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Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page. Many users prefer an alternative to the system tray clock, and a Windows gadget is the ideal platform. Digital Clock GT-7 is a simple but effective gadget for anyone who wants to view their system time in desktop clock in 24-hour format.
Specs: These  templates are downloaded as cross-platform PDF files, which are application independent.
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After mentioning the ability to select individual parts from a model in last week’s Feedback Loop, we were surprised to find how many of our builders were enthralled with, and grateful for, what we thought was a relatively minor suggestion.
There’s a ton of information in this view about the underlying execution of your level. We’ve built the Settings in ROBLOX Studio to give you complete control of your building experience. Camera: You can raise or lower your Camera Mouse Wheel speed, which will change the rate at which you zoom. Auto-Save: This tab allows you to turn Auto-Save on or off, and also lets you choose how often Studio will auto-save. Color-coding your scripts can really help keep you organized — code can be difficult to separate at times, especially after hours of staring at a script. I think it would be a good idea to put in a mesh editor, so people could make custom swords, and guns and other mesh related things. I think that is a great idea pip, so instead of us having to find a whole new site that wont put us at risk of downloading a virus on our computer. It would be easier, but that would practically be the same problem as custom meshes, we can probably guess why they were removed. Hey I am a professional builder and I think cframe needs to be a tool as well as many other things. No, this is not WAAAAYY too hard to build, I was a beginner, and I had the thing figured out with in an hour and a half, just sit down, insert a brick, and make changes to it to see what everything does! One problem… why does ROBLOX Studio 2013 not keep my Studio settings before it updates?
And by the way, I also want to learn how to modify the main UI elements of the ROBLOX client. Thank you, now I can utilize studio more to my advantage, as normally I just type up a few basic scripts and don’t try to find out more about the different features while in studio.

MKV Editor - Edit MKV Video, Add Soundtracks and titles, Apply Effects & Transitions to MKV files - It's easy! MKV Video Editor (former EnhanceMovie) - all the video editing tools you need in one great product. Here you can find MKV Video Editor apps and learn how to Edit video, add soundtracks and titles. Combine FLV files, Offer special effects, Crop, Trim, Add image and text watermark to .flv files on Windows.
Split FLV video into scenes, Merge multiple FLV files into one, Crop FLV removing black bars, Apply special effects to FLV files on Mac OS. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app. A powerful editor full of options, Notepad++ is ideal for programming as well as normal text. Notepad++ works with tabs, so it's very easy to work with multiple files open at the same time. We looked at Digital Clock GT-7, a simple gadget that displays 24-hour time in hours and minutes.
We right-clicked the desktop and selected Gadgets, which called up the Windows gadget manager. Download these labels for free and use for labeling anything from your pantry, bottles, envelopes, canning jars and more. Alas, there are many small things you can learn that can make your building experience with Studio easier and faster.
It shows the number of copies for each script, the total simulation time, and the execution frequency.
Many of these things actually happen concurrently and the task scheduler shows execution stats for each task.
Changing the Camera Shift Speed increases or decreases the speed at which you zoom using the shift key.
Also, many programmers find it easier on the eyes to invert the color scheme, making the background black and the text white. ROBLOX Studio is a massive application, so we’re curious to know: what would you like to learn more about next? Yeah, it sure is annoying to have to stick bricks together, but it’s really the only way.
When I write Lua it’s way easier because I, honestly feel much more organized with black background, white text, color code, etc. Some of the more advanced features such as scripting may need a little work, but overall, it is like slicing a piece of cake…IT’S EASY! Finally, the Camera Speed increases or decreases the speed at which the camera moves forward or backward.

You’ll notice that a box appears, which transitions between the colors blue and white.
You could mess around with the collision checker and meshes, but that’s all I have to say. Font size in Notepad++ can be increased simply by holding CTRL and the mouse wheel used to zoom in.
Digital Clock GT-7 opened with the time displayed in four digits in the default white scheme against a gray-toned background.
For optimum performance and full use of all functions, we recommend you download for free Adobe PDF Reader version 9. ROBLOX executes all Lua scripts on a single core, so on my 8-core machine I’m actually using almost an entire CPU to run this one script. In the level pictured, I’m currently using 64% of my total CPU power simulating physics. Pressing F12 makes the current tab float above everything else in Windows. For coding, Notepad++ recognizes many programming languages, and will automatically make something like HTML much easier to view by color coding the text. One of the issues that surfaces in this view is that under Workspace > Contacts I can see that I have no fewer than 21,271 SteppingContacts. These are contacts between two parts that are currently being simulated — having over 21,000 simultaneously simulated contacts is a huge compute load. The Windows gadget options let us change the clock display's opacity, too, and we could drag the gadget around the desktop in the usual way.
For example, if you’re creating and deleting a lot of objects in Lua, that bottleneck would show up here as the amount of time spent in garbage collection. It suggests that if I want my level to run faster, I should reduce the number of collisions that are occurring.
However, anyone who writes text will find Notepad++ a useful tool, and much better than Windows Notepad. NotePad++ has more features than you're ever likely to use, but is one of the best and most complete text editors available. Other than a Web link, that's it; but the whole idea behind gadgets is simplicity, and this one stays close to home.
I solved this particular problem by making the buses less likely to shatter, which decreased the number of tiny pieces of debris without affecting core gameplay.
Now, when you hover over an item, the selection box colors will alter between the two that you chose!

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