ruptured fluid-filled skin lesions, or dried blood. A nodule (from node = knob) is a palpable collection of the solid tissue in the skin, less than 1 cm in size. A lichenification (lichen = a flat plant that grows on rocks and trees) is a visible and palpable localized hardening of the skin and represents a chronic eczema. A weal is a raised bump appearing during a skin test, if a tested person is allergic to a tested substance.
An ulcer (Latin ulcus) is discontinuing of the skin with a localized loss of the upper skin layers (epidermis and parts of dermis).
Scaling is shedding of small flakes or large patches of the upper layer (epidermis) of the skin (like in dandruff, sunburn or fungal infection of the foot). A blanching rash is a temporary white discoloration of a localized skin area after pressing on it. Bleeding is flowing of the blood out from injured vessels onto surface of the skin or mucosa (or into internal organs). Ecchimoses, purpurae, and petechiae are caused by trauma, or disorders of the blood or vessels. A lump is bulging of the skin, few to several centimeters in size, caused by a mass of the tissue or enclosed fluid collection within or under the skin. Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.
In case you have fungal infection, anti-fungal ointment available in pharmacies without prescription would help. Suraj, if the rash looks like small pinkish and slightly elevated bumps or pinkish patches, it may be an allergy to a hair dye. I am having this skin rashes perodically, it starts from the thigh,with small red pimples like and then on the chest, body and stomach, sometimes it is itchy.

The area under my left eye is darkened after an injury,a sort of contusion,which took at least ten to twelve days.it may be due to scar formation at the site of injury.Is there any remedy for lighting of that particular area?
The ways to recycle the pallets are just making everyone amazed, we just share the most useful pallet wood recycling ideas on daily bases and today we are with this DIY pallet coffee mug rack, a little wooden unit has been made in pallet style and comes with lot of nail hooks for coffee cup hanging! To show its main function, the top of it comes with overwritten black “COFFEE” letters and you can even write some custom quotes or letters to personalize it in your own way!
Coffee mugs are the most adored item in the kitchen and we use them many times a day that why they should be have a safe spot in the kitchen which can be provided with this pallet coffee rack easily.
You have to arrange two slats vertically with a wide gap and then stack four slats on them horizontally using nails hammer of strokes and the rack is ready. On the top slat of the rack the word Coffee has been stenciled with black paint and the remaining rack section has been kept unfinished for that natural woody look which can changed if you want to.
If you understand and want alot of compression, order a size smaller, it will fit you fine. I like snugness that reigns in sagging skin from prior weight losses and allows me to weed gardens hours at a time with minimal discomfort. Some of this primordial heat is still stored in the Earth today and is released by volcanism. It is usually red, brown or yellowish, and falls off the skin in few days or weeks in one or several pieces. Nodules may arise from the skin or tissues under the skin, and may be above, in the level, or below the skin surface.
I know that I will have these rashes on the way, if i have sneezes(not cold) and I would always ask for antibotics, then the rashes will cleared up, however it is an occurence problem.
If there are any lumps under the skin, it could be stapylococcal infection in the form of boils or more complicated hidradenitis suppurativa.
It is unlikely that it is scarred unless the skin texture feels significantly different from the normal skin or if it was an open wound. You can trim down or use a whole pallet size to build this coffee mug rack and can customize it number of different ways!

Just vary its appearance using different shades of paint and also change the number of hooks for your custom hanging needs! It is caused by virus, and they typically disappear after few months (or sometimes years) without consequences. It is a symptom of an allergic reaction, mediated by a substance histamine, and represents accumulation of fluid and inflammatory cells that came out from the skin blood vessels.
It appears after an injury, surgical cut of the skin, burns, ulcers, acne, or other lesion where skin integrity was interrupted.
Causes of pallor include anemia, low body or external temperature, dehydration, low blood pressure, stress, tumors secreting excessive amounts of cortisol or adrenalin, and medications.
It may appear aftera sun exposure, or in alcohol abuse, liver disease, hormonal imbalance, hemangioma, or other diseases. If this doesn’t help, you should see a doctor to give you a diagnosis and appropriate medications. My question is that seems tat it is a form of virus that I get from someone who has a cold and then rashes will appear, any help or advice on this will be much appreciated, as I do not know the impact of taking antibotics ina long run. Be careful about using topical applications on this skin as it is thing and is easily damaged by chemicals and could even affect the eye. Get some pallets and copy this functional design of coffee mug rack or just make a new one to gift to someone special in your home who is just addicted to teas and coffees! It may be a result of a skin irritation, or allergic reaction to foods, medicines, hair dyes or other substances.
Mongolian spot is a large, congenital, bluish discoloration on the back, appearing in Asian babies. You can decorate your homes, garden, inner, outer areas of house, offices with pallet furniture or any area you live in.

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