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Labels are in editable PDF Templates – Yes, you can change font types, colors and size. Templates are cross platform and will work on you Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. This entry was posted in Label Design, Labels & Printing and tagged free label templates, free labels, kitchen labels, label printables, labels, organizing labels, pantry label templates, pantry labels, printable labels, spice jar label templates, spice jar labels on October 22, 2012 by wlmanager.
I try to download the blank templates but all I can download are the rectangle flag like blank template. I would to use these and feature them on my blog but I cannot get any of the insert different info” versions to work. Please make sure you are using Adobe reader 9 or higher and there should be no problems with the insert different info templates. When I click on download autofill for the quatrofoil labels it takes me to the download insert different info flag labels. These are fantastic but the ones where you enter new information does not have the same font as the ones that already have info entered. If you use the blank labels and press control + e, a font properties window opens giving you a lot of font choices.
About This MapDetailed state map includes all counties, major highways and roads, rivers, lakes, city and town locations.
Your receipt page will have a link to download your file, and you will receive an email with the same link. Our Built-in LED light guide panel sign is suitable for various types of illuminated signs such as small room signs or large indoor information signs. Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site, text and images are strictly prohibited. Please check out and follow our Pinterest Board on  “Christmas Labels and Christmas Printable Label Templates” for great free Christmas Labels, Free Christmas Label Templates and Tags! This entry was posted in Label Design, Labels & Printing and tagged address label templates, christmas label templates, Christmas labels, holiday label templates, holiday labels, labels on November 12, 2012 by wlmanager. Anyone else find that the second to last one (lots of small seals) is requiring a login to download? Ashley, make sure you are using Adobe reader 9 Hightlight the text and press control+E at the same time.
Hey guys, thank you SO MUCH for creating this website, I found amazing labels for my own magazine through this website.

Download royalty free, editable vector maps of Petaluma in high resolution digital PDF and Adobe Illustrator format. All of our editable Petaluma vector maps are instantly downloadable digital files in either editable PDF or Adobe Illustrator format.
This entry was posted in Label Design, Labels & Printing, Uncategorized and tagged favor labels, free label templates, label design, labels, round labels, shaped labels, square labels on August 6, 2012 by wlmanager.
I love them, but I would like the dark blue ones too…the link for them leads to the nautical scheme again! However, I am trying to alter the font (type, color & size), but when I press Command E (I have a Mac) nothing happens.
Use the these designed  labels for your jars with jam, tin containers for candles, use them for wedding flavor gifts, for organizing your kitchen, for organizing your personal items or for any thing you need to make look beautiful!!!
Specs: These full page sheet templates are downloaded as cross-platform PDF files, which are application independent. This entry was posted in Label Design, Labels & Printing and tagged food label templates, food labels, gift labels, labels, vintage labels on December 1, 2011 by wlmanager. Tomei conhecimento no blog de uma amiga, passei por aqui e nao me arrependi.Ja esta em meus favoritos. Thank you Cathe – have just come across your labels and there is NOTHING like this in the UK – now where is the fruit to make jam?!
Can you produce a simple lable with lines on it for my writing on the name of jam, use by date, ingredients? The blank ones which you can insert different information is a standard chalkboard font one can install in Adobe reader.
I downloaded the set of large labels, but when I type in my word, it only aligns at the top of the label or at the bottom. I have read that the font is hand made by Emily Mc Dowel, could you please tell me if I can down load this font and its actual name?
Please send your logo data in Adobe Illustrator format to us, and we will provide an accurate quotation. Here are some really adorable Christmas labels in printables templates by Tricia-Rennea  to help you label all you Christmas gifts and mailings. However, when I print address labels on Avery 5160 sheets, they are not centered and do not line up with edges.

Thanks for posting these adorable and printable labels, it really helps me to get my job done, it means a lot. Because each of our Petaluma digital maps is available in the Adobe Illustrator or editable PDF format, both of which use a vector based approach to displaying images, you can easily zoom into any portion of our maps without any degradation in the quality of the text, lines and symbols of the map --- regardless of the magnification factor.
Of course, thank you world label for sharing so many wonderful artists’ labor of love here for free! Could you please send me the first lable in the 2nd column of the black and white lables by itself? Use for all types of labeling in your home kitchen, as pantry labels, even gift tags and much much more… Templates come pre-formatted with text, and also fillable editable PDF templates for you to personalize. I want to insert different info but use the same fonts as the download (the 1st download template). I can almost bet that they won’t hold up through a dish washing sooooo what do y’all do? In Illustrator format, each county is a separate object you can select and change the color. Printable Christmas Labels are FREE for download and are in filable editibale PDF templates. Using a vector graphics editor such as CorelDraw, Freehand or Illustrator, you can then easily crop portions of your map, add custom symbols, and change colors and font attributes as you need. Just looking at WL’s responses here, it’s obvious that they care about their customers a lot! We have a wide-variety Petaluma vector maps with varying levels of detail from simple blank outlines to highly-detailed maps with roads and terrain layers. For optimum performance and full use of all functions, we recommend you download for free Adobe PDF Reader version 9.

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